Emperor's Domination - Volume 29 - Chapter 2877
However, this looks like the fire of ordinary flame spurts on fire God Crow, all fire God Crow pitiful yell sounds come all of a sudden, a a pitiful yell resounds, all fire God Crow were fired the flying ash. „It is not good to see fire God Crow that surely the own pains raise had been fired the flying ash all of a sudden, Pegasus arrow god big shout. However, was late in this quarter all, spark splashed on the body of Pegasus arrow god, heard „” a resonate sound, in this in an instant, his whole body caught fire all of a sudden. Extinguishing sees the own whole body to catch fire, from the beginning, Pegasus arrow god also not startled, the hand pinches the god Secret Art, frozen all living things, wants to extinguish flames, but, does not help matters, hears Tzzzzzzzzz the sound resounds, sees only all incorruptible instantaneously. Ah! at this time, the Pegasus arrow god called out pitifully, because the flame burnt into his body all of a sudden, that feared that his whole body blood energy was boundless, the formidable incomparable strength suppression, still could not suppress the flame of this burning down. The Pegasus arrow god swayed back and forth on the ground, but the fire intensity still does not reduce, the pain is incomparable, called out pitifully. Runs, runs quickly, has the opportunity to throw off it on exceed.” Li Qiye smiled, said to the Pegasus arrow god who everywhere sways back and forth leisurely. Heard the Li Qiye's words, the Pegasus arrow god flushed all of a sudden, took to one's heels runs, heard „” a resonate sound, his flame all of a sudden small and weak many. At this moment, the Pegasus arrow god has put forth immediately fully, has used the strength of nursing, scatters the foot to run, runs away to go to the horizon, looks from afar that saw only the Pegasus arrow god to tow the long flame to pass over gently and swiftly sky, moreover this flame was burning behind his buttocks, looked like resembles on his buttocks to torch, delivered to the horizon to be the same him all of a sudden. When Pegasus arrow god Yang Chengli disappears in the horizon, is not only Zhao Qiushi they, is the disciples of Pegasus clan looks dumbfoundedly, their leaders are Ten Million Eras Immortal True God, the strength are dreadful, now so distressedly runs away to go unexpectedly, if not see with one's own eyes this, cannot believe that this is real. With great difficulty, the disciples of Pegasus clan recover, complexion deathly white, one after another retroceded several steps, immediately has gotten hold of the long bow in own hand, has made the gesture of defensive battle. Li Qiye looked at their one eyes, said lightly: Go away, forgives your life today, next time dares to come again, kill without mercy.” The disciples of Pegasus clan hear this saying, in case pardons, immediately turns around to walk, does not dare to stay for a long time. Comes back.” Just walked in the disciples of Pegasus clan, the Li Qiye light sound resounds, this makes their bodies immediately one stiff, does not dare hurriedly