Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4240
forest Yong and Lim Giong very conceal oneself murderous aura, this two people, cultivation base is the star main four heavy days, in addition Feathered Race speed unparalleled, two stars lord 3-layer day peak clever Fire Ape, such lineup, regarding Jiang Chen them, radically is unmatchable. The solemn white present strength, supports to be able with forest brave Lim Giong one of them to resist, both unite are not the opponent, Crown Prince link both Fire Ape unable to fight completely, as for Jiang Chen and Long Shisan, in the face of such strong fight, can definitely ignore. Little Chen, is not good to cope, these two bird men continually were of fake the secret empress saying that in any event must kill us inevitably.” Long Shisan frowns to say. Teacher, what to do? Crown Prince must rescue.” Solemn one is ready in full battle array white/in vain, in the hand fights the sword to reappear, could not say, can only fight at risk of life, solemn one is very in vain clear, she now is current most important battle strength. My own means.” On the Jiang Chen face as before is an invariable self-confidence, his Divine Sense, surveys in the dragon palace. Jiang Chen planned makes one hide with Crown Prince to the dragon palace in white/vain avoids, but he does not know that the dragon palace can repel outsider, so far, this dragon palace, he also brings Big Yellow to come. Furthermore, the dragon palace is the Jiang Chen biggest secret, only if very necessary, will otherwise not make the bystander know, but the present aspect, has not been in the degree that the use dragon palace avoids. In the dragon palace, cultivation base of black king, has achieved the star main rank, moreover is the fearful star main double day. Has saying that gave the increase that the black king brought too to be really big, beyond powerful increase that not only so, itself brought except, bigger part of reasons were because black king's strength quite powerful, the after curse of dragon palace relieved, the strength of black king, in fast restoration. Restores and is promoted, is in itself two entirely different concepts. Moreover, besides the black king, in the dragon palace also flutters a more than 10 star to advocate aura, in other words, Myriad Monsters the fast restoration, this to Jiang Chen, without doubt is being very good. „Will black king, how suddenly present so many stars to advocate Great Monster?” Jiang Chen asked that this point let his many are some accidents/surprises, after all black king Huifu was the speed is quick, was because he obtained, other Monster Beast, wanted such quick achieving star lord, almost impossible. Opens reports the master, should be the environment of sea of this colored glaze makes it so, after the dragon palace cursed was relieved, with the outside world automatically connects, promoting to was fire attribute Great Monster, they are depending upon the environment of sea of colored glaze, achieved the star lord fast, this was the matter that may celebrate encouraging.”

Black kingly way. Good, the black king, you made all stars main come out, all Tianyuan boundary 9-layer Heaven fire attribute Great Monster come out, with the aid of the environment of sea of colored glaze, pesters at present these two immortal capables of flight to me, that two Fire Ape, I require in a minute the time.” Jiang Chen said. Yes, master.” Black king Ying, the next quarter, only listened to crash-bang one, the void vibration, enough over a hundred Great Monster emerge out of thin air. Roar...... The sea of fire shakes, the black king leads the more than 10 fire attribute star lord, more than 80 Tianyuan boundary 9-layer Heaven fire attribute Monster Beast, almost gives to block this hot territory. What is this?” This sudden, shocks everyone on the scene immediately. Fuck, Little Chen, awesome, never expected that you also so many methods.” Long Shisan is excited immediately. Teacher, are these your helper?” Solemn one looks white/in vain to Jiang Chen's gaze, changed worship, casual verbal command so many Monster Beast, are not the average person can achieve.When the Qilin mansion presented so genius, what a pity cultivation base was too weak . Moreover, these Great Monster cultivation base also insufficiently looked, Really hits, perhaps could not solve the key question. ” Crown Prince looked to Jiang Chen, gaze cannot bear change, was forest country Crown Prince, once most dazzling genius, the young star lord expert, this probably was for the first time disciple who he looked straight at to look at a Tianyuan boundary.

Haha, can't you naive thinking resist us with these worthless people? Crown Prince, solemn one white, told you, today you must die without doubt, because you knew the secret, was impossible to make you live is going out of the sea of colored glaze.” Forest brave Haha laughs. Hurried take action to kill them, so as to avoid a long delay usually means many problems.” Lim Giong dao. Crown Prince, a white, black king, you unite, first pesters them, avoids the casualties as far as possible, I require some time.” Jiang Chen said. Yes, master.” Yes, Teacher.” Black king amicable one white/in vain simultaneously accordingly, always follows to the Jiang Chen's order, although Crown Prince felt oneself were been somewhat uncomfortable by a little brother subcommand of Qilin mansion, but did not play the Crown Prince personality at this time time, moreover he also looked, this Jiang Chen, unusual was not simple, today's aspect wants to change, perhaps did not have Jiang Chen really is not good. Moreover, even/including Mu such a arrogant person always follows to it white/in vain, certainly has its truth. Kills.” Forest brave loudly shouted, two clever Fire Ape are hot tempered immediately, killed with the extremely savage stance. Roar...... Black king roared, changed the tiger king, although he was not fire attribute Monster Beast, but itself physique powerful, in addition achieved his rank, the environment is not the major problem. Bang...... both sides are not you die are I live, quick slaughtered in one.

According to Jiang Chen's confessed, they pester, draw support from in Huoyu the environment, is Jiang Chen wins the time. Although does not know that Jiang Chen must do, but they are very clear, Jiang Chen needs the matter that wins the time to handle, certainly is under the current environment the most correct matter, most worthwhile matter. Little Chen, what method do you have?” Long Shisan looks to Jiang Chen. Draws support from here hot territory environment, I use the flame in hand, lay down Divine Fire defense.” Jiang Chen said. Little Chen, I know that your formation is fierce, but if only the defense , the solution the key question, these two bird men can definitely not die continuous, reckless to break the formation.” Long Shisan said. Might as well, my lay down Divine Fire defense, may prevent a double-hour, time of double-hour, foot enough.” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth overflows a happy expression. What do you mean? A double-hour do you want to do?” A Long Shisan face compels ignorant, after all in this case, strives for a double-hour, as if has no egg to use. Saw that Crown Prince? Spoke in vain, this person of three years ago cultivation base has reached the star main four heavy days, for three years cultivation base does not enter instead draws back, certainly received the method of fake empress, I only need to help him solve oneself problem, his cultivation base, can be back to the star main four heavy days, and even higher.” Jiang Chen said.