Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4318

You are very rampant, what a pity, Big Yellow said that does not allow some people more rampant than us.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, in the look fighting intent was resounding, the strength of this person, compared with began the transport of the coffin or cinerary casket unreliably must stronger several points, moreover he was not the class/flow of profound beginning the transport of the coffin or cinerary casket, only met the choice passive defense, retreated in order to advance. exist(ence) of Azure Dragon mansion in one battalion most powerful as four government offices, the talent of disciple, is great powerful, to leap the mountain and Teng cloud the Brother Wu younger brother two people most outstanding, attracting much attention, was the Azure Dragon mansion won many praises and reputations. gā gā, does his him, Little Chen, the Azure Dragon mansion how, the father photo hits does not harm.” Big Yellow holds up the head saying that is stepping the measured steps, stands in the frontline, an appearance of provocation, stares is leaping the mountain. Tone is actually big, your several, cannot escape. The Azure Dragon mansion, forever is four mansion one battalion of boss, no one can substitute.” Leaps saying that the mountain disdains. Starting today, no longer yes.” Before Jiang Chen one step treads, with leaping mountain four eyes contact, at daggers drawn, is ready to be set off. Be careful, Teacher, this leaps the mountain and Teng Yunwu, may be Azure Dragon mansion true peak expert, it is said since making a debut, has not defeated.” Solemn one four mansion one battalions found white/in vain, therefore in her heart worry, after all the disparity between both sides is also too big, leaping mountain can/but is not Murong Tian bestows and even the class/flow of profound beginning the transport of the coffin or cinerary casket, once fights, a narrow escape. Little Chen kills genius specially, is not genius he has not killed.” Long Shisan shows a faint smile, no matter, he with Big Yellow incomparable trust Jiang Chen. From the past world of human beings, Immortal World, to Divine World, Jiang Chen led them to overcome one difficulty after another again, kills the enemy innumerably, has never had suffering defeat time. The eternal world, is no exception. Thinks oneself infallible, dies! The Azure Dragon mansion, is your despicable generations, can never stir up.”

Leaps the mountain to soar, flying leg vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, personal, but , the long jab Jiang Chen surface gate, attacks with heavy blows, beats savagely series, incurs a move of fatality, makes every effort to strike to kill! The method of leaping the mountain is extremely overbearing, star main sevenfold day peak, is not the common generation, fight, high under stands sentences, Jiang Chen differs four heavy day of realm with him, fights is quickly, galloping comes, murderous aura is steaming. The Jiang Chen sinking shoulder squatting knee, motionless as mountain, the palm grips tightly, with leaping the mountain to the bang, under Dragon Transformation, the bloodlines constantly strengthens directly, the body of queue, lets leap the mountain is quite surprised, the strength also increases unceasingly. A little meaning, what a pity, you must lose after all.” Leaping mountain double the fist is uneven, the easily accomplished, only strength steamroll, the potential wants exterminate Jiang Chen. True Dragon Great Handprint!” Jiang Chen breathes dignifiedly, under the Dragon Transformation in addition holds, the confrontation leaps the mountain, does not draw back, wells up crazily violently, is unceasing to the fist, fight of both sides also even more urgent, the life and death decisive battle, is in a precarious state. „To fight with me? Wishful thinking.” Leaps the mountain and Jiang Chen sincere relative, breaks through enemy lines, no one is willing to withdraw, a fist fights with the fists on the opposite party, bloodlines boiling, performing is fearless, but leaps the mountain strength to exceed Jiang Chen heavily four, is more impossible to retreat Half Step, the feeling of tearing among two people, to oppose each other with equal harshness, that type of flesh collides, looked one white and dragonet completely is fearful and apprehensive. Big brother was really fierce, when I can also like the big brother.” Dragonet tut tut expressed admiration, big brother’s strength, he was very clear, but both were so distanced, he can also be so quiet, strolling, simply after was unprecedented, did not have newcomer. Under Jiang Chen's Dragon Transformation, with leaping the mountain is almost equally matched, breaks through enemy lines, preying, both people want to drive the opposite party at risk of life to commit suicide.

Soaring leg!” Leaps the mountain to approach step by step, the leg law like the electricity, castrates fierce, just like with lightning speed thunderous general, drops from the clouds, power and influence terrifying extremely. „Do we want take action?” Solemn one somewhat is worried about Jiang Chen white/in vain, if at this time during they take action, will not make Jiang Chen continue to get sucked inevitably is passive. Little Chen does not want our take action, even/including Heiwang is not summoned by him, he wants to take to leap mountain training.” Big Yellow old god in saying, Little Chen will never hit without the weaponry of preparation, even Azure Dragon mansion how? looks at, Little Chen certainly leaping mountain fellow makes into the pig head.” Long Shisan eyes none glittering, Little Chen has not arrived at the radical eruption time, this war, but also was far from the conclusion. Perhaps the person of Azure Dragon mansion, in the , this leaps the mountain perhaps is just a vanguard, once they begin, the person of Azure Dragon mansion, will also turn out in full strength to move surely. Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique!” Jiang Chen stimulates to movement secret skill again, the technique of Soaring Dragon, under reverses Vault of Heaven, the strength increases unceasingly, again facing leaping the mountain, has the absolute advantage, both fight unceasingly, solely is that type of rushing flesh interlocks, the fight of crazy blasting open, has burnt everyone's fighting intent, Jiang Chen's is crazy, starting from this moment, Dragon Transformation and Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique dual displays, the strength not leaping the mountain is weaker, even still has had it. Between both, only then blood and meat to bumping, is stimulating the bloodlines of man boiling, Long Shisan and the others is Jiang Chen feels proud, was too strong, the only flesh and blood, to leaping the mountain formed the easily accomplished steamroll, compared with Long Shisan Way of the Battle Saint, is more fearful, wild of body of True Dragon, is more unscrupulous, leaps the mountain not to dare to offend completely directly its sharply, in the look even brings dodging, because the Jiang Chen's impulse was too too strong, each time the fist, each time the leg, lets him by the oppression, feeling that oneself body, some flesh have torn, Jiang Chen A fist, can be as good as the ten fists! Jiang Chen is powerful, starts to sprint crazily, leaping the mountain footsteps is disorderly, is pale, beforehand rampant is also nothing left, moves of hit, his danger is heavier, might have the life risk anytime, the fist hits on the body, just like hit general by the treasure hammer, will leap on the face of mountain, the cold sweat will brave.

Directs Dragon knack!” Leapt the mountain to angrily roar, the body had the huge change instantaneously, dragon qi engulf, the instantaneous imposing manner rose sharply. Suffers to death, the air/Qi of Soaring Dragon!” Leaps mountain impure air to spout, just like sharp sword. „Is such insignificant ability, worth mentioning?” Jiang Chen is sneering, slightly fearless, facing leaping mountain the air/Qi of Soaring Dragon, oneself waves, then strikes the powder the air/Qi of that Soaring Dragon, he is the body of True Dragon, endures compared with the eternal dragon, dragon marks all over the body, Dragon Soul is unparalleled, leaps the impact of mountain, in his opinion, is ordinary just like three -year-old child, unable to withstand a single blow. Is impossible!” Leaps the mountain complexion big change, unbelievable, Jiang Chen has actually bullied the body, but, three fist falling bodies, a fist strong a fist, leaps the body of mountain the same as throw to fly like the kite of broken line, heavily falls to the ground, looks deathly pale, these three fists, almost his five main internal organs (entrails), all shake the wound, own trump card directs Dragon knack, isn't able to shake him unexpectedly? Actually this fellow is what background.