Dragon Marked War God - Volume 43 - Chapter 4186
Jiang Chen receives Eternal Immortal Wind, maintains the Dragon Transformation stance as before, held up the head to look to the immortal capable of flight old man, the imposing manner of whole person increases extreme. „The immortal capable of flight same weakness of scarlet territory, my Jiang Chen came, Feathered Race of your scarlet territory, destiny also to the end.” Jiang Chen boasts shamelessly, rampantly to the extreme. The immortal capable of flight old man who this saying said that has almost not spouted an old blood, he was rampant, a few words make Feathered Race destroy, the Human Race forest Guo emperors do not dare to speak this saying. Right, to the end.” The dragonet is grasping slightly sincere, shouted in following keep it up. Does...... Immortal capable of flight old man turned the white of the eyes, thought that for the first time Feathered Race is so unexpectedly weak? Dares is so rampant including little brat, does not place in Feathered Race the eye. little bastard, so boasts shamelessly, the old man must have a look but actually, some of your actually many weights.” The immortal capable of flight old man is angry, that the back brushes, displays six wings, in the hand gorgeous battle spear, killed toward Jiang Chen. The old men have the anger, take action are also relentless, he must have a look actually, a Tianyuan boundary 1-layer Heaven boy, even again fierce, where can also to go fiercely, move of storm kills all accompanies, jumps the ranks to kill the enemy to make one who he brought shock everybody, but the old man does not believe, Jiang Chen can span four ranks to the war, because that is absolutely the impossible matter. Come good.” Jiang Chen rises spiritedly, nine swords appear in the hand extremely, coming up is the sword 26, whole person Dragon Sword Unites, hits with battle spear heavily of immortal capable of flight old man together. Clang...... Void sparked the big piece spark, the air wave rolled, old man spear/gun shadow heavily, resisted the Jiang Chen's sword unexpectedly 26, has not fallen leeward.

The Jiang Chen's sword 26 sweep away all obstacles, under the Dragon Transformation condition spans four ranks to fighting ordinary cultivator is not a problem. However, Jiang Chen present cultivation base just stepped into the Tianyuan boundary after all, but cultivation base of immortal capable of flight old man is Tianyuan boundary five heavy day of peak, from the Tianyuan boundary six heavy days is also only the one pace. Jiang Chen can with its war equally matched, be quite good. very powerful.” The immortal capable of flight old man was shocked to go bad, cannot believe that simply this was real, he was clear to oneself strength, let alone that struck a moment ago, displays complete battle strength, in this case, he has not taken any advantage unexpectedly, but Jiang Chen hit one evenly, this to the psychological attack of old man, was nothing less than big. sword art of this fellow, went to the situation of so having reached the pinnacle unexpectedly.” The old man innermost feelings with amazement, Jiang Chen a moment ago that sword, was really exquisite, described with unrivaled is not overrated, he also has an understanding of sword art, precisely, because has an understanding, therefore this shocked, said unrestrained/no trace of politeness, just now that sword, if own strength weak least bit, were killed again at this moment under the Jiang Chen sword. Jiang Chen eyes narrows the eyes, powerful soul power releases, aura locking of firmly immortal capable of flight old man, does not have the opportunity of running away to him. Jiang Chen? I acknowledged you to be fierce, perhaps today I want to kill your some difficulties, but looked at your appearance, is opportunity that the plan ran away not to me, hehe, were you so unexpectedly self-confident? I must walk, perhaps you also stop helplessly.” The immortal capable of flight old man saw the Jiang Chen's intention, cannot bear scoff to say with a smile, a moment ago after Jiang Chen fought to a draw, he has sprouted has drawn back intent. The immortal capable of flight old man has the person of cognition very much, knows oneself do not have the ability to kill Jiang Chen, therefore also no longer reluctantly, prepares to depart, must kill Jiang Chen, later needs further consideration. Right? You give a try can escape from my hand, I bet you unable to escape.” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth has the happy expression, his arm in a flash, Heavenly Dragon Sword vanishes, displaces, is a dragon shadow glittering war lance. Right, the dragon bone|keel fights the lance, five product Yuanbing, the star lord Battle Weapon that expert can display.

After Jiang Chen since obtains this dragon bone|keel fights the lance, but also does not have the opportunity to try, moreover by his beforehand cultivation base, wants to display the dragon bone|keel to fight the might of lance to come , is almost impossible. „Is this? This is five product Yuanbing.” Immortal capable of flight old man eyes one bright, in the look reveals, is the greedy colors, besides greedy, what are more is shocking, obviously has not expected one just to step into the boy hand of Tianyuan boundary, really has Battle Weapon exist(ence) of five product Yuanbing this grade of rank. Five product Yuanbing is precious, the common star lord wants one is not the easy matter. But in fact, this dragon bone|keel fights the lance, but after is dragon Buddha promotion star main, first Battle Weapon, therefore becomes Jiang Chen to obtain the stepping-stone of dragon palace. Jiang Chen, your five product Yuanbing also how, your strength, was too even weak, cannot show five product Yuanbing might to come, whom to frighten.” The immortal capable of flight old man laughs at one, then turns around to walk, he does not want to stop over again, because he from the war lance in Jiang Chen hand, has felt dangerous aura, moreover this aura is gradually intense. Where walks.” The Jiang Chen pupil lives the splendor, filled callously, how could to the opportunity that the immortal capable of flight the old man runs away, in his present hand has two five product Yuanbing, a war sword that is Queen forest keeps, one is this dragon bone|keel fights the lance. The immortal capable of flight old man said right, wants to show five product Yuanbing might by the Jiang Chen present strength, is very difficult. If the war sword of Queen forest, Jiang Chen displays, definitely is somewhat strenuous, but this dragon bone|keel fights the lance to be different, the dragon bone|keel fought the lance to recognize Jiang Chen for the lord, moreover this was builds with the bone of True Dragon, happen to conformed to the Jiang Chen's really dragon blood lineage/vein. Jiang Chen must display the dragon bone|keel to fight the lance, depended solely is not own strength, what is more important is the bloodlines. buzz...... The dragon bone|keel fights the lance to make buzz the sound of cry, shakes void shivers.

Displays the dragon bone|keel to fight that moment of lance in Jiang Chen, the strength in within the body all sources, were consumed instantaneously most, the next second finds time directly. However this is also expected in Jiang Chen's, a lot of source stones start to be consumed by him, kill a Feathered Race elder, this consumption was also the value. What is more important, Jiang Chen wants to try this dragon bone|keel to fight the might of lance, actually how. Roar...... dragon roar is shocking, the dragon bone|keel fights the lance to live to be the same probably, will turn into a blood-colored games dragon, Jiang Chen grasped to fight the lance, the foot steps on Blue Dragon Five Steps, the speed draws near extreme, suddenly caught up escaped the Feathered Race elder. Not......” The immortal capable of flight old man shouts one, he felt death aura, he has not thought, Jiang Chen really can show the might of goods source soldier to come, the dragon bone|keel fought the lance to carry endless Dragon Prestige, almost imprisoned a side region. ...... The immortal capable of flight old man evades not to be possible to evade, was fought the lance to pierce the chest by the dragon bone|keel directly, the terrifying energy violent walked, the old man sends out sad and shrill blood-curdling scream, the entire body blasts open, changes into the fragment. 【The recent cranial nerve has problems, in addition dragon marks writes about late stage, various exhausted, Earth Domain transforms Carvin to be fierce, update is a little slow, sorry, tomorrow Jiang Chen will formally enter the scarlet territory, three do not have the issue.】