Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4286

The Jiang Chen complexion is gloomy, in heart anxiety to Yu Xiaolong, but this crazy woman seems like only wants to enrage them, making them confuse own situations, but the dragonet eternal does not extinguish the body, which was eaten easily? Roar roar! Your this smelly young married woman, courts death!” Big Yellow runs to jump like the thunder, charges into yellow Xiugu, impacts, were dodged by yellow Xiugu, Jiang Chen is also prepared early, three brothers its surrounding, launched battle at risk of life directly. Rolls to me!” yellow Xiugu waves the red damask silk, murders resolute, Big Yellow's iron was hit by her one after another, hit dizzy, can only be repulsed to go unavoidablily. However Big Yellow and Long Shisan actually do not flinch, fiercely compete and successfully compete, insists on doing what is impossible, because they have an emotional tie with the dragonet, does not solve this yellow Xiugu, the dragonet does not know that is actually dead lives, is where. Under yellow Xiugu the leadership, the person in Huanggu city, exceptionally is vicious, starts to revolt at risk of life, numerous Monster Beast that but the black king leads, is surging forward, irresistible, a life and death encounters, shouts "kill" heavenshaking. Jiang Chen grasps five product Yuanbing, looked yellow Xiugu is in none puts greatly, the treasure in secretly thought this boy hand are actually many. If before this type of thing place, she quite will even disdain, however under this deep Hailong deep pool, this may be the rarely seen valuable rarities, is not only their strength is regressing unceasingly, here divine weapon, was corroded gradually, in place of territory biggest the exile as scarlet, here may compared with the hell fearful. Red damask silk shakes the day!” yellow Xiugu shouts one, 99 red damask silks cover from his hand, closed off the Jiang Chen's way completely, along with suffering defeat of one after another Big Yellow and Long Shisan, Jiang Chen does not dare to belittle, displayed Dragon Transformation directly, fights the sword to sweep away, Sword Technique dominate the heaven, the Sword of No Realm onset and retreat has, approaches layer upon layer, is yellow Xiugu the red damask silk, is continuously, offensive extremely overbearing, the potential of wearing away the rock with water, handles big issue with smart power. Solemn one white/in vain with Jiang Chen as besieging, but did to yellow Xiugu is really strong, was more fearful compared with the Huang Zheng righteousness, star main six heavy peak, such battle strength, made one not gasp for breath completely white/in vain, was about ten moves, was repulsed rapidly, the complexion flushed, were selected the shoulder by the red damask silk, the severe pain was incomparable, staggers to fall to the ground. Only Jiang Chen, but can also fight with yellow Xiugu, but actually is also bad risk, even if displays Dragon Transformation, Jiang Chen still can only defends stubbornly the surrounding area, between both differs is too after all big, but yellow Xiugu is unable to defeat Jiang Chen suddenly, two people refuse to budge unceasingly, the black king takes advantage of opportunity two, the partner in Jiang Chen about, two people joint effort, yellow Xiugu finally is becomes dignified, in her opinion, black king can/but Jiang Chen this star lord the 1-layer Heaven little fellow. Does not kill you, is difficult to disappear hate of my heart!”

