Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4276

The governing spirit city west suburb, is the most chaotic place, here houses construction totally had been destroyed, the elves flee in all directions, was caught up by Great Monster tears into shreds. The Buddha army is savage, in the past the eternal the world's bravest army, they were cursed so many years, the resentment had not completely eliminated at heart, this moment Jiang Chen puts them, whom naturally is sees to kill anyone. The Jiang Chen original plan is to subvert this governing spirit city, destroys a big city of elf clan. The struggle of alien race, don't even go there, is not you dies is I lives, because if later two clans have the true fight confrontation, finally can perhaps tragic. Therefore, kills the person of elf clan, Jiang Chen will not have the least bit to be softhearted. Shivers void, the stars of 56 elf clans lord expert to depart from City Lord's Mansion, arrive city west sky over. Stop, damn Monster Beast, who gives your courage to come to the governing spirit city to act unruly.” Star main five heavy day of old elf loudly shouted, get angry cannot rest. Roar...... Whooshes everywhere, Great Monster does not pay attention to howling of old elf , to continue to slaughter crazily, destroys all of governing spirit city recklessly. Begins, kills off them.” The old elf got angry, in the hand presents the blade of spirit, kills toward Great Monster. Brush! A shadow appeared, keeps off in the front of old elf, the old elf complexion changed, at present with the black man, just like the iron tower is ordinary, was really majestic, its blood energy soared to the heavens, powerful, cultivation base has achieved star main four heavy day of peak, from the star main five heavy days was also only the one pace. What is most essential, the imposing manner of opposite party was really strong, although oneself were higher than an opposite party rank, but stood before the opposite party at this moment, the innermost feelings had an incomparably real feeling, that was perhaps is not the opponent of this black man.

This feeling is real, as the star lord expert, perception is incomparably keen. Who are you? Why to my governing spirit city take action, dragon Chen?” Old elf shouts out. Bang! The black king did not talk, greeted the opposite party was heavy blows, to the surface gate of opposite party, is pounding ruthlessly. Quickly, just like bolt of lightning is the same, if quickly the lightning, only fist, broke directly void, must give tearing a space. The old elf exudes one to angrily roar, he responded that is also quick, in the hand Warblade is cutting horizontally, two people battle instantaneously together. Bang...... The gloomy, old elf came up three rounds not to fall merely thoroughly leeward, do not look that he was higher than a rank compared with the black king, but battle strength compared with black king to come, was worse, the black king was the unparalleled god tiger, in addition absorbed two dragon Buddha say/way, at all was not the common star lord can in comparison, Spans a rank to kill the enemy, regarding the black king, is very simple things. Damn, this bastard is so how strong.” The old elf clenches jaws, cannot believe. Black king can/but does not give the opportunity that he responded, raised the fist to continue to attack, void spread sound air-splitting, the black king made the more than 10 fist continually, each fist will give to bend void, hits hard on the body of old elf. Wow!

The old elf spits blood, only thought that own body was hit by the mountain ruthlessly, feeling that one type must be torn. But the old elf did not have many responses, two giant tiger claws suddenly appear, firmly held the two arms of old elf. Facing gust of wind.” Black king loudly shouted, the tiger claw makes an effort suddenly, that old elf sends out Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering blood-curdling scream, the whole person tears in half by the black king, the blood just like the rain to get down, horrible to look. What?” Together with the star lord, scared thoroughly, they are came to help exterminate Monster Beast, after all their strength is tyrannical, these Monster Beast to them, are completely unable to withstand a single blow exist(ence), killing them just like pinches the dead ant to be equally relaxed at will. After all they guessed, these Great Monster are definitely related with the dragon dust, certainly is that dragon dust summons, dragon Chen cultivation base also the star lord, summoned one crowd of Monster Beast even, the strength can strong. Has not actually thought, Great Monster of advantage star main rank, at present this black man, is in a complete mess perhaps, this lets their judgment to the enemy, was more wrong. Must die.” The black king is wild, one step steps forward, meets no resistance, remaining several star lords, instantaneously killed cleanness, dregs not remaining. The imposing manner to several star lords who run over from City Lord's Mansion, becomes to black king Songcai came completely, Another side, Big Yellow Dog changes the body greatly enough body, just like an desolate shape, horizontal hits, the place visited, regarding is wiped out to the last man, the elves facing are simply are the ends. Side the black king, at least gathered 30 stars to advocate Great Monster, limits to flee, such battle strength, don't said that was an governing spirit city, even 100 governing spirit cities, insufficiently destroyed. The end, the governing spirit city true end approached, tens of thousands of elf tragic deaths, full Monster Beast, slaughters everywhere, escapes does not have the place to escape, the entire city was blocked.

Star lord who City Lord's Mansion runs, is not only unable to save the least bit of governing spirit city to lose, comes out to by the black king be given to kill, a leeway of resistance does not have, regarding the present black king, under the star main five heavy days, simply is invincible. In City Lord's Mansion, the governing paris is still waiting for Jiang Chen to swallow the bait, here lay down can prevent inescapable net that Jiang Chen runs away, all spaces were fastened, but Jiang Chen. Sir City Lord, this way is not the means that the governing spirit city must be destroyed thoroughly, we must take action, these Great Monster be one by one maneating, at all is not from the generation of rats, each is well-trained, moreover expert of many star main ranks, a black tiger, but exterminate star main five heavy day of elves.” A person said. Damn bastard, this Seat take action, killed this black tiger to say personally again.” Govern paris violent rage, as City Lord, the governing spirit city of looks at sores all over the eye, he does not have the means is not angry. Govern paris saw the black king, the body arrived at the black king near in a flash, he just about to black king take action, the black king disappears to disappear directly, just like beforehand Jiang Chen, disappearance Wu Ying (traceless) did not have the trace. Jiang Chen is controlling the dragon palace in secret, all Buddha armies on this moment battlefield, can enter to the dragon palace in in the wink of an eye, the governing paris whether there is on strength, is unable to cause the slight damage to them even. Damn, being up to mischief acrobatics.” The governing paris was wild, his within the body releases the difficult situation, sweeps across toward other Great Monster. Whiz whiz...... awesome matter happened, where the governing paris arrives, where Monster Beast vanishes does not see, not seeming to appeared same. When the governing paris goes to another place, Monster Beast of another place also vanishes does not see, but Monster Beast of place will appear before again, to conjuring to be the same.