Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4203
Shut up.” Li Kun to Luo Lie loudly shouted: If not your boy, how could our Luo Fumen offends the Qilin mansion genius, all these because of you, Luo Lie, you are the punishment is deserved.” Li Kun gets angry does not recognize people, at this time, Luo Lie regarding the Romanian floating gate, a value did not have, must say that valuable words, that can buy Jiang Chen's to be happy with him. Li Kun at this moment, the innermost feelings are happy, he has looked, Jiang Chen has not planned to want the destruction Luo floating gate, because Nie Fusheng is not tactful, will therefore be killed, but Nie Fu life and death, this Luo floating gate was considering as finished that his Great Elder said that a dynasty was in power, azure clouds, on this day, Li Kun also waited to be very long. Only Luo Lie, is nothing. Hong Patriarch, this Luo Lie, gave you to handle.” Jiang Chen looks to Hong battle, the smile said that all that he makes today, to give Long Shisan return the favor, after today, Long Shisan does not owe Hong anything, can go the Qilin mansion with oneself together. Many thanks Brother Jiang Chen.” Hong battle deeply is saluting to Jiang Chen, heartfelt thanks. Benevolence of Jiang Chen to Hong, it can be said that taller than the mountain , deeper than the sea , and sweeter than honey, Jiang Chen's appeared, saved Hong several hundred people, but also helped Hong Jia eradicate the enemy, after was let Hong, can base in these three angular regions. Hong battle knows all these that Jiang Chen makes, for Long Shisan, his Hong battle have rescued the Long Shisan life, but his benevolence to the Long Shisan, to Hong compares with benevolence of Jiang Chen, is not worth mentioning completely. Let alone, Long Shisan has also performed distinguished service for Hong, has paid off this benevolence. If said again benevolence, that is Hong Jia owes Jiang Chen and Long Shisan. Patriarch, killed Luo Lie, this person does not eliminate, in the future root of trouble.” Long Shisan said indifferently.

Hong battle nods, in the hand presents to fight the sword, before arriving at Luo Lie body, how he does not understand that Long Shisan words, to the benevolence of enemy is to own cruelty. Romania has been with one's family broken up and decimated fiercely, is stray dog, such person, works inevitably recklessly, moreover he hatred to Hong, is impossible to be reduced and solved, if forgives Luo Lie today, this Luo Lie inevitable meeting wants completely all means to cope with Hong. Tianyuan boundary five heavy day of expert, if hidden in the hidden place, that seems like a spirit to be the same, can cause the fatal damage to some disciples of Hong momentarily. Therefore, this benevolence, Hong battle not . Hong battle, I makes trouble will not let off your.” Romania clenches jaws fiercely, the eyeball is the red. „The opportunity that you perhaps make trouble continually does not have.” Hong battle look is callous, a sword punctures, pierced Luo Lie chest directly, sword qi wreaked havoc in within the body, almost crushed Luo Lie five main internal organs (entrails) instantaneously, cut off its life-force. Hong that several elders, on the face are the colors of rousing, killed Luo Lie, world that in the future this Hongcheng, will be their Hong. They are naturally excited, today comes the Romanian floating gate, originally is cherishing not the good fantasy, without thinking of this peerless crisis, so relaxed was solved. Good, Luo Lie died, Hong Patriarch, later your Hong and our Luo floating gates, are the whole families, these three angular regions, are our world, in the future the disciples of Hong, can come Romanian floating gate cultivation casually, Hong Patriarch will also become the guest of our Luo floating gate, the front door of Luo floating gate, opens wide for Hong Patriarch momentarily, Luo floating gate any place, Hong Patriarch can also walk randomly at will, in brief, regards the family/home here same and that's the end.” Li Kun said, this ostentation words, almost pat the chest to say. Li Kun is a very intelligent person, he has looked, the relations of Jiang Chen and Hong are not ordinary, otherwise so for its over, him now does not become friends with Hong, is indirect becoming friends with Jiang Chen, indirect climbs up Qilin mansion mountain, otherwise, trivial Hong battle, how could looked by Li Kun in the eye. Many thanks Elder Li.”

Hong battle was holding holding the fist in the other hand to Li Kun, feeling of quite overwhelmed by favor from superior. overwhelmed by favor from superior is also natural, after all Luo Fumen is deep-rooted in the Overlord status of three angular regions, Hong has wanted to climb the relations with the Romanian floating gate not to climb up, now person Patriarch moved to climb, Hong battle really could not discover the reason of not happy. Now should call Li Sect Master to be right.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. Hong battle suddenly, Haha said with a smile hastily: Right, right, right, you looked that my opens mouth, Li Sect Master, should be Li Sect Master.” Hahaha......” Li Kun Haha laughs, obviously to Li Sect Master this name, quite makes him happy, from Li Kun's face, where can see the least bit Sect Master killed sadness, is the new emperor ascends the throne completely, does not conceal own pleased. Li Sect Master, since the matter the Completion solution, Jiang has then not been disturbing, hopes that Li Sect Master can remember own commitment, otherwise, my Jiang Chen can come back momentarily.” Jiang Chen patted Li Kun's shoulder, said with a smile, the tone is friendly, has a threat. Young Master felt relieved, so long as Li in a day, will not make others bully Hong absolutely.” Li Kun guarantees to say. Very good.” Jiang Chen is satisfied, then brings Long Shisan and the others to turn around to depart. Saw back that Jiang Chen they depart, Li Kun is sighed, cannot bear worry in secret, the person of secretly thought Qilin mansion, is really not that affable, thinks before oneself, must join to go to the Hongcheng exterminate Hong voluntarily, oneself cannot bear a fear, luckily oneself have not gone, otherwise, the fate does not dare to imagine simply, black king that fist, casual one can rumble to kill the dregs oneself.

Sect Master.” Some high levels of Romanian floating gate, take the lead to take a stand, is giving up to Li Kun, is the comparison knows the limitation, they are very clear, Nie Fu life and death, now is Li Kun's world. Nie Sect Master elaborate funeral.” The Li Kun unnecessary words, elaborate funeral Nie Fusheng has not settled. Beside the Romanian floating gate hundred li (0.5 km), Jiang Chen stops the footsteps, open the mouth and said: Matter of Hong has been solved, the monkey, along with me goes to the Qilin mansion.” Good.” Long Shisan almost does not have the least bit to hesitate, the direct nod complied, these three angular regions, nothing confused, where has the stimulation that follows Jiang Chen striving for world hegemony to come together. thirteen, do you really want to walk?” Hong battle looks to Long Shisan, being together was so long, he has regarded the person on one's own side to regard Long Shisan, now Long Shisan must leave, his some have not really adapted. Right, the crisis of Hong also solved, I must leave with Little Chen, Patriarch, you take care.” Long Shisan said, he departs now, will not have the least bit to be guilty to Hong, walked broad and level.