Dragon Marked War God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4096
Was under Zhao Lingxiao permission, a Zhao Ganqing then face indifferent waved the arms about to leave, left the discussion hall. Next day, five Young Master meet the Jiang Chen's news, starts in the entire scarlet eastern territory insane biography, this news seems like the tornado to be together ordinary, used the half-day time merely, spreads over the entire scarlet eastern territory, passes to everyone's ear. Yu Clan could not do finally, Human Race presented the peerless evildoer/monstrous talent, making Yu Clan feel the enormous threat.” Was Jiang Chen was too mainly fearful, the star lord the relic matter, a Jiang Chen person changes the course of events, strives to turn the tide, making Yu Clan lose seriously, Yu Clan Young Master died three, heard before , nine Young Master have died in the Jiang Chen's hand, the bitter hatred, Yu Clan naturally was so impossible to stop there.” What kind of? Meeting of this five Young Master, did Jiang Chen comply?” Naturally complied, now Jiang Chen is our Human Race representative figure, if not comply, to appear our Human Race to be afraid them, this person, we may be unable to lose, if Jiang Chen really does not dare to accept a challenge, the Human Race morale, will come under the incomparably serious attack.” .................. Human Race, everywhere is the sounds of discussion, some people have started to turn toward the Akamine mountain to hurry along, prepares to watch this Human Race and a Yu Clan typical war. Heard that five Young Master, cultivation base have achieved source boundary 3-layer Heavens, Jiang Chen's cultivation base, probably is Heyuan boundary, has not achieved the source boundary, vast can the so gap, win?” Pressure definitely has, but Jiang Chen, since dares to comply, has certainly the method.” You feared that has not known Jiang Chen's is fierce, he has enjoyed the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water in Martial Pavilion, I and some Martial Pavilion people relate well, Jiang Chen in Martial Pavilion, once spanned three levels to kill three look leopards with ease, moreover Jiang Chen on the back grows pair of wings, speed unparalleled, cannot the common sense estimate.” Right, it is said this Jiang Chen is can be reincarnated greatly, has the polite name of people's teachers, in Martial Pavilion many people obtained the Jiang Chen's direction, after by Jiang Chen directs the person, cultivation base is advance by leaps and bounds.” Can be reincarnated greatly, really envies, if Jiang Chen can direct me, that should be a how happy matter.” ............

Jiang Chen the praising scarlet east territory, in Human Race, has the illustrious prestige, now Jiang Chen and Yu Clan five Young Master meet, concerned all Human Race directly. Suddenly, lots of people start to turn toward the Akamine mountain direction to go, this duel, no one is willing to miss splendidly its. Martial Pavilion, moved restlessly, military Changtian convened all Tianyuan boundary high levels, holds the emergency meeting. Yu Clan also has certainly the plot.” Painting child say/way. No matter there is a plot, Jiang Chen has accepted a challenge, we must with the past, I probably have a look together but actually, Zhao Lingxiao uses any trick.” The military Changtian imposing manner shakes. Not to mention the plot, solely this five Young Master, are not seemingly good to cope, cultivation base of this person, has reached the source boundary 3-layer day, Jiang Chen's cultivation base, difference is a much less.” Really frowns Yang. This I did not worry, since Jiang Chen dares to accept a challenge, naturally has own skill, do not forget, Jiang Chen always, but is bypassing the immediate leader is killing the enemy.” Military Changtian said that this point, he to Jiang Chen is very self-confident. In my opinion, we look when the time comes tightly, does not make Zhao Lingxiao their these expert have the opportunity to start to Jiang Chen and ensure this fought fairly fair on the line.” Right, has our group of old fogies, Yu Clan wants to be in front of our to use the trick, perhaps is not a simple matter.”

This war, will bring in the innumerable attention surely, if Jiang Chen wins, our Human Race the morale will rise sharply, in addition Jiang Chen directed Martial Pavilion most people for serveral days, soon, the Martial Pavilion overall strength, will promote a stair, in my opinion, most 1-2 years, we can fight to the death with Yu Clan.” ............ The Martial Pavilion high levels have high morale, since the previous Akamine mountain fights, the Human Race morale, surged upward, now the Martial Pavilion person, on to the elder, below arrives at the ordinary disciple, is progressing, to so the speed enter to progress, the Yu Clan distance casting off, with the time that Yu Clan fought to the death, soon. But everyone was clear, now Jiang Chen in the Human Race weight/quantity and status, that is supreme, is unique, that is the Human Race spiritual prop, so long as there is Jiang Chen , the Human Race spirit, did not break down. Therefore, currently expert of this crowd of Tianyuan boundaries has the matter that must handle, that is spares nothing to protect the Jiang Chen's security, so long as Jiang Chen, Human Race is doomed prosperously. Two days, quick on the past, when Jiang Chen shoves open the door, saw that military Changtian and really also had painting child and the others to wait for in the entrance Yang. Has seen Patriarch, Pavilion Master.” Jiang Chen held holding the fist in the other hand, since waits for again, Jiang Chen is not accidental/surprised, if they do not appear here, Jiang Chen real surprise. Jiang Chen, your present cultivation base, in what level?” Military Changtian asked that this saying asked, even he thought complexion one red, after all by his cultivation base, is unable to see through cultivation base of Martial Pavilion disciple unexpectedly, this many somewhat lost face. But the reality is this, military Changtian, cannot see through Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen station here, only if he releases the imposing manner, otherwise, cannot see his true cultivation base. Real Yang has not moved the meaning of ridicule military Changtian with painting child and the others, because they are also same, cannot see through Jiang Chen. They are very clear, this cannot explain that their ability is not good, can only explain that Jiang Chen was too fierce.

Heyuan boundary 8-layer day peak.” Jiang Chen releases own imposing manner, the people then sees clearly the Jiang Chen's true strength. Jiang Chen so quick progress , is to make military Changtian and the others be startled, because came back from the Akamine mountain at that time, Jiang Chen's cultivation base, is the Heyuan boundary sevenfold day, this shortly, promoted a level, moreover achieved Heyuan boundary 8-layer day peak, such progress, they confessed that no one can achieve. Turns over to be startled surprised, but Jiang Chen such cultivation base, made them fill worried. Patriarch does not need to be worried, Zhao Ganqing and I meets, is doomed dead.” The Jiang Chen cloud poor business conditions clear said that seedling source from the self-confidence in bone, keeping in everyone's subconscious from having the least bit question to him. But listened to the Jiang Chen's words, military Changtian and the others, at heart was also calm and steady, they believe words that Jiang Chen said that was not aimless inevitably. Even, the innermost feelings of people, have started to be hopeful, they want to take a look very much, Jiang Chen why is so actually self-confident, by Heyuan boundary 8-layer day cultivation base, can make Zhao Ganqing probably die. Zhao Ganqing is not general place source boundary 3-layer day expert, but is Yu Clan peerless genius.