Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4235
The old man blue eyes , the characteristics of elf clan are obvious, his cultivation base, amicable one white is the same, the star lord the 3-layer day. Old man at this moment, the innermost feelings unusual shock, the elf clan excelled at concealing and sneak attack, lord the 3-layer day by his star cultivation base, sneak attacks two Tianyuan boundaries, the opposite party almost must die without doubt. But Jiang Chen can actually induce under so the situation to own exist(ence), and succeeds brings Long Shisan to avoid, this simply is the miracle, this personally sees, the old man is unable to believe. don't said is he, is solemn one white, shocks inexplicably, because of the sneak attack of elf clan old man, genius of this Qilin mansion, has not even induced. Jiang Chen has not spoken, look incomparable ice-cold, the elf clan solemn star lord the 3-layer day expert, how regardless of not to go to the Human Race sneak attacks of two Tianyuan boundaries, even sneak attacks, will still be sneak attacks solemn white Cai to be right, after all Jiang Chen and Long Shisan rank was too low, should not be looked by expert of star main rank in the eye, let alone was the sneak attack. The only explanation is, this old man has the explicit goal to come, but this explicit goal, is kills Jiang Chen and Long Shisan, amicable one has nothing to do white/in vain. The solemn elf clan star lord other 3-layer Heaven Tier expert, runs up to the sea of colored glaze to sneak attack two Tianyuan boundary boys, these are what reason, Jiang Chen and Long Shisan is not the fools, naturally can guess. It seems like, has not removed us in the Qilin mansion, ran up to the sea of colored glaze to come, our two, have become eye-sore of certain people.” Long Shisan laughs at one, the anger on face does not conceal. The Long Shisan nature is angry, he does not have the means is not angry, just now what kind of danger, if not Jiang Chen perception is extraordinary, and movement skill first-class, they have assigned the mourning at the scene. „The star of solemn elf clan lord expert, take action sneak attacked two Tianyuan boundaries unexpectedly, when the elf clan so could not withstand, this was not too concerned about face.” Solemn one is very in vain indignant, sharp gaze stares at the old man, white Xileng the fire has been releasing, solidly locks the opposite party, thinks the matter, a solemn white/in vain also fear, if not Jiang Chen is fierce, the Qilin mansion lost two peerless genius. Humph! these without massacring you, calculates you to walk away time, the next time, your luck , there would be no is so good.” Old man coldly snorted, with solemn one did not talk white/in vain, the body in a flash, must fly toward the distant place. Where walks.” How could solemn one white/in vain to the opportunity that he runs away, a star lord the 3-layer day expert, if not remove, the following road, the opposite party momentarily along with carving will sneak attack, perhaps this grade sneak attacks itself not to care, but to Jiang Chen and Long Shisan, is actually the true hidden danger, is in danger anytime.

Although the people of elf clan excel at concealing, but solemn one white/in vain is also not in a beforehand white, same cultivation base situation, the average person at all is not the solemn white opponent, is missing the rank. Is just like the present, solemn one white has locked the old man, the old man wanted before solemn wheat flour round trip free, that is impossible, if makes the old man sneak attack inadequately departs natural, where she solemn white face toward puts. Solemn white take action then to the fire three certainly, Hurricane transform into dragon, sweeps across a hot territory, directly old man curling. The old man complexion crazily changes, has not expected one so to be in vain tyrannical solemnly, immediately makes blue flame to prevent. What a pity is, the counter-attack of old man, in front of solemn white hurricane dragon, is completely unable to withstand a single blow, destroyed Goulas decays to destroy generally. Bang! The solemn white speed is extremely fast, a palm pats in the old man Above the chest, in the old man mouth spouts blood arrow, the whole person flies upside down to go together. Brush! Solemn one follows white/in vain, in the hand fights the sword to fling, fights the sword to sprinkle, the old man evades not to be possible to evade, an arm cut off by solemn white simultaneously. Young lady, first do not kill him.” Long Shisan opens the mouth hastily. Solemn white war sword, was stopping from old man nape of the neck one inch place, then looks to Long Shisan: Why doesn't kill?” Human Race and elf clan, is the hostile, ordinary time saw, must branch out the life and death, takes something for free solemnly kills this old man, does not need the reason. Asks that who he is sends him to kill our?”

Long Shisan said. Who sends?” Solemn one white one has not understood the Long Shisan words, in her opinion, the people of elf clan must kill Human Race after all, is very normal matter, is just like her to kill the old man to be the same, Long Shisan are completely many this one to ask. Killed, he will not say.” Jiang Chen waves, the whole face is indifferent, the person of involving is important, this old man clearly knows persecute to death, behind can say pulls strings. But in fact, even if the old man did not say, Jiang Chen can still guess correctly, the true secretly person, deciding however is that counterfeit Queen forest. Brush! Solemn one white/in vain not slightly hesitant, fought the sword to shake, killed the old man. Teacher, thirteen words what meaning? What do you know probably?” Solemn one receives to fight the sword white/in vain, cannot bear open the mouth to ask, as the Qilin mansion young lady, she is not a fool. Little Chen, in my opinion, or will tell the young lady to be good secretly, I see the young lady am trustworthy.” Long Shisan said. Secret? What secret?” The solemn white curiosity was towed directly. Also good.”

Jiang Chen nods, this secret he was not does not want to say that was really involves was too big, once this secret said that inevitably caused the entire forest Guo turbulence, moreover many people do not believe, thinks their two are spreading rumors and causing trouble. But is solemn one not to pass white/in vain, through these days contact, solemn one white/in vain definitely is Human Race genius without doubt, moreover is trustworthy, in the future will also definitely stand in important battle strength of their side. Pretends the secret of Queen forest related, told one also to might as well solemnly white/in vain, after solemn one knew white/in vain, they were also many a helper. Young lady, this matter no small matter, is related importantly, I can tell you, but you must be mentally prepared, moreover cannot pass on.” Jiang Chen seriously said, this secret, cannot publicize temporarily, it can be said that before , has started the whole body. Teacher please say.” Solemn moon's orbit. Young lady may know forest Chaofeng, Queen forest.” Jiang Chen asked. Naturally knows, empress empress a person of virtue and prestige, is forest Guo **, aloof and remote, making one respect, is itself also the powerful star lord expert, why the teacher asks the empress empress to come suddenly?” Solemn one frowns white/in vain. Yeah, Queen forest the prestige is really it seems like fierce, has achieved the power and influence dreadful, but now Queen forest Guo forest, is fake.” Jiang Chen sighed, from solemn one white/in vain worship to Queen forest, was not difficult to guess correctly Queen forest in the status of forest country's. But Queen forest the status is stable, explained that forest Guo situation, is difficult.