Dragon Marked War God - Volume 43 - Chapter 4148
It seems like nothing more to be said.” The poison extinguishes old man coldly said, originally is thinking forces Jiang Chen to hand over the treasure in dragon palace, unexpectedly Jiang Chen so fatuous, such being the case, then said that is also not meaningful, only then first takes Jiang Chen, displays the world torture, making Jiang Chen ask to hand over the treasure. Must say the torture, extinguishes old man to be fiercer than in this aspect poisonously, perhaps cannot discover several, his body has innumerably violently poisonous, casual can be in deep sorrow, is no better than death. I first kill him.” Zhao pull imposing manner shakes, first broke through, at this moment he has waited is too long. Facing attack that Zhao pulls out, Jiang Chen is completely aloof, even looked that Zhao pull eyes do not have. The attack when Zhao pulls out must arrive at the Jiang Chen near shortly, jet black such as the fist of black ink has searched from void suddenly, with big hand that Zhao pull attacks, aggressive hits together. Zhao pull complexion big change, that is one just like the disasters crazy fierce strength, even by own strength, cannot resist. Only listens to ka cha one, a Zhao pull arm broke, his whole person under the impact of this strength, has the hundred zhang (333 m) to be far to retreat. What person?” Zhao pull loudly shouted, the complexion was hard to see the extreme, he an arm is abandoned now, battle strength lost more than 50% at least, Zhao Bagen did not believe this attack from Jiang Chen, even if Jiang Chen displayed the Dragon Transformation condition, not necessarily had such strength. Moreover, that black fist in the appearance, ripples to soar to the heavens monster qi, clearly is peerless Great Monster. Innumerable line of sight looked at the past, saw Jiang Chen black fog to fill the air, majestic appeared like the iron tower person's shadow, precisely black king. Master.”

Black king to the Jiang Chen bow bowing, incomparable respect. Master?” Everyone's complexion changes, ten big evil people can feel the great strength of black king, aura that on the black king sends out, although similarly is source boundary 9-layer Heaven, but comes compared with them, does not know that wants tyrannical many. That is not close to the level of Tianyuan boundary infinitely, but has stayed in the Tianyuan boundary level. Zhao Bashen was ten big evil people already enough fierce, took a broad view at the place of entire exile, besides extinguished old man poisonously, perhaps no one dares saying that certainly can defeat Zhao pull. However, even aggressive such Zhao pull, as before at present this black-clothed man fist discarding the arm, battle strength ruins half directly, this was too scary. Who is this person? Good familiar aura, is the black tiger, before is , hadn't that black tiger, been killed by us? How to appear.” „It is not right, before he compares, that black tiger wants fierce many, at all is not a level, I knew, before we killed, should be only clone of black tiger, this was this venerable/true body, the black tiger is Monster Beast in dragon palace, it seems like Jiang Chen obtains the approval of dragon palace, therefore this black tiger will call him for the master.” Damn, Jiang Chen had the so fierce helper, no wonder rampant domineering, does not place in us the eye.” Humph! only black tiger, is even fierce, where can also to go fiercely, but here the place of exile, does not allow expert of Tianyuan boundary to appear, this black tiger wants is not the Tianyuan boundary, we have nothing to be good to be afraid, by his one's effort, how to resist our innumerable expert, Jiang Chen, if merely this taking advantage, perhaps is unable to change the result.” Right, only black tiger, we collaborates, but can also fear him to be inadequate, before can kill his clone, now can kill his this venerable/true body.” .................. Ten big evil people reveal the color of shock, but the shock turns over to the shock, a black king, has not let them to the degree of shrinking back at the sight, they have before experience that kills black tiger clone, moreover in the location source boundary 9-layer Heaven expert ten big evil people, the place of entire exile adds by far incessantly, at least has 40-50 place source boundary 9-layer Heaven expert.

Such lineup, only black tiger calculates anything, joined up even two black tigers, was still a cinch. Jiang Chen, is this your trump card?” The poison extinguishes old man to ask indifferently, performance is still very calm. My trump card , to continue this, today here everyone, will die, the place of exile, has not continued the exist(ence) value, I have given you opportunity, is you have not treasured, does not need to count on that I will give your second opportunity.” Saying of Jiang Chen unimpressed, the rampancy and self-confidence between spoken languages, have made one start to feel afraid. Regardless of how because to see, Jiang Chen does not want to talk big, complete appearance seldom. Jiang Chen, you do not need to bluster, we can mix this step, does not frighten in a big way.” Wicked splendor loudly shouted, he to Jiang Chen same clenching jaws, in the eye reveals, envies the color of envy hate, he wants to enter the dragon palace wholeheartedly, was once injured by the dragon palace twice, finally ends in failure, but oneself yearn for something even in one's dreams thing, actually fell into the hand of Jiang Chen this miniature person thing, this let the wicked splendor the innermost feelings, how can be balanced. Master, listens to your instruction.” The black kingly way, the entire process has not cared the words of others. I said that cannot live, this old fogy gives me.” Jiang Chen said, the finger aims extinguishes old man poisonously, Jiang Chen the competitive hearts, the poison extinguished old man, since is place's of first expert exile, Jiang Chen is naturally interested, he fought dragon blood in lance through the dragon bone|keel, cultivation base promotes source boundary five heavy day of peak, precisely must examine battle strength the time, this poison extinguished old man, was appropriate. Yes, master.”

Black king Ying, big hand to void was then wielding, next the matter, making the entire land of the polar north everyone's complexion instantaneous crazily change. Only listens to crash-bang one, the dense piece, endless monster qi shoots up to the sky, is nothing more or less, enough 100 place source boundary 9-layer Heaven Great Monster appeared simultaneously. What?” My God, how can so many Monster Beast, each be source boundary 9-layer Heaven, we were finished.” Ended, ended thoroughly, Jiang Chen is not blustering, he really has such trump card, subdued so many Monster Beast expert unexpectedly.” 100 place source boundary 9-layer Heaven expert, each does not compare ten big evil people bad, how this weaponry also hits.” ............ Suddenly, everyone's surface like the dying embers, ten big evil people is also same, is expert, more can realize that the great strength of these Monster Beast, 100, draw one casually, is not worse than them, even has striven to excel they, how this also hits, can only be the share that stretches out the neck to treat unites. Pays attention to my WeChat public number, WeChat searches to increase Su Yuexi, thanks, will prepare to erupt next week. https: