Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4336

forest Tianlin is astonished, dies looks to her? What is this operates? forest Tianlin and white Bijiang quite have doubts, it seems like has Jiang Chen planned? Also asked the teacher to dispel doubt.” forest Tianlin impatient asking, after massacring the forest, throughout is his lifetime vainly hoped for, own mother, by this sinister deceitful Feathered Race evildoer/monstrous talent killing, doing to him is now weak, is painstakingly proofless, before had the movement slightly, almost killed Long Shisan, now everything is more careful. However he most thinks that new person, is the teacher, Jiang Chen is his only hope. „Since that forest, wants me dead, that might as well thwarted, making white Palace Master kill me, quite made her lose heart. The water is full , then overflows, the moon/month circle lacks, wants to ruin a person, definitely wants shilling its inflation. Show the enemy to weakly, as the matter stands, she will be more unscrupulous, we are also good clearly to cultivate the plank road, does something secretly.” Jiang Chen said. white Bijiang looked to the forest day Qilin, in the heart also filled puzzled, he was full of resenting to Jiang Chen freely, but after all above the true enemy of the nation hated greatly, his personal grudge , can only stand out of the way, now is related to the forest National Security danger, concerned the landscape state, the Human Race rise and fall, white Bijiang compared with anybody understands stake, Jiang Chen took Your Highness Crown Prince so the person of trust, had its reason inevitably, although his strength, in addition was inferior to itself, but has saying that Jiang Chen's was really four mansion one battalion of hundred years most splendid genius, did not have one. Even Your Highness Crown Prince favor about it, fully explained, his skill, Your Highness Crown Prince as the forest country crown prince, shoulders is greatly, even if Jiang Chen has the graciousness of help to him, if not for believes to Jiang Chen extremely, impossible to always follow to it, reveres for the teacher. appreciate further details.” white Bijiang looks again to Jiang Chen, has put aside the prejudice in heart, major issue of principle, he is unambiguous. Jiang Chen nods slightly, looks, white Bijiang is one generation is also outstanding. forest Tianlin and white Bijiang all wait, is anticipating the Jiang Chen following plan. I die, the Qilin mansion is angry, Palace Master comes accountability, four mansion one battalion of chaos, at that time, I think after the forest, certainly will have an action to perform, four mansion one battalions make use to attack, even after cannot the forest massacres, can still let her mind/square inch chaos surely, four mansion one battalions is a forest country final defense line, in recent years, after that Feathered Race monster, has not begun, on the one hand is Emperor that because closes up, on the other hand is because dreads four mansion one battalions, can mix four mansion one battalion of chaos truly, surely is her take action best time, but we thwart, push the boat along, help her one.. However wants to mix four mansion one battalion of internal fights of thoroughly, this person, only then Your Highness Crown Prince you have this skill.” Jiang Chen said, this is the best way that he so far thinks , after the forest, attacks repeatedly, safety strip, they, if continues to sit waiting for death, then only will be definitely getting more and more passive, initiates an attack would rather, provides for a rainy day, only then this can quickly better assurance time.

corner of the mouth of forest Tianlin look bright, white Bijiang also gradually curled upwards, this Jiang Chen, but also is really an intriguer, Your Highness Crown Prince trusts him, is not unreasonable. This plan simply was too wonderful! Teacher, you simply are genius. Hahaha, four mansion one battalions, if can contend with it, then can harvest the enormous success surely, now after that monster, dreaded only, is four mansion one battalions, if we internal strife, she will definitely seize the time, causes heavy losses. My this looks for the lords of other mansion camps.” This idea is wonderful!” White Bijiang also nods unceasingly, quite approves to the Jiang Chen's plan. Perhaps last war, must throw off the entire White Tiger mansion.” Jiang Chen shows a faint smile. White Bijiang corner of the mouth twitched slightly, this has been his for many years painstaking care. „!” white Bijiang clenches teeth saying that does not tear down the White Tiger mansion, how after can let that monster, trusts? watch this move, I will not show mercy.” White Bijiang look one cold, the capital crime may exempt the suffering to be difficult to escape, this war , he although will not really massacre Jiang Chen, but he must divulge innermost feelings inevitably the anger. Rumble--

With Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering the sound of howling, the leaning hall of White Tiger mansion also threw off thoroughly, the dust flies upwards, is in chaotic situation, the rubble flies horizontally. Broke off conversation?” Even Your Highness Crown Prince, was perhaps impossible to rescue Jiang Chen.” Yes, with the Palace Master violent temper, will cut to kill the Jiang Chen this unable to differentiate good from bad thing inevitably, revenges for the disciple who my White Tiger mansion died, is the White Tiger mansion rectifies names.” humph humph, this called to have only self to blame, who made him not know the immensity of heaven and earth, dares to come to rush to my White Tiger mansion hardly, ate the bear heart leopard guts.” Oh, kills the enemy 1000 to damage 800, our White Tiger mansion these broke down time thoroughly.” The innumerable White Tiger mansion disciple, cannot bear hate bitterly, this time the war, makes the White Tiger mansion be razed to the ground thoroughly, although Jiang Chen retreats in defeat again and again, hangs in the balance, but their including the family did not have, hates to the marrow of the bones about Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen, this Seat will certainly you frustrate the bone to raise the ash today, beheads to expose to the public!” The white Bijiang method is turbulent, the imposing manner does not reduce, among two people the war, exploded again put on the White Tiger mansion, making the White Tiger mansion disciples suffocate, although Jiang Chen was rampant, was in front of Palace Master, after all was impossible regardless of the law and of natural morality. When Jiang Chen and black king jointly, under the suppression in white Bijiang, situation even more difficult. This old bastard, played using one's office to redress personal grievances with me unexpectedly.” In the Jiang Chen heart thinks, clenches teeth to insist, compared with before, even goes beyond.

However Jiang Chen is actually methodical, although pressure big extremely, but also makes his strength increase unceasingly, as the matter stands to his breakthrough, has the enormous advantage. Fight between white Bijiang and Jiang Chen , looked disciples like a raging fire, heart alarmed, trembling in fear, Big Yellow and Long Shisan also look at each other in blank dismay, it seems like Little Chen these planned that slaughtered time with the White Tiger mansion. White Palace Master, shows mercy!” forest Tianlin the complexion gloomy like the water, the sinking sound shouted. Dies!” A white Bijiang palm makes, center the Jiang Chen's chest, a counter blood blowout, Jiang Chen is such as the kite of broken line is also ordinary, radical fluttering goes, aura, was weak to extreme. Not-- Long Shisan and Big Yellow almost exclaiming with one voice, eye of zi wants to crack, Jiang Chen cannot resist white Bijiang that palm unexpectedly, his being defeated is without a doubt, but no one has thought, white Bijiang is so unexpectedly cut-throat, a move of system enemy, murderous aura everywhere! Among immediately, even/including Lintian the Qilin is also in same place, a filled with grief color of face. Violates my White Tiger mansion, kill without mercy!” If the white Bijiang eye the bronze bell, is hands tied and vertical, the eye looks at Shiragawa, bristles with anger!