Dragon Marked War God - Volume 43 - Chapter 4151
Zhao pull died, ten big evil people died completely, this died in battle many people, the place of entire exile, place source boundary 9-layer Heaven expert has not stayed behind, died a tragic death completely, without exception. Some land of the polar north also many people tremble, kneel wail on the ground day after day, beg for mercy loudly. Finally, Jiang Chen has not been ruthless, killed off these people, regarding the place of exile not, no matter what what meaning righteousness, this is an independent exist(ence) world, being doomed is to have own order, Jiang Chen regarding here, but is a traveler. Black king, how long can you also be promoted?” Jiang Chen asked. Two days.” Black kingly way. For half a month, how many can be promoted the Tianyuan boundary?” Jiang Chen continues to ask. 50 people do not have the issue.” The black king conservative estimate, he never talks big, 50 people, are only the conservative numbers, what is obvious, half a month later, can promote the Tianyuan boundary, by far incessantly 50 people, and even more. Very good, that half a month later, left the place of exile.” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth overflows a happy expression, he gives Yu Clan again for half a month the good work, half a month later, was the Yu Clan end. awesome brothers, this, if goes back with 50 Tianyuan boundary expert, can not scare to death Yu Clan.” The Big Yellow Dog whole face is excited, but he is a face compels to the present ignorant, does not know that actually in the dragon palace to have anything, these Monster Beast why such, moreover is promoted continually can calculate with the time.

From the place source boundary to the Tianyuan boundary, is a ridge, regarding many cultivator, is hard to span, realm that some people poor its life cannot achieve, why this is also the scarlet eastern territory Tianyuan boundary quantity and limited reason. But Jiang Chen these Monster Beast, can actually the mass production Tianyuan boundary, this too be also odd now a point. Brothers, what you see is only the surface, walking, the Elder Brother has your anticipation more exciting.” Jiang Chen grabs the Big Yellow Dog's ear, the body in a flash, directly entered in the dragon palace, black king and the others also vanishes instantly does not see. These kneel in the person who the ground sheds bitter tears to beg for mercy, saw that Jiang Chen vanishes does not see, such as Mongolian pardon, that type walks a feeling from the Gate of Death, was really exciting. Thank the graciousness of not killing, thank the graciousness of not killing.” Walks quickly, we hurry to leave here, if the Jiang Chen change idea kills again, we are dead end one.” Right, hurries, the place of chaos exile, all expert died, here later must reshuffle.” .................. People hurry to run away, at this time where also had the time to think other, can save the life is lucky, Jiang Chen was too fearful, today a war, Jiang Chen gains fame and reputation thoroughly, will become the place of true legend exile, in the later innumerable years, the place of exile will spread the related Jiang Chen's legend. Even Jiang Chen is only a traveler, but he arrived here process, subverted here directly. In the dragon palace, Big Yellow Dog sees the Myriad Monsters scene, is shocked directly. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” Big Yellow Dog said three Fuck continually, even before expressing the cross-eye , the respect of scene, this also too Fuck.

awesome little brother, such lineup, if the belt/bring goes out, Yu Clan can not cry wetting pants.” Big Yellow Dog eyes blooms none, he has started to fantasize that Jiang Chen attacked the scene of day Feather Mountain with Myriad Monsters, perhaps so the huge camp, did not use Human Race take action of scarlet eastern territory when the time comes, Myriad Monsters moved, quelled day Feather Mountain by the potential of steamroll. Little Chen, I said quickly to Master Dog, actually this is where?” Big Yellow Dog wants to know the answer urgently, this dragon palace is without doubt giant to his attraction, at his eyesight, naturally can see this dragon palace is not simple. Jiang Chen does not have the least bit to conceal, gave Big Yellow Dog to say all reasons of Buddha prison palace, listened Big Yellow Dog was also dumbfounded, solely was not he, Jiang Chen has not thought, the eternal world peak exist(ence) dragon Buddha treasure, will lose in the place of this small exile. Little Chen, you become the new host in this dragon palace, to offend that so-called eternal lord indirectly, later arrived at the center of eternal world, feared that will have much troublesome, but, who is this eternal lord?” Big Yellow Dog said. Lets him do what he pleases, are the person who father offends few? Even the eternal lord, offended me, topples him in the same old way.” Jiang Chen said that careless. Lavish, our brothers work, is always this, thinks that are these years, by the big shot who we topple, but also few?” Big Yellow Dog assumes an air of self approbation, was not only not worried the eternal lord, instead started to be worried for the eternal lord, but after all this eternal lord later opponent of Jiang Chen, walked to go out of the fellow of limitless miracle. No matter and so many, first complete the present matter, we first treat half a month here, happen to closes up cultivates, half a month later walked, Yu Clan solving.” Jiang Chen said. That is really excellent, the truth has a look at the expression that Zhao Lingxiao eyeball stares to be exaggerating.”

Big Yellow Dog smiles. The place of exile naturally has the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, but scarlet eastern territory at this moment , is not tranquil, Yu Clan seeks for Jiang Chen not to everywhere, day Feather Mountain has started to have the turbulence. After ten days, day Feather Mountain started to have the sound, true big sound. Day Feather Mountain all expert consume the endless experience to build the Netherworld stage, Zhao Lingxiao with the aid of the strength of Netherworld stage, succeeded to promote the Tianyuan boundary 3-layer day. What is more important, Netherworld stage, Yu Clan overall battle strength has promoted, once uses in the Netherworld stage the fight, can promote one time Yu Clan battle strength, time of battle strength, that is what kind of fearfulness. Said unrestrained/no trace of politeness, if now Yu Clan and Human Race make war, Human Race accounts for less than the least bit to be cheap, although said that Yu Clan loses seriously in the beforehand plan, beside several Yu Clan Young Master that but high-end battle strength, except for was still killed by Jiang Chen, the Yu Clan high level, has not had a fracture. If two clans make war, high-end battle strength decides the key of victory or defeat. Compared to debut of Yu Clan Netherworld stage, Zhao Lingxiao promotes the Tianyuan boundary 3-layer day, Human Race the biggest good news, probably was Xie Yunpeng, after Xie Yunpeng by Jiang Chen solution within the body stubborn illness, cultivation base also rose suddenly, almost promoted the Tianyuan boundary 3-layer day with Zhao Lingxiao. Human Race presents the Tianyuan boundary 3-layer day, without doubt is an exciting matter, without Xie Yunpeng resists Zhao Lingxiao, once makes war, Human Race almost must defeat. But at this moment, in day Feather Mountain Yu Clan central main hall, the high level is assemble, has started to discuss and Human Race launches to fight a decisive battle, once Yu Clan has the opportunity, will not miss, moreover Jiang Chen did not appear, Yu Clan on the exist(ence) threat, Yu Clan must think the means directing Jiang Chen, does not kill Jiang Chen, Yu Clan sleeps on pins and needles up and down. Condition finally restored, today is two, I will keep the point to retain the draft will erupt next week, next week the website will have recommendation ticket, requesting earnestly the brothers to support one wave, now recommended the ticket system to change, everyone can look, probably subscribed has the ticket, hit to enjoy a money ticket, next week will hit to enjoy money double tickets, Dragon Marked War God very long has not made the ticket, does not know that also had this strength.】