Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4237
If questioned to Jiang Chen's words also Dean before, was 100% trusts to Jiang Chen now, Jiang Chen said that what she believed in firmly! The big forest country is the imperator in scarlet territory, has the strength only with Human Race that Feathered Race and elf clan resists, there expert like clouds, Tiancheng/as if made by Heaven converges! Had a country empress been infiltrated by Feathered Race unexpectedly? And displaces? Regarding Human Race, this simply is the huge disaster, once they collaborate from outside with the inside, Human Race must perish! Solemn one white behind cool, this news extremely in shocking, once is public, raises the great unrest inevitably, the entire big forest the whole nation will be shocked, everyone will cast a terrifying shadow at heart, the will of the people are terrified! That true Queen forest? Have you seen her? She where?” Solemn one wakes up from the shock white/in vain, as Qilin mansion genius extremely, peerless expert of star main rank, is the Qilin mansion young lady, what world hasn't seen? This dessert has! She knows this matter's seriousness, does not dare to have neglects slightly, after all, Jiang Chen can obtain the personal thing of Queen forest, has seen Queen forest inevitably, moreover is the person who Queen forest most trusts! How she extremely cares about really Queen forest at this moment now, she where? After all, so long as the real empress appears, all plots will expose under the sunlight, the matter of fake empress will also expose, forest Guo the crisis also relieves! True Queen forest had actually died, I a short time ago in a star lord in ancient tomb to discover this secret, here had the Yi Feng posthumous writings!” Jiang Chen puts out the will that beforehand Queen forest stays behind, gave solemnly one white! Solemn white take that worn-out paper, both hands is shivering, cannot control the bean big tears again, such news just like bolt from the blue general! Queen forest is her example, is her idol, is forest Guo the heroine, never expected that she died under the plot of fake empress unexpectedly, but everyone was an accomplice, but also knew nothing about!

I am not an immortal capable of flight, I am scarlet territory Queen forest Guo forest, this body, is I in this world's most bored thing, because this is the body of immortal capable of flight, my body, actually must be occupied by the immortal capable of flight, mixes in my forest Guo, confuses all living things, in the past, the Feathered Race spy mixed in me toward, confused me to advocate, was latter advocated to enjoy by me is the imperial concubine imperial concubine, pitiful forest country high and low, no one saw the actual situation, even I was hoodwinked eyes, regarded as the sisters it , the slut wild ambition erupted finally on the 1st, the use moved to the soul big law to frame in me, captured. My body, left me the body of this immortal capable of flight, forest country high and low, does not have believes me, is ruthless to me, the opportunity that I explained did not have, ran away to save a life at risk of life, is actually an arrow at the end of its flight.】 I from knowing the will of heaven shortly, therefore leaves behind this piece of relic, hopes that someday runs into being predestined friends person, may complete my last wish, returns to forest Guo, rectifies names for me, exposes the slut countenance, otherwise, my forest country Human Race, several thousand years of base industry will destroy in the hand of slut, forest Guo loss of life, people have no means to make a living.】 ............ The words and expressions execute the heart! Solemn one feels like a knife twisting in the heart white/in vain at this moment, weeps copiously! Even if the death, Queen forest still has an emotional tie with greatly forest Guo, obviously forest Guo is all of Queen forest, sufficiently Queen forest in proof imperial palace certainly is fake without doubt! Before did everyone misunderstand Queen forest? The huge blow routed thoroughly solemnly one white! One white, should not be too sad, since this matter made Little Chen know, moreover promised Queen forest, will not stand by, moreover certainly also Queen forest justice!” Long Shisan goes forward, patted the solemn white shoulder gently, heartache, he solemn white Lanru will cherish, this matter was too big to her attack, moreover Long Shisan can feel solemn white remorse! The comfort of Long Shisan gave the solemn white greatest moral support without doubt, when she frailest, a warm shoulder melts her frozen for a long time heart sufficiently! Grass, deceived a heart of little miss!”

Jiang Chen white a monkey, does not have the gas channel/angrily said! A Long Shisan face dai Chinese zither, when solemn one does not resist itself white/in vain, explained oneself have succeeded half, the woman is this, when they most need you, but you just appear, and gives thing that she most needs, but this thing is not the commitment, is not Battle Weapon, only needs a shoulder on foot enough! A moment later, solemn white Zaici restored, suddenly discovered oneself and Long Shisan close contact, complexion instantaneous as red as neck, shy lowering the head, shoves open Long Shisan, with his wide berth! Sorry, I was rude!” Solemn white hurrying answered, even she does not know oneself a moment ago how, so will be why rude, snuggling of being able not help in the bosom of Long Shisan, that security sense let her incomparable steadfastness! Hehe, where has rude, so long as you want, my shoulder you can depend upon momentarily!” Long Shisan flexure scratched the head, a type character of face brazen, in the heart was blossoms happily, this was a golden performance opportunity, how will he let off? Pursuing younger sister, but is specialized! Go away!” Solemn one stared a Long Shisan charmingly angry say/way white/in vain ruthlessly, then hurried to turn, fawn pū tōng proceeded along no particular course, concealed own flurry by this, did not know what to do, first time a contact with man so short distance, Although Long Shisan words some meaning of teasing, but she raises a warm current! She usually the man of most repugnant glib, but Long Shisan gave her different feeling! Ok, the time press, we must promote cultivation base to be good as soon as possible, I only had 20 days to probably with Changqing fight to the death certainly, in these 20 days, my cultivation base was lowest must achieve the Tianyuan boundary sevenfold to be good!”

Jiang Chen opens the mouth to say. Teacher, I believe you!” Solemn one stood white/in vain directly, why she does not know, the Jiang Chen's words association/will lets her bewildered trust, always feels him to be omnipotent, the matter that so long as he wants to handle, could not have achieved! That is, but Little Chen an omnipotent anomaly, he arrives at forest Guo, forest Guo does not have the peaceful day again, what fake empress? She is not the Little Chen opponent!” On the Long Shisan face is brimming with the self-confident smiling face, he too understood Jiang Chen, among heaven and earth did not have the matter that he could not achieve, without the matter that he does not dare to handle, was the empress who Feathered Race disguised as what considered as? Ok, do not flatter, is a person on one's own side!” Jiang Chen was saying has not forgotten to look at one white, is also pulling closer everyone's distance imperceptibly, most mainly to pull closer her with the Long Shisan distance! In this vast eternal world, monkey, if can with solemn one have a happy marriage affinity white/in vain, is worth a brothers happy matter, Jiang Chen is glad to see him succeed! Hehe, that must!” Two people smile, each other understands each other intention, knows that Jiang Chen for oneself, completely understood did not say thoroughly!