Dragon Marked War God - Volume 48 - Chapter 4612
Now this Jiang Chen contributes to the distinguished merit repeatedly, in glory and position that in the revelation knight group establishes, has started to be on par his assistant regimental commander, merit tall Zhenzhu, is not a good deed, therefore puts to death Jiang Chen, imperative, if oneself do not begin, this fellow also meets sooner or later instead, stretch/open Tiance can see this fellow's hatred to oneself profound marrow from the Jiang Chen's look.

But Jiang Chen entered the cultivation condition, because he wants concocting pills, five bonded pill's medicinal ingredients the collection to be uneven, oneself do not dare to have delaying of moment, the opportunity, only then one time, must grasp well. Jiang Chen studied diligently carefully, five bond pill's refinement method, has known extremely well In the heart, now is that extracts fifth medicinal ingredients the time, no root is colored! According to Hou Zhenshan said, no root flower section saves in the world, needs not to have vine to be able with the potable well-water teacher, moreover appears briefly, therefore he must seize this opportunity, is fleeting, oneself may be possible to waste all previous efforts. Five bond pill, eliminates the breakthrough Five Elements barrier as the name suggests, can make the promotion open access, regarding Jiang Chen, this is the breakthrough turning point. Common person, even if talent peerlessness, in the Half Step star level and star levels breakthrough transformation, does not have 500 years , is impossible to complete, but Jiang Chen depends upon five to bond pill, the change, changes the course of events sufficiently. Five bond pill to be divided without the wind of root, replaces by Eternal Immortal Wind, no root fire, replaces by Five Elements Divine Fire, no vine potable well-water in the hand, the success or failure has then depended on this. Jiang Chen potable well-water irrigation above not having vine, no vine who withered in this moment sending out slowly aura of life, starts to extract the branch, starts becomes green, almost in ten breaths, above the branch, grew snow white flowers, the tender and beautiful desire dropped, too beautiful to behold. Became! This is no root is colored!” Jiang Chen deeply inspires, does not dare to have slight neglecting, hurries to start to refine medicine pill. Does not have a wind, is the saying gold/metal, the wind gold metallurgy ; Not having vine is the saying wood ; The potable well-water is the saying water ; Five Elements Divine Fire, is the saying fire ; No root flower is the saying earth, dissipates in a flash, fallen to become Ninian makes the dust.

in of gold/metal, wood, water, fire and earth gathering, five bond air-splitting, side pill success medicine! Five bond pill to be seemingly simple, but actually gathered these five types of extremely uncome-at-able valuable rarities, if not Jiang Chen has by chance the two thing of institute needing, five bond pill congealing pill, perhaps Jiang Chen could not wait. Jin Kemu, wooden to become fire, the hot gold metallurgy, gold/metal water, the water commits suicide! The invisible circulation, Jiang Chen's concocting pills is very anxious, is very careful. He does not want to waste all previous efforts, now can make his strength promote rapidly, be only five bonded pill! His very clear star level this threshold means anything, so many Half Step star levels, but can the breakthrough person, actually be few, in ten thousand does not have one to be beyond description, but the source air/Qi that the Jiang Chen cultivation needs are more than others ten times, when therefore he is hard to imagine itself to be able radically breakthrough. But five bond pill, is his hope! Jiang Chen refined innumerable medicine pill, even before is, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill that refines, without is so difficult, the gold/metal, wood, water, fire and earth promote and constrain mutually, any point happens the least bit issue, will cause five to bond pill to refine the failure, promoting and constraining mutually is most difficult one step, needing the earnest money, wood, water, fire and earth achieve a balance point, can gradually form to Five Elements breakthrough, five bond pill to have this birth. Jiang Chen attempts, wish makes gold/metal, wood, water, fire and earth achieve the perfect balance, is difficult. The wind does not have, just like clouds Wu Chang (impermanence), is unable to ascertain, fire invisible, just like water Wu Ying (traceless), any point slight defect, might cause five to bond pill's failure. Five Elements promote and constrain mutually over a hundred times, the mutual connection, the mutual fusion, Jiang Chen finally achieved a perfect balance point Five Elements, the Jiang Chen fee/spent completely the tremendous strength, he himself does not know how long experienced, completed this medicine pill fusion, but this merely is only the fusion, from pill success, but also has a big distance, the Jiang Chen within the body enough source air/Qi reserve, he cannot shoulder the concocting pills process of so difficult consumption source air/Qi.

These five bond pill to be the same to seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, at all is not the person under star level can refine casually, Jiang Chen belongs is heaven defying, but is. However but heaven defying for the matter, Jiang Chen has done are many, does not succeed then dies for a righteous cause, he does not have choice, marching forward courageously is his only choice. Five Elements promotes and constrains mutually, formed the present medicine pill gathering, made a connection in within the body gold/metal, wood, water, fire and earth established Five Elements, can breakthrough. In an instant, several days have crossed, Jiang Chen finally is exhausted, but five bonded pill to form life and death circulations at this time, finally fused Five Elements completely, chaos color medicine pill, gradually formed in Myriad Things Source Qi Cauldron. Jiang Chen put out impure air slowly, the complexion also very ugly, but does not lose own anticipation after all, five bond pill, finally realized, moreover is ten mark medicine pill! Jiang Chen pursue is perfect, above medicine pill so, not being able to allow the least bit to be careless, since must do, insight that must make. Five bond pill regarding Jiang Chen, was extremely important, this is the determination of his breakthrough star level! Once breakthrough the star level, that is the sea extravagant depending on the fish dive, day high Ren Niaofei, he can free ballooning in the entire eternal world, the star level be able to pass through in the starry skies when the time comes, but disregards the pressure and attraction between stars, so long as reaches the star level, can leap in the star territories, this is countless person yearn for something even in one's dreams, interstellar wanderer lowest threshold, is the star level. However at this time, in the Jiang Chen's mind remembered the words of black king. Master, left Samsara has waited for you to be very long, the Commander rank war, must start immediately.” Good, I knew.”

When Jiang Chen from closing up, left Samsara had then waited there for some time in his residence. When, you were still practicing, on the Commander rank warhorse must start, you do not worry actually.” Left Samsara looked at Jiang Chen one, shakes the head to say. Because I know, could not eat the hot tofu impatiently.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. Your this closes up is engrossed in reading sacred books and oblivious to what happening in the world, outside world may be stirred Heaven and Earth turning upside down by you, I have not thought that you went to the inner city unexpectedly selecting Hou Zhenshan that fellow, you also really made me hold in high esteem.” Very left Samsara also admires looked at Jiang Chen one, although is Jiang Chen is only Commander, but left Samsara knows that this fellow will definitely soar in the future, present he has started to show talent for the first time, Hou Zhenshan is an example, so-called Sir Divine Doctor, unable to withstand a single blow in front of Jiang Chen's, loses to Commander that the revelation knight rolled finally, this matter in noisy that the revelation Milky Way city passes on.