Dragon Marked War God - Volume 48 - Chapter 4609
What kind of, words that now admits defeat, perhaps I can also keep your entire corpse, gives you a dignified cause of death.”

similar Tai looks straight ahead Jiang Chen saying that does not kill him, how unemotional anger? Also dares to provoke including own woman, living is impatient, hawk can only be own woman! Custom that I have not admitted defeat, since is concocting pills, I realized, should belong to me?” Jiang Chen said. Hahaha! Belongs to you, all turns over to you, if practices inadequately, your life, but was my.” similar Tai smile ice-cold. Good, Second Young Master has these words, I felt relieved.” Jiang Chen nods, a very assured appearance, but more people disdain, is not only similar Tai, many people snort contemptuously to the Jiang Chen's idea, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill that the star level can refine, you really think can oneself refine? Your this is with the life in the gambling. This Second Young Master is really somewhat excessive, the clearly knows Jiang Chen Commander strength simply has not reached the star level, but also causes medicine pill that star level expert can refine, isn't this intentionally makes things hard for somebody?” You said right, but also really intentionally made things hard for somebody, you had not looked that similar Tai was wants to kill Jiang Chen Commander? Takes action with just reasons, although he kills people such as flax, is eccentric and unreasonable, but impossible big crowd of people to slaughter innocents, therefore he must find an appropriate excuse, even if with a wish to incriminate.”

Yeah, you said that whom Jiang Chen Commander offends is not good, fine crime god of plague. Although I also very admire his, but wants refine to have seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, he does not raise glass such condition.” First had a look to say again, Jiang Chen can cure so many who had the fire cold poison, was not easy with it generation, he can so calm, perhaps also really confident.” A medical skill showdown, after similar Tai appears, just like turned into a life and death showdown, becomes , then achieves both fame and fortune, the defeat hangs in the balance, such exciting to gambling, many people surge upward warmly, Jiang Chen after all is external Monk, supports his person, were not many, in addition similar Tai appears, the death of Jiang Chen, has almost been a foregone conclusion. Starts.” Hou Zhenshan looks to Jiang Chen, he has secured the victory today. This is concocting pills medicinal ingredients, you only have opportunity a time.” similar Tai all gave Jiang Chen with concocting pills medicinal ingredients pill recipe with Hou Zhenshan, in a flash, Jiang Chen and Hou Zhenshan the complexion becomes serious, regarding Alchemist, precious pill recipe, is not the common value can compare favorably by far, in the Jiang Chen heart is overjoyed, this pill recipe succeeded in obtaining finally, if today can refine successful these seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, is double happiness descend on the house, although he could not have used now, but the critical moment can certainly play the important role, waited for his breakthrough the star level, that on was true carp fish dive Dragon Gate. Many people wait to look at the Jiang Chen joke, similar Tai is most obvious, because he only wants to kill Jiang Chen. Hou Zhenshan start without hesitation concocting pills, offered a sacrifice to three flower cauldron furnaces, after studying pill recipe, started to refine, put in medicinal ingredients the cauldron furnace, although was the first refinement, but that having words at fingertips and writing with facility adeptness, made one have to admire, after all was everyone's respectful Sir Divine Doctor, this concocting pills method, was moving clouds and flowing water is it may be said that ordinary, stirs up the person of observing, surprised, clapped to exclaim over.

The name of Divine Doctor, worthily its status! similar Tai is also well satisfied, sees Hou Zhenshan such strolling, the Jiang Chen's losing battle, does not have to reverse, this fellow overestimate one's capabilities, that will make him be never reincarnated. Jiang Chen has not begun, many people snort contemptuously, it seems like under forcing of safe young master, had been scared thoroughly, at all not concocting pills, moreover by his strength, is impossible to realize seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill! Sees not to have, but also without starting, has shown one's ignorance?” This person I sees were many, puts on airs, thinks that a little skill can the running amuck world, safe young master with Sir Divine Doctor, give his on ruthlessly now a class.” Yeah, now at this time, any method of being opportunistic, no matter used, refining seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill is lowest also the star level, from the strength, Jiang Chen had lost only, this is a showdown of no suspense.” That may not necessarily, the competition less than at the last minute, who not know that their two who can laugh last.” Many Jiang Chen original supporters, started to vacillate, others have refined most probably, your has not begun, wasn't this manifestation of admitting defeat? Because they concluded that Jiang Chen simply does not dare to begin, once begins to refine, oneself incompetent side didn't reveal the secret? However even if not begin, similar Tai can let off him? Facing the sounds of these questions, Jiang Chen turns a deaf ear, no one can disrupt his state of mind, he is seeking for the pill recipe turning point, because only then an opportunity, therefore he must refine the perfect condition this medicine pill, wants to win Hou Zhenshan, Jiang Chen cannot treat it lightly, this fellow is self-confident, is in cahoots with similar Tai, Jiang Chen must by the plan ten thousand versatile person lines.

Time one minute/share one second passed, That side Hou Zhenshan has started gradually to condense pill success, the half day time, Jiang Chen has been looking, has been studying, did not call has amazed the world with a single brilliant feat! He must do, must be perfect day by day. Without the skill, actually is also bent on having arrogantly, causes trouble everywhere, who you do not die dead.” similar Taihuan chest stands, sneers was saying, is proud extremely arrogantly did not have the real skill, this person gets what one deserves under glare of the public eye disgraceful, at the present, he not only need lose face, but must lose the life. Hou Zhenshan looked at Jiang Chen one with the split vision, in the heart relaxed, this fellow has not started to refine now, has basically been able to determine that he was impossible to refine seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, this he can definitely firmly grasp the prestige of oneself Divine Doctor time, wanted to shake own position, did not have a look at you to have several jin (0.5 kg) several two. After undergoing the research of half day, in the Jiang Chen's heart suddenly sees the light finally, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, need to pass through seven revolutions to be able as the name suggests to achieve medicine pill peak, 77 medicinal ingredients are very precious, moreover is rare, in Jiang Chen heart very happy, this similar Tai is delivers to warm simply, gives in vain medicinal ingredients, gives in vain pill recipe, haven't oneself taken everything? Starts.” Jiang Chen muttered was saying, offered a sacrifice to Myriad Things Source Qi to decide, flash Five Elements Divine Fire ascended, the audience with amazement, five types of wrapped in a shroud of obscurity heaven and earth different fires, making the surrounding temperature rise suddenly, particularly Hou Zhenshan, the complexion immediately big change, the whole body trembled, pupil tight shrinking together, five types of heaven and earth different fires, made him feel that the heart trembled, this fellow what origin, can actually have five types of heaven and earth different fires with one, wasn't this courts death?