Eye looks at more and more subordinates were routed by Monster Beast unceasingly, total military defeat, then her situation will be difficult, Aunt yellow Xiu big such as fights, must cut the gordian knot, stabilized the aspect, can shock these fierce Monster Beast. Aunt yellow Xiu furiously a war, what a pity Jiang Chen and black king bite her stubbornly, making her not enter instead draws back, the there is no advantage, the black king knows that the master wants to train with her, otherwise, this insane woman has died. Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique!” The Jiang Chen low roar is intermittent, is ordinary just like the dragon roar tiger's roar, the strength increased repeatedly, achieves the star to advocate the 3-layer day, at that moment was born general just like Divine Dragon. „Was this fellow too also abnormal?” Aunt yellow Xiu the heart shakes, at this moment, she somewhat could not resist completely, this way she must defeat without doubt, is in inverse proportion, Jiang Chen is relying on Sword of No Realm domineering, completely fearless yellow Xiugu, in addition the black king has helped one another from side, yellow Xiugu has somewhat lacked the ability to do what one would like, the red damask silk dances in the air, is severer than the sword, compared with the blade front, is Jiang Chen's Dragon Prestige is more intermittent, in addition between both the disparity was reduced unceasingly, Jiang Chen almost pulls back the situation instantaneously, moreover makes yellow Xiugu look the embarrassment, this fights to her, suitable is unfriendly. Jiang Chen holds a sword to stand, Sword of No Realm changes into the eventuality, the potential of charge, fights then gets up, sword blade invisible Wu Ying (traceless), but actually tears to pieces yellow Xiugu the red damask silk thoroughly, changes to everywhere flying rain, yellow Xiugu draws back draws back again, Jiang Chen is closely associated, but , a sword sword, crushing is not only yellow Xiugu the red damask silk, is the self-confidence that she is proud. -- A Jiang Chen sword inserted above yellow Xiugu the chest, although not lethal, has actually been seriously battered deeply, blood crossflow. I asked again your one time, the youngster, is actually at where?” killing intent in Jiang Chen eye, making yellow Xiugu be afraid, this fellow might kill her anytime. Had to plant you to kill me?”

yellow Xiugu sneers, but is actually outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted, if she said that same must die. It seems like, you refused to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality.” Jiang Chen swayed from side to side the war sword in hand, stirs one group yellow Xiugu the flesh, Aunt yellow Xiu the whole body trembles, rending, blood-curdling scream day after day. Said, didn't say?” Jiang Chen look cold severe, he does not care about this yellow Xiugu life, the life of dragonet, is not this slut can compare. „, Under this deep Hailong deep pool, unexpectedly appearing mixing world Demon King, interesting, is really interesting, gā gā gā.” A sinister smile, lets a Jiang Chen brow wrinkle, catches the eye to look, impressively is a white-haired fat old man, is pregnant exposed outside, the eye narrows a line, lamely walks. reckless three, your bastard who does not have the conscience, the old lady I soon died you to come.” Aunt yellow Xiu the silver tooth bites tightly, sore being sweating profusely. I, Hahaha, show paternal aunt, you perhaps, if from me, we had lived together affectionately, you how to go so far as to by this and other pain?” After reckless three, another skinny old man, the rickets the waist, the footsteps are leisurely, walks slowly. „The three big influences of deep Hailong deep pool? It seems like today was in attendance.”

The Jiang Chen look like the blade, draws a sword, yellow Xiugu a counter blood blowout, cannot fall to the ground directly, present two star main six heavy peak expert, it seems like also comes prepared. Really is the hero has the youngster. What a pity, little brat, this deep Hailong deep pool, how is not you wants how.” ** Flies cold snort/hum saying that in the eye filled proudly, although Jiang Chen caused heavy losses to yellow Xiugu, but in their eyes, as before nothing to be afraid. As Alliance Lord of wicked Renmeng, in the deep Hailong deep pool one of the three big influences leaders, he does not fear Jiang Chen. Now with enough time, otherwise, have not then blamed us brutally to start.” reckless three patted the belly, hides a dagger in a smile. Jiang Chen corner of the mouth slightly cold, turns the hand, is a sword, sewed yellow Xiugu on the ground directly, entered three chi (0.33 m), entered the meat three points! „Do you court death?” ** The Feiyu reckless three all excitedly discolorations, yellow Xiugu is almost the sore faint, because that fought the sword to insert in her marrow, appalling, was afraid. Dragonet, if half fine hair are damaged, I want all of you to be buried along with the dead!” The Jiang Chen's anger, burns to raise, his gaze, making one not dare to look straight ahead. At that time yellow Xiugu, is lives to might as well die.