Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4322

Leaps the mountain whole face with amazement, absent-minded, was selected to fly by a Big Yellow spear/gun, the whole person is throws flies to go, the protection that has no completely, a spear pierces leaves, is unable to be a worthy opponent, leaps the mountain to tumble, the complexion is pale, the blood spurts crazily. Is leaps the mountain incessantly, Teng Yunwu departure, the person who lets all Azure Dragon government offices was completely scared, they have not thought, Jiang Chen's strength such, destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth sword intent, will shake unexpectedly together unexpectedly directly kills Teng Yunwu who the star lord the 8-layer day, who can not shiver? That sword, was too strong, is unapproachable! No matter what no one is possible to hide, even if these people all are in ten thousand do not have genius extremely, however under Jiang Chen that sword, is still fearful and apprehensive, is panic at the news. The black king and Long Shisan connect take action, is ready, the following impact, making among person of immediately Azure Dragon mansion suffer defeat, is off their feet, is in a tight corner in boundless, because they have not been able slow god to come from the death of Azure Dragon mansion boss Teng Yunwu, particularly leaps the mountain, was repelled by Big Yellow one after another, hangs in the balance, he felt finally danger, feeling that he some types awakens quickly, the big brother...... has died! Jiang Chen does not look askance, looks indifferently, Teng Yunwu had lost life-force, but his hand reverse scale in eternal Dragon Race, actually still in the hand, own sword 27 adds on the prestige of Heavenly Dragon Sword again, cannot chop reverse scale of this dragon, it can be imagined, reverse scale of this dragon has how preciously, reverse scale of later Teng cloud the Wudu dragon is unable to escape death by a hair's breadth, but this piece of eternal Dragon Race reverse scale, was actually the complete preservation. Jiang Chen cautious takes up that piece of reverse scale, among immediately terrifying Dragon Prestige, the steamroll, but, even must swallow thoroughly general his soul. Good strange reverse scale!” Jiang Chen drinks one lowly, whole body Dragon Prestige clears away, a vigorous source strength release, just now stands firm this reverse scale gradually, but sends out Dragon Prestige that is woods is extremely cold, keeping Jiang Chen definitely from ascertaining, even own soul power, is unable to understand secret, what he is certain, this reverse scale absolutely not every thing, even looks like has to protect oneself consciousness to be the same, Jiang Chen is at wit's end with it radically. However Jiang Chen is very at heart clear, this piece of reverse scale very fearful, can anti- live in his Heavenly Dragon Sword, it endures compared with the inscription on stone tablet and bronze hardly, such reverse scale, is not ordinary. Master! Everyone captures completely, how to handle?” Black king Dichen was saying, leaps cloud for the total military defeat, his death is concerning everyone, the pillar gave way, they are also uninterested, the remaining people, are completely in a state of disunity, is almost captured instantaneously takes. Others don’t provoke me, I don’t provoke others, person, if violates me, I must ten times of hundred times of suspect it.” Jiang Chen look ice-cold, leaps the mountain they not to plan keeps the means of livelihood to him, this time, he will not show mercy.

kill without mercy!” The Jiang Chen's words, even/including Mu one felt white/in vain innermost feelings, Jiang Chen is ordinary just like the aloof and remote king, indifferent, brutal, and filled killing intent, with her usually heard teacher who sees, is completely different. That is she also not true understanding Jiang Chen. Treats the family member, Jiang Chen kisses/intimate compared with anybody, treats the personal enemy, he will also never show mercy, the person of set free Black Tortoise mansion, feeling emotion to be possible original, but the people of these Azure Dragon government offices actually want to exterminate them completely, he replies in kind. Not......” Does not want!” chī chī-- Hands have the sound that the sword falls, the blood splash, leaping mountain and the others is eyeful, but has not actually escaped the sword of black king, all falls from the sky. Paternal grandmother, this group of fellows should kill, the father was almost leapt the mountain to get rid of by this.” Big Yellow restored the yellow dog appearance again, assumes an air of self approbation, the incomparable excitement, ice-cold in look, filled murdering, does not kill people, will be killed, you are stronger than others, you can base in this brutal world. Human Race so, Immortal World so, Divine World so, eternal world, so. Black king, you may recognize, this golden scale?” Jiang Chen looked that asked to black king. Black king look one bright, expression becomes dignified, read this piece of reverse scale carefully, said: This indeed is eternal Dragon Race reverse scale, absolutely is supreme treasure, eternal Dragon Race always regards as important regarding reverse scale extremely, this piece of reverse scale, has the Bufan (extraordinary) origin surely, once were known by eternal Dragon Race, will pursue to return surely surely. Eternal Dragon Race expert, everyone life, only then piece of reverse scale, will regard, if the life is ordinary, it is said reverse scale is the eternal Dragon Race life, what kind of effect has specifically, I was unknown. In the past some people massacred eternal Dragon Race expert, captured reverse scale, was chased down for more than 300 years by eternal Dragon Race, the person of nine generations, thousand clans, by exterminate completely. reverse scale of dragon, shock eternal world.”

Jiang Chen deep is so, nods silently, received reverse scale quite, now he has not known that what use this eternal Dragon Race reverse scale has, but at least was a rare treasure, was his four mansion one battalion of big ratios rewards. Now four mansion one battalion of people, only have us.” Solemn white Chang breathes a sigh of relief, in the look is difficult to cover the happy expression, four mansion one battalion of expert, the death of dying, escaping of escaping, they beat everyone now, the Azure Dragon mansion, the Black Tortoise mansion, the White Tiger mansion, and Vermilion Bird camp, numerous expert, are no exception. gā gā gā, this group of fellows, fight with us, isn't that also courts death?” Big Yellow incomparably exciting saying, the look is blazing, fighting intent is soaring. I have also felt the breakthrough edge.” Long Shisan dignified say/way. I am also.” The dragonet is eager to try, in the eye rays of light glittering, this fights to all of them, is big breakthrough. That simply together breakthrough. After breakthrough, goes out again not lately.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. The people sit cross-legged to sit completely, the stable mind, condenses the source strength, started the cultivation, Jiang Chen was no exception, strength thorough stable in star main four heavy days, compared with initially, won three points.

The strength of dragonet, the progress is amazingly quick, has achieved the star to advocate the 3-layer day. But Big Yellow and Long Shisan, was the star main five heavy days, solemn white Geng was breakthrough the star main four heavy days, was difficult to cover the innermost feelings the joy. Beside small universe, four mansion one battalion of expert, are as for expert of Palace Master rank, is ready in full battle array, silently is waiting and seeing, now is only left over the Qilin mansion Jiang Chen and the others and Azure Dragon mansion expert has not appeared, small universe fighting of trapped/sleepy beast, had been near the end. It seems like this Jiang Chen was perhaps difficult to escape died, gā gā gā, no matter what his strength were strong, possibly was not our Azure Dragon mansion opponent.” Yes, leaps the Senior Brother strength, that is four mansion one battalions recognized, even the dark horse of Qilin mansion, absolutely is impossible to defeat him.” Waits, soon, was naturally clear.” You looked, some people came out!” Hahaha, is really Jiang Chen they, I said that leaping Senior Brother they certainly are the final winners.” Everyone's gaze condenses on Jiang Chen's, long-waited, incomparably focuses attention on. They will not come out again.” Jiang Chen indifferently said, above the instantaneous entire square, calls out in alarm rises from all directions.