Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4387

Next day at dusk, the final two people, gold/metal Xiaoxiao and side multi-talented person go out of the Xuan Zhong cliff slowly, arouses one to cheer intermittently. side Tong!” side Tong!” Cheers continuously, resound through above the Xuan Zhong cliff, passes can become golden Dragon Race Commander, is the prestige is, name will follow reality, gold/metal Xiaoxiao is also not as good. Side Commander, compared with these good to look at but of no use worthless fellows, Hahaha.” Silver type wax spear head aunt, vulgar, can it be that you also really think that fellow can become our gold Dragon Race proud?” Said is also, did not fear that cannot judge the quality of goods feared goods compared with goods, now looks like, only Commander most is worth trusting in the right way.” The Dragon Race juniors completely all are the opposite party pass give the thumbs-up, in golden Dragon Race, his position is without a doubt. Your highness, now you should understand, who was that can protect your person? In the future if there is awkwardness, he is at all impossible to keep out wind and rain for you, even 9-level dragon veins how? In the end, even the pressure of Xuan Zhong cliff cannot shoulder, this Commander also really woulds not venture to give positive comments on, Hahaha.” The side passes the whole face to be arrogant, look indifferently said, in Dragon Race, he can lift up the person of flag truly, others are just the trash, no one can fight with it, even 9-level dragon veins Jiang Chen, still just appears briefly, he position in Dragon Race, that is depends on oneself ability to hit. gold/metal Xiaoxiao the complexion is indifferent, no one will remember second, she missed side Tong to plan after all, Jiang Chen was ending carelessly, left the Xuan Zhong cliff, let her is also unusual being startled, properly speaking Jiang Chen should not so, be able to compete for the high under person with side Tong hopefully, was he. Now said that these also somewhat last still early, when you attained the position to say in the rank contest again.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao turns around to go. However side Tong does not care, present he, is in Dragon Race the prettiest young! Enjoys is cheering and supporting, passes gaze gloomy and cold, in the heart mutters: Does intentionally aloof from worldly affairs, Humph! one day, I will make you shout in my crotch.” side Tong not lets people down, lets a gold/metal cypress is also holds in high esteem to him, although Jiang Chen attained first ten under the Xuan Zhong cliff, but also is only tenth, was he is too high on the hope that Jiang Chen placed?

In gold/metal Bai heart somewhat sighed, 9-level dragon veins no doubt talent Zhuoqun, but Jiang Chen, if insufficient effort, will vanish however the people, has the advantageous talent, but he actually did not understand to treasure, that may no wonder anybody. gold/metal Xiaoxiao arrived at the Jiang Chen's residence, during he is practicing. Left the Xuan Zhong cliff early, and all alone far away from the noise, you will hide actually quietly.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao said with a smile. First with tenth has not distinguished, why I must receive that vexation there. So long as were been good the quota of rank contest, who can laugh last, who is smiles best.” Jiang Chen indifferently said. gold/metal Xiaoxiao a brow wrinkle, said: „Did side pass them to your take action?” Is, but these people lifted the stone to pound oneself foot, had been kicked to be eliminated by me.” A Jiang Chen face indifferent expression. I know, this fellow will not give up absolutely!” gold/metal Xiaoxiao has the apology, if because, Jiang Chen will not receive problem-making that the side passes repeatedly. Cannot blame you completely, perhaps 9-level dragon veins, has made him dread, feared that I snatched his crest of wave in Dragon Race.” Jiang Chen naturally knows that this side Tong is not the fuel-efficient lamp, when is not does not report the time not to arrive, waited till the rank contest, if there is an opportunity to massacre side Tong, he will not be softhearted. This side Tong, I want him to be attractive sooner or later.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao wicked say/way.

You prepare, Jiang Chen. The day after tomorrow the Royal Father will lead us to go to Gaoyang mountain range, four big Dragon Race the place of gathering together there, moreover Earth Dragon ancient Yuan that side Gaoyang mountain range, is united a hand by four big Dragon Race.” Knew, many thanks.” ............ Gaoyang mountain range, situated in Ancient Dragon star center west, above continuous endless mountain range, the rivers, the glacier, the green space, has everything expected to find. Moreover above the Ancient Dragon star, many Monster Beast almost is the Dragon Race descendant, more or less brings some Dragon Race bloodlines, after all here is the world of dragon, only then minority Monster Beast are self-contained, but underwent tens of thousands of year of transformations, Monster Beast that can live, was enough tenacious. mountain range surrounding Junfeng strange Xian, was full of the situation became, dangerous mountain peaks, reached to the sky, spread all over. Arrived!” Gold/Metal Bai deep inspires, five hundred years ago, their gold Dragon Race, only then a person entered the rank contest, Earth Dragon ancient Yuan the road of cultivation, is unattainable regarding their gold Dragon Race. This time, I will not lose absolutely again.” side Tong is the whole face is also dignified, in the past his strength cultivation base, in addition only then star sovereign four heavy day of initial stage, have not entered first ten, but this time, before he takes snow absolutely shame, even if cannot top, must become the pride of golden Dragon Race surely. Here is Earth Domain is really vast, the source air/Qi is lush.” The Jiang Chen nod said that the legend place of dragon plate tiger secluding, fears mediocre. Here is the entire Ancient Dragon star source air/Qi richest place, it is said billion years ago, to compete for here, four big Dragon Race ancestors, once hit take action greatly, but establishes the agreement finally, decides as the place of trial here, and in supplies four big Dragon Race genius the institute of cultivation, everyone can not visit.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao complexion Yan Jun (severe) said. Jiang Chen nods, does not dare to neglect, it seems like above the Ancient Dragon star, pouring also has many secrets. A gold/metal cypress leads two golden Dragon Race elders, as well as ten Dragon Race genius, are confident, under ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) platform toward mountain range, the dive goes.

Welcomed Patriarch!” Four old men of coming, the whole face belt/bring smile, nods to a gold/metal cypress submissively, saw golden Dragon Race comes the person, the nature is joyful. Four Great Elder strengths in the star sovereign six heavy days, are all strong, as here protector, is protecting Earth Dragon ancient Yuan, takes care of respectively. Every 500 years is Samsara, after this rank contest, they can go home, trades in other clan the elder to replace.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao said to Jiang Chen in a low voice. No wonder, very powerful strength.” In Jiang Chen heart surprised, four big Dragon Race background, it seems like quite fierce, solely is these four star sovereign six heavy day of expert, made one feel the enormous constriction. Hahaha, all elders, good work, after the rank fought, after returning to Dragon Race, I gave a welcoming dinner for your reception.” Gold/Metal cypress whole face gratified saying, these protectors, may be their Dragon Race the feudal officials of humerus. Many thanks Patriarch.” Four Great Elder look the happy expression, is impatient to get back. Hahaha, 500 years does not see, gold/metal clan Changfeng picks as before.” Eats delicacies the sound to get up crazily, ear-splitting, reverberates in the mountains, but at this moment, complexion of gold/metal cypress is also becomes serious, even some are not good look.