Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4236
What? How possibly .... Solemn white immediately shocking in the extreme, a complexion ugliness, after these days being together, she discovered Jiang Chen not that being aimless person, moreover worked has the methodicalness extremely! This matter relates to the entire forest Guo country itself after all, one generation of empresses are how honored, was respected by ten thousand people worships, if she is fake, how this does make the common people in entire scarlet territory accept? In her deep in one's heart, believes Jiang Chen's, after all, Jiang Chen helped itself for these days a lot, directs itself a lot, and has regarded own kind teacher Jiang Chen! But the fake empress still makes her be hard to accept! Teacher, Queen forest concerns the entire forest Guo aspects, although you expensive/noble for my teacher, but this matter not enough evidence, good that do not speak irresponsibly!” In the solemn white high shock wakes up, the complexion is still unattractive, is still unable to accept this matter, even is unable to convince itself to believe all these! After all, the prestige of Queen forest is high in entire forest Guoji, has great popular support, is the idol in everyone heart, especially female by Queen forest in example! Solemn white response Jiang Chen and outside complacent, after all, the status of Queen forest is unconsciously aloof, this news was too big to her shock! You should be clear why I will come the colored glaze sea as you like?” Jiang Chen said. Knows, because you with certainly Changqing has one month of life and death agreement, coming the colored glaze sea to seek the breakthrough chance!” Solemn one said white/in vain, she somewhat has doubts, why Jiang Chen will say, what relations this does have with Queen forest? The disciples conflicted before are really normal, was only Jiang Chen was too at that time impulsive, how regardless of how to urge unable to calm down! However now looks like, Jiang Chen is not the chest thaw, not only has extremely strong battle efficiency, but also raises the cultivation base speed to be extremely quick! You did not think that this matter is somewhat strange?”

Jiang Chen corner of the mouth reveals color of the disdaining, any plot before oneself is a paper tiger, nothing to be afraid, cannot escape own eye! Strange?” The solemn white brow is tight, she has not thought toward the deep level, after all, the elf clan is good at transforming, this matter is also inevitable, sometimes happened, as for this inside trick, she actually cannot look! „The Vermilion Bird camp is the forest country national guard team, has extremely strong administrative mode, will mix in the elf clan unexpectedly, do you feel normal?” The Jiang Chen complexion is brimming with the self-confident smiling face , to continue saying: Moreover, after we killed the elf, the elder in Vermilion Bird camp and Changqing responded certainly you do feel normal?” The Jiang Chen's words make a white pupil shrink, initially the Vermilion Bird camp has been investigating the matter that Jiang Chen exceeds authority, has not mentioned the matter of elf clan permeating, but the elf clan and Feathered Race are the Human Race archenemies, their attitudes somewhat make people unthinkable! Who has that big energy to control the Vermilion Bird camp?” Jiang Chen's soul interrogating and torturing makes one have to following the Jiang Chen's thought think white/in vain, at this moment, she realizes this matter's seriousness suddenly, if Jiang Chen said real, then Human Race really danger! This not most fearful, a small Vermilion Bird camp, even if Changqing I have not paid attention to certainly, but, our Qilin mansion had also been infiltrated!” The Jiang Chen's words made white Geng not calm, this did not crack a joke! How possibly, I grow up in the Qilin mansion since childhood, all people I am familiar, they are impossible to betray the Qilin mansion!” If the Vermilion Bird camp has the issue, she can understand, but if was the Qilin mansion infiltrated is unlikely? After all, Qilin mansion in familiar, but, so long as were infiltrated, oneself can certainly be able to detect! Still remembers that I just did return to the Qilin mansion the found fault matter? You thought that this is accidental?” Jiang Chen shows a faint smile, actually spoke for itself, solemn one white/in vain was not a fool, moreover she also found it strange at that time, actually without thinks, because of the residence issue, will really have the disciple to find fault? Moreover the attitude of elder is also thought-provoking, the Qilin mansion has not presented this matter, this time truly some not normal .... But, this cannot explain that is related with Queen forest?”

Solemn white brow tight wrinkle, if Jiang Chen's guessed that is right, behind that the energy and method absolutely terrifying of person, but this cannot show that certainly is Queen forest the behavior! What do you look at this are?” At this moment, in the Jiang Chen hand presents to fight the sword, above the sword hilt, inscribes one Forest Character, this is star lord Battle Weapon, is personal Battle Weapon of Queen forest! This, isn't this Battle Weapon of Queen forest? How can in your hands?” Solemn one saw white/in vain after this familiar Battle Weapon, is not thoroughly calm, no wonder Jiang Chen said that Queen forest has the issue, it seems like truly had some evidence! This Battle Weapon, although Queen forest is not commonly used, but also is Battle Weapon that she most likes, because is Emperor delivers, she extremely treasures, has collected , will not unless it is absolutely essential use! However one Battle Weapon concluded that is Queen forest is certainly false, obviously is still not very convincing! Queen forest the model mother world, merely one Battle Weapon concluded that she has the issue, perhaps being hard makes everyone believe!” At this moment one white has entirely believed Jiang Chen, moreover Jiang Chen can so have confidence, definitely non- also has other evidence! At this time, in the Jiang Chen's hand presented one The aquamarine jade pendant, is fine, side of jade pendant, is carving as before Forest The character, another side, is carving hundred birds toward the design of phoenix. „Should this you be familiar?” Jiang Chen opens the mouth to say! What? You, how will you have this jade pendant?”

Solemn white Chang opened the mouth, the whole person was shocked to go bad thoroughly, she stared in a big way the pupil step by step walked to Jiang Chen, this jade pendant she was too familiar! Once Emperor got married time worldwide celebration of Queen forest, to express love to Queen forest, gave Queen forest in the presence of everyone a jade pendant, was all over the world unique, entire forest Guo was known to everybody, is known to everybody! As the admirer of Queen forest, not long, she hopes that a man can love itself like Emperor to Queen forest, a jade pendant promise is life-long! Therefore, solemn one was familiar to this jade Pettex white/in vain, that moment when Jiang Chen puts out, her eyes recognized! I, even if there is huge courage and ability, is impossible to steal the personal thing of Queen forest? Let alone this jade pendant to Queen forest is important you to be clear compared with me!” Jiang Chen opens the mouth to say. Jiang Chen said does not have the mistake, this jade pendant is more important than the life of Queen forest, this is Emperor likes pledging about her, is under the entire day the unique thing, has not thought that will appear in the Jiang Chen's hand unexpectedly? white as at this moment was been ordinary by the thunder strike, the whole person is not thoroughly calm, this is the huge secret, can control the Vermilion Bird camp, and person who can enter the Qilin mansion the hand, absolutely not average person, but Queen forest does certainly to obtain enlightenment. Front wrote a mistake, Jiang Chen and Changqing three months meets certainly, behind wrote for a month, is my mistake, I have changed to one month the front three months, when everyone one month meets well, cannot Influence plot.