Dragon Marked War God - Volume 48 - Chapter 4611
Perhaps seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill of ten marks, this medicine pill value, will raise wind and cloud in the entire revelation Milky Way city.

In similar Tai look was full of the color of coveting, killing Jiang Chen now instead is next, this medicine pill to his seduction was really big. Everyone is not silly, ten mark medicine pill mean anything, they were clear compared with anyone, this time, Hou Zhenshan should be collapsing completely that loses, no leeway of hitting back, in front of Jiang Chen, his so-called Sir Divine Doctor, is similar to the body to be equally ashamed. Won! Hahaha, river Commander won! Haha!” king big thousand laughs was saying, took the lead to break the peace of god Hou Residence, at this time, everyone raised one, they know, new Divine Doctor, was born, the appearances of ten mark medicine pill, let everyone are startled are Celestial, the Jiang Chen's strength, no one questioned. „Wasn't this lifts the stone to pound own foot? Others Jiang Chen admitted defeat, perhaps does not want to make too ugly, after all is the senior who Sir Divine Doctor loses, but must compel others to go to the ratio, hit the face? Hahaha.” Jiang Chen Divine Doctor, will become the pride of my revelation Milky Way city in the future surely!” Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen!” The mountain cry out and sea howl sound, erupts from the throats of king big thousand and the others, the feeling that fervor rushes, making similar Tai and the others very uncomfortable, Hou Zhenshan was the face was greener, today, is his academic honor collapses completely. The old king abdicates, the new king ascends the throne! No one dares to question Jiang Chen again, so long as there is a strength to be able everyone's respect, expert is to revere, will never be obsolete. Does not know that I can walk now? Second Young Master?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile, similar Tai coldly snorted, looked at medicine pill in Jiang Chen hand. Walks, medicine pill stays behind.” „Before Second Young Master, pledged personally, if I refine medicine pill, then turned over to me? Now also wants? Baffling Second Young Master wants to renege on a promise?” Jiang Chen calm saying, presents so many people able for oneself to testify, this medicine pill he will be will not give similar in any event safe. similar Tai complexion is even more ugly, own words, do not give him completely any face, his two City Lord Young Master, is seems very passive, before wanted to massacre own words, was one cannot say. It seems like Second Young Master is also the person of doing what has said that I first walked one step. Sir Divine Doctor, said goodbye.” Jiang Chen left god Hou Residence in an unhurried manner, at that moment similar Tai is gripping tightly the fist, wishes one could to be cut to pieces Jiang Chen. Waste.” similar Tai coldy looked at Hou Zhenshan one eyes, Hou Zhenshan the whole face is bitter and astringent, what means I have, the father was also killed, do you go flat to be useful with me? Hou Zhenshan hatred looks at Jiang Chen to depart the back that this bastard, one day must ask for sooner or later this tent/account! The name of Jiang Chen, in the entire revelation Milky Way city, disappears without a trace, Commander that the outer city knight rolls, in inner city vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered domineering, Sir Divine Doctor candidly admit defeat, sees sufficiently, his position, rose instantaneously much, can be on par with Sir Divine Doctor, then many people are at least willing to become friends with, particularly Alchemist, Jiang Chen leaves by concocting pills wins, prominence.

After returning to the outer city, Jiang Chen also very calm, he can do now only, is hurries to enhance the strength, only then enhanced the influence, oneself can self-confident, was insufficient to be under the control of others. similar Tai blamed itself twice, the next time, Jiang Chen does not know that also had such luck, why must first make clear this fellow to in view of oneself . Moreover the strength status of this person was can not hold a candle, cannot know oneself and other side, he may be planned by the opposite party anytime again. The hammering also needs itself hardly, if oneself always hesitate, will then be eliminated, was not accommodated by this world, so many people want to massacre itself, he cannot treat it lightly. After Jiang Chen returned to the revelation knight to roll, starts wholeheartedly to study five to bond pill, he now is the Half Step star level, so long as refined five to bond pill, then can breakthrough, this confidence Jiang Chen have at one fell swoop, moreover seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill in hand , he once breakthrough, were the qualitative change of carp fish dive Dragon Gate. In the revelation knight group, raised at this time one after another, more and more news feed in the revelation knight group, the name of Jiang Chen, starts to be all the rage the entire knight group. You heard, before river Commander, enters in the inner city, but raised big disturbance.” What matter? Mentioned listens!” Side had many revelation knights to collect. „Don't this you know? Jiang Chen Commander was more than 700 years ago a group of knights rolls the retired veteran to cure the stubborn illness fire cold poison, making the innumerable veterans salute, that and other magnificent scenes, sounded my warm-blooded boiling.” Yeah, I told you, most splendid was also not limited to this, Jiang Chen Commander unexpectedly Sir Divine Doctor inner city extinguishing.” What? How is so possible? In the inner city hearsay first under heaven Sir Divine Doctor, Hou Zhenshan?”

Right! Two people in competing with the concocting pills process, that so-called Sir Divine Doctor, lost collapsing completely, gā gā gā.” I drop obediently! I may hear that Sir Divine Doctor, but expert of star level, even he defeated in the hand of Jiang Chen Commander, this also too unthinkable?” The sounds of innumerable calling out in alarm, lingering on faintly, Jiang Chen that glory returns, becomes their heart in the eye hero once again, regarding more revelation knights, beating Sir Divine Doctor perhaps is not anything, hit truly their saved hundreds of retired veterans, that was most gratifying, the fire cold poison, making the revelation knight group be panic at the news, the gentleman of meritorious service but Jiang Chen Commander, they trusted, unexpectedly the veteran who helped the innumerable revelation knights roll, received in exchange a new life. The retired veteran who the revelation knight rolls, the trespasser of fire cold poison, would spreading them unable to bear the pain suffers choice the news of this remaining years, but Jiang Chen let these retired veterans, feels the hope of life, this was the revelation knight, matter that most cared about. A Jiang Chen war becomes famous, however is actually has special significance regarding the revelation knight, the people of these medium baking temperature cold poisons, are the nightmares of revelation knight, now the nightmare solves, they become fearless. The name of Jiang Chen, becomes exist(ence) that they hound, the revelation knight rolls never pursues star, because they are revelation star most dazzling exist(ence), but Jiang Chen is in their these stars most dazzling rays of light. stretch/open Tiance knows after this news, indignation even more, must remove this fellow as soon as possible, the Commander rank war, is the Jiang Chen's time of death, whatever otherwise it develops, then he will be unable to take a single step forward.