Dragon Marked War God - Volume 43 - Chapter 4190
„Does dead dog, why go?” Big Yellow Dog that Jiang Chen is going to clash clutching, reaches an agreement does not mind others'business, this dog could not bear, this Hongcheng was just passed by to Jiang Chen, at best must go to ask for glass of liquor to drink, has a rest, if cannot have a rest, that continued to hurry along directly, goes to the Qilin mansion, he in the battle to Hongcheng, an interest did not feel. Is the monkey, hurries take action, not take action, the monkey must be beaten to death.” Big Yellow Dog worries to say. What?” Jiang Chen calls out in alarm one, soul power runs out together instantaneously, infiltrated in Luo great formation of that day directly, purity that inside fight scene looked. Monkey.” The Jiang Chen imposing manner shakes, the body rocks, had arrived at most center of Hongcheng, the sky of Hong, most central zone of fight. Originally wants to work as a viewer, now looks like, wants not to place oneself is impossible, Jiang Chen starts to rejoice that today arrives at this Hongcheng, and remained to wait and see a meeting, if departed a moment ago directly, that missed with Long Shisan perfectly. Missing is not important, Long Shisan at this moment, but places oneself in the middle of the danger, if there is an accident, Jiang Chen feared that must rebuke oneself dead. Big brother, waits for me.” The dragonet follows, he does not know the monkey that Jiang Chen and in the Big Yellow Dog mouth said who is, but looks at two people so anxiously, wants to come certainly is to they incomparably important character. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow Dog's friend, that is the friend of his dragonet.

Moreover, with the unceasing promotion of cultivation base, the bloodlines of Xiaolong within the body is also gradual bursting out, that type of militant factor, are getting more and more, do not look that the little fellow person is not big, is actually is really a fight madman, with the Big Yellow Dog same character, bumps into the fight, could not take a walk to say. Sky over Hong, under inescapable net camouflage, Long Shisan, although is tyrannical, moreover entered the violent to walk the condition, but by an enemy two, dealt with two Tianyuan boundary five heavy day of peak expert, as before was the incomparable strenuousness, even at all was not the opponent. Now Long Shisan has been injured, because there is an unknown character to restore the injury definitely, regarding Long Shisan, pours insufficiently fatally, but so the scene, such tactical situation, is to make Long Shisan unable to see the slight hope today. Long Shisan Golden Eyes Fiery Pupils bursts out, the anger soars to the heavens, by his skill, can free and unfettered to depart, if he is determined to walk, don't said that is two Tianyuan boundary five heavy day of expert, even comes ten again, cannot block departure of Long Shisan. However, Long Shisan cannot walk, he cannot the looks at Hong beset with a crisis even to destroy not to attend to helplessly, he is a person of heavy affectionate righteousness, others have helped themselves, Long Shisan will not forget, let alone Hong battle has rescued own life, this is the graciousness of help, if Long Shisan left at this time, that is a person? Even if saves the life today, oneself that pass/test, cannot pass. Long Shisan, your talent is indeed outstanding, what a pity is not the person of our Luo floating gate, your choice and Luo floating gate is an enemy, that is dead end one, suffers to death.” The white hair old man sneers saying that during the spoken languages has eaten Long Shisan completely. But in fact also precisely, such tactical situation, Long Shisan basically has no opportunity at present, this almost must die the bureau, solely is not he, the entire Hong is the same destiny, being doomed difficult running away calamity. Although Hong now and Luo Jia competes can also support, but this aspect will be changed quickly, so long as Luo floating gate two expert solved Long Shisan, will meddle the battle of Luo and Hong, by that time three Tianyuan boundary five heavy day of peak expert unions, Hong battle surely is not an opponent, once Hong Zhansi, the remaining Hong juniors, that were in a state of disunity, was not worth mentioning. Come, the death, my Long Shisan cannot even absolutely retreat Half Step.” Long Shisan domineering soars to the heavens, he goes on an expedition his entire life, never knows that anything is retreat, sets at the deathtrap then fresh matter, actually does a lot. „Do fee/spent that many words do, first killed him.”

Another old man impatient say/way, in the hand fights the sword glittering cold glow, strikes an attitude to prepare to continue to attack to kill. Bang...... At this moment, the Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering terrifying energy drops from the clouds together suddenly, under the impact of this energy, float above great formation, the disruption, was broken loudly thoroughly. What person?” White hair old man one startled, cannot bear loudly shouted, this formation is his personally lay down, formation, is always the matter that he is proud, his naturally this formation average person cannot break, now actually by person so easily gave to destroy, in other words, newcomer was not certainly simple. formation bursts, originally incomparably fierce fight, instantaneous peaceful, everyone raise one's head looks, sees three forms suddenly to appear, white-clothed youth, grasps to fight the sword, just like mang cow general Big Yellow Dog, a 11 or 12-year-old young youngster. Little Chen, Big Yellow.” Golden Eyes Fiery Pupils rays of light instantaneous gets down lowly, Long Shisan that originally has decided to fight to the death, after seeing person, in the eye jumps instantaneously projects the endless color, the whole face is the exciting color. Monkey, never expected that you runs up to here by the misery, Hahaha.” Big Yellow Dog Haha laughs, at present this distressed appearance to Long Shisan, ridicule unrestrained/no trace of politeness. Let alone the idle talk, first kills at present these two old fogies.” The Long Shisan reignition fighting spirit, the imposing manner compared with strengthened one time suddenly a moment ago, in this world, nothing was fights side-by-side a happier matter compared with the brothers.

Although Jiang Chen performance, only then Tianyuan boundary 1-layer Heaven, so long as Jiang Chen appears, enough, this has come from the trust and understanding of the brothers, Jiang Chen is abnormal, Long Shisan is clear, so long as Jiang Chen appears, he did not fear, among this heaven and earth does not have the difficulty that their brothers together could not solve. The Jiang Chen body in a flash, arrives at the Long Shisan near, waved to pat the shoulder of Long Shisan: What a strain, had me, no one can harm my brother, injured, I made him pay the heavy price.” Long Shisan has not spoken, the look has proven all sufficiently, the eternal world leaves, meets by the present, other were needless saying that countless words, in brothers. Who is this person? Seeming like Tianyuan boundary 1-layer Heaven cultivation base, can actually break this inescapable net great formation.” Hasn't looked? Is the Long Shisan friend, seems like very strong appearance, but cultivation base was weaker, perhaps what a pity, is unable to help our Hong truly.” Yeah! The day must perish my Hong to be inadequate.” ............ The people of Hong hate bitterly, today a war, making them unable to see the slight hope, originally great formation was broken, thought expert, but newcomer cultivation base , was too rather weak, might as well Long Shisan, Tianyuan boundary 1-layer Heaven, even again fierce, where can also to go fiercely.