Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4320

Leaps the mountain, although suffers defeat, but after all is star main sevenfold day expert, camel of skinny is big, under his leadership, eight big Azure Dragon mansion expert, is ordinary like the fierce tiger, but the rush , the Azure Dragon mansion is swollen with arrogance, wild incomparable, made Long Shisan and Big Yellow and the others all raised a 12 minute of dignity, prepared for the rival, was highly regarded. Big Yellow lowers is roaring, with leaping the mountain gathering came, to dash in one, charges, let leap the mountain unable to withstand the mountain painstakingly, the Jiang Chen's strength make him taste the suffering, this war confronted the Qilin mansion surplus people, he will definitely not show mercy, this dead dog clamored fiercest, must give him a lesson. Leaps the mountain to clench jaws, draws swords. „The mixing ball that Paternal grandmother, your is not concerned about face smelly, Master Dog I must look for the tooth that you hit today everywhere.” The Big Yellow figure is swift and violent, Thunderclap is extremely heavy, attempts to break through in all directions, leaps the mountain to fight more than ten times, the leaping mountain that every hits one time looks fierce, the whole body severe pain is incomparable, particularly his dog head, including own long blade, was drawn back by a secondary earthquake, this fellow just like a big shot, such big intensity, so the dog head, seriously is unequalled. Leaps the mountain by seven meat eight elements that Big Yellow hits, the complexion is pale, once beset with a crisis, is miserable beyond description. Has not helped me quickly!” Leaps the mountain to shout angrily, two star main six heavy day of Azure Dragon mansion expert turn around instantaneously, presses up to Big Yellow to come, by an enemy three, the Big Yellow's aspect, develops rapidly after a sudden turn, is exposing the fang unceasingly, batters, when three big expert hand in hand, had approached in Big Yellow the corner, the back old tree was hit by, rock disruption, Big Yellow footsteps extremely disorderly, but is still indomitable, although gets sucked passively, but fighting intent as before dominate the heaven. „To act unruly in front of my Azure Dragon mansion, you are unqualified.” Leaps mountain coldly snorted, both hands gets hold , the long blade enters, murderous aura is imposing. Dodges the revolutions to organize step by step, the blade edge is sharp, caused a big difficulty to Big Yellow, the most important thing is two star main six heavy days leaping the mountain provided the benefit that is inconceivable, let leap the mountain to be even more powerful ordinary, a three brave battle tiger, Big Yellow breathes dignifiedly, has the passive defense, retreats 30 steps.

Tiger does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, you work as the sickness cat with me, Master Dog I give on you today well a class.” Big Yellow changes, is baring the dog tooth, glares angrily, in an instant incarnation, that graceful, handsome compared with woman finer white clothing youngster, vividly on however, the hand grasps the purple gold spear/gun, points to leaps the mountain, both sides fight, continually promotes, Big Yellow had also used the skills, does not go all out, they will have the crisis. „The good handsome Bufan (extraordinary) youngster, does not know that you are the silver type wax spear head, good to look at but of no use, humph humph.” Leaps the mountain to sneer, fights to fight radically, making Big Yellow virtually impossible to guard against, but, he must use oneself strongest method. Suffers to death! The Azure Dragon mansion, no one can live is leaving here!” Big Yellow drinks one lowly, the spear/gun has Rulong (like a dragon), slaughters promotes again. Another side, Jiang Chen and war of Teng Yunwu, also already very anxious, the prestige of Heavenly Dragon Sword, releases completely, is equally matched with Teng Yunwu, the fights of two people are also most intense, who will be the winner, is the unknown number. Seven product Yuanbing overbearing, Teng Yunwu has never experienced, even if differs five heavy days with the Jiang Chen strength, he still does not dare to be negligent, Sword of No Realm and coordination of Heavenly Dragon Sword method, flawless, the Jiang Chen method completely executes, Teng Yunwu the suppression increases price unceasingly, but Jiang Chen calmly deals, among two people the sword sounds together, is getting more and more swift and violent, shocks more and more, making the person mind excited, warm-blooded boiling! Overbearing of Heavenly Dragon Sword, lets Jiang Chen incomparable gratified, full, this war, made his blood energy and domineering truly.

However is strong, Teng Yunwu as four mansion one battalion of first people, although without examination, but actually is almost recognized most exist(ence), star lord 8-layer day, such battle strength, even if places entire forest Guo, that is still peerless expert second to none. Teng Yunwu as the symbol of Azure Dragon mansion, the leader of younger generation, is naturally impossible to dread Jiang Chen. Liuyun knife skill!” Teng Yunwu the blade edge fights the revolutions, is ordinary just like Liuyun, is very sharp, incomparably quickly, looks like the cloud shadow that moves with the wind, air-splitting however , the gust of wind electricity, quick ordered, closed off Jiang Chen all march routes completely, facing Heavenly Dragon Sword unsurpassed overbearing, although Teng Yunwu startled is not chaotic, two people to bumping also even more strongly, Jiang Chen is relying on powerful of body of True Dragon, the Dragon Transformation perfect body and spirit, even if Heavenly Dragon Sword was unable to control completely, but that aggressive Ling Tianba said, even oneself must be more influential compared with Jiang Chen. The person governing sword, the sword governing person, Heavenly Dragon Sword has an independent consciousness, just initial Sword Soul, the thorough disintegration, present Heavenly Dragon Sword, brings the unprecedented sword embryo, casting, stemming from blue, but wins in blue, Jiang Chen must control completely, but also requires very long time. Fusion of Sword of No Realm, more perfect displays Sword Technique, the sword moves as one desires, the sword refers to shrill cry. The Liuyun knife skill is also Teng Yunwu the specialty, but Jiang Chen's Heavenly Dragon Sword is unapproachable, between two people showed the fiercest ability, the war of showdown, gets stronger and stronger! Teng Yunwu more hits the heart startled, the Jiang Chen's strength method, exceeded his imagination completely, this peak showdown, lets Big Yellow and Azure Dragon mansion and the others, filled worried! Black king already with Big Yellow and Long Shisan and the others, one after another however fights, the tactical situation is quite urgent, the Monster Beast army is the Jiang Chen last resort, in without the determination had confidence that will cut to kill the people of all Azure Dragon government offices, Jiang Chen will not use trump card, that will be he fights a decisive battle forest country final taking advantage, cannot leak out.

Black king by an enemy two, actually very relaxed, Long Shisan and Big Yellow also however, are only solemn one white/in vain with the dragonet, respectively to star main six heavy day of expert, very urgent, although the dragonet the strength is weak, but wins eternal in does not extinguish the resilience of body, is above others' imagination, but is solemn one white/in vain as the Qilin mansion young lady, is not has unearned reputation absolutely, this war becomes more and more complex, shocked more and more , without extra worries, Jiang Chen to confront Teng Yunwu, was can show completely the strength, does not need any hidden! Directs Dragon knack!” Teng Yunwu also displayed directed Dragon knack, but these time actually leaping the mountain was stronger, Teng Yunwu the body and spirit, had the enormous improvement, almost can compare favorably with his Dragon Transformation, such cultivation method, even Jiang Chen also had the type startled is the feeling of Celestial. This Teng Yunwu, compared with leaping mountain, on strong were too many are too many. Above Teng Yunwu the body, the blue vein sticks out suddenly, dragon qi fills the air, even is on par with Jiang Chen, although without his Dragon Transformation is fierce, is under being in inverse proportion, stretch/open Tianze the strength was restricted again, even if has Heavenly Dragon Sword in the hand, is hard to start. However this war, Jiang Chen wants to borrow potential breakthrough, under Teng Yunwu the heavy pressure, Jiang Chen fortifies at every step, wants to strive for victory steadily, is not a small matter.