Dragon Marked War God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4083
Two days, quick on the past, at this time, Jiang Chen's cultivation base, already completely stable in Heyuan boundary 8-layer day peak, from Heyuan boundary 9-layer Heaven, is only one step away. Moreover is very simple one step away, by the Jiang Chen's skill, finds an opportunity casually, can breakthrough, but Jiang Chen instead does not worry now, if can breakthrough in the fight, that be should, but opportunity that to him, later must fight, was really many. Big Yellow Dog's cultivation base, stably in source boundary 1-layer Heaven peak, it can be said that overwhelming power to the extreme, dragon qi pill's effect, with Jiang Chen expected exactly the same. Regarding Alchemist that Jiang Chen this awesome roars, needs any medicine pill, waved to refine, this exceptional superiority, was the average man cannot have. Little Chen, out of the door gathered many people, many people estimated that is lining up to consult.” Big Yellow Dog hehe said with a smile, scene, how hid the truth from Big Yellow's perception. You first go to draw three people to call side heaven.” Jiang Chen said. „Others?” Big Yellow asked. First just wait.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, took a broad view at the entire scarlet eastern territory, dares to speak, on Jiang Chen one, similarly, took a broad view at entire Martial Pavilion, can achieve dwelling front yard as busy as a marketplace, perhaps also only had Jiang Chen one, moreover was a disciple of Heyuan boundary.

Creak! The door was opened, many people immediately spirit trembling with excitement looked, saw only a dog to walk swaggering, immediately becomes the focus of wide public attention, the Big Yellow Dog's fact was like Jiang Chen, had been spread, no one dares to look down on this dog, particularly participated in the star to advocate the relic person, that may experience Big Yellow Dog terrifying with own eyes. side Tianhua, your three goes advanced, your masters, having the matter must confess.” Big Yellow Dog is drawing three people to say to side heaven. Good.” Three people immediately exciting delight, only then their three know that Jiang Chen looks for them for anything, was dragon qi pill has definitely refined successfully, thinks that soon to obtain dragon qi pill, don't said is they, who trading to do is, will unable to bear rouse. Why as for makes them go in alone, in three will of the people also understands, dragon qi pill altogether such several, many does not have, the words that passes on, feared that will cause unnecessary moving restlessly. But Jiang Chen this type sees they three approaches alone , is to make three people think incomparable has the face, really had the face, was the Jiang Chen's land, from now on, even many years, will become the matter that their three most were proud in the future, made them blow over a hundred years of capital sufficiently. „Others first wait, I know goal that you come, relax, Jiang Chen is Human Race makes the contribution, is willing, did not seek the return, certainly will instruct personally your.” Big Yellow Dog to outside at least accumulation over a hundred people of open the mouth and said. Such remarks, everyone could not bear cheer, from the place source boundary elder to Heyuan boundary disciple, each was in high spirits, could not bear in abundance to Jiang Chen gives a thumbs up.

Here waited is so long, not for and other these words. Teacher Jiang Chen is really the Human Race model, this unselfish achievement, trades to be others, can achieve?” That is, Teacher Jiang Chen is omnipotent, he directs, that is the finishing touch, pertinent, to our cultivation, has not the unimaginable advantage, such direction, even if makes us lose everything, is willing to ask, now Teacher Jiang Chen does not seek the return, can be joined to teacher these two characters.” Teacher Jiang Chen had gone out, after waiting a while side heaven to draw three elders come out, we can go, but everyone listened to me saying that one will go, we according to first come first served, asked Teacher Jiang Chen to direct in good order, cannot be hot-tempered chaotically, the teacher who if annoyed was unhappy, I may be unable to forgive you.” ............ Has source boundary sevenfold day long boss sound open the mouth and said, others are also the nod should be, felt this elder said is reasonable, particularly that first come first served, is to make the person be sincerely convinced. Obviously, in front of Jiang Chen, in asking Jiang Chen directs on this matter, everyone does not have the division of any status, can come here person, abandoned face, even if expert of source boundary comes to seek the direction, looks like in others, is still normal, does not lose face. This is good the analogy day to draw the purple pill Pavilion Alchemist stations of three place source boundaries to give Jiang Chen to be the doormen to be the same here, not only will not be ridiculed, instead makes everyone envy. thanks very/straight looks at all these in the eye, in the eye cannot bear be blazing, does not know when oneself can go to Jiang Chen this situation, naturally, this situation does not dare to expect that life, if can achieve Jiang Chen's ten 12, is the great good fortune. Jiang Chen's approach , is to make very admire extremely, now Yu Clan eyes covetously, sooner or later has a dying war with Human Race, Jiang Chen is liberal to grant instruction, what promotion is the Human Race overall strength, once this overall strength is increased, in the Yu Clan death war, Human Race can have the absolute advantage. This is just like in Akamine mountain Xingzhu relic, Martial Pavilion disciple, after obtaining the Jiang Chen direction, cruel that changes, killed Yu Clan disciple, fearful and apprehensive, just like stray dog.

As for inviting Jiang Chen goes to City Lord's Mansion to be a guest, directs the Martial Pavilion disciple to compare with Jiang Chen, appeared was not so actually important, therefore, saw such scene, thanks very/straight also no longer worried, after waiting for Jiang Chen Martial Pavilion here matter finished, oneself again to it send out the invitation. In the inn, side heaven draws three people to stand before the Jiang Chen body respectfully, three people hehe smile, both hands rub unceasingly mutually, seeming like anxious and excited. This is three dragon qi pill, you take away.” Jiang Chen flings conveniently, three dragon qi pill depart immediately, three people of quick of eye and hand, catches dragon qi pill, then attains medicine pill examines carefully at present, this looked, three people of complexions changed. This, this, this, Master, this medicine pill was too precious, we receive embarrassed.” The tone that side Tianhua spoke somewhat shivered, the words could not bear tie a knot, they indeed long to dragon qi pill, but this dragon qi pill, imagines compared with them at present the level, wanted is too many high, its precious degree, making them receive a reward without desert radically embarrassed. Three 100% dragon qi pill, Master, this medicine pill, is my lifetime seeing most, our Pavilion Master cannot refine even.” On Wang Dongxue face full is the color of shock, a eyes eyeball is staring in the hand dragon qi pill, medicine pill of level, he long is so so big, first seeing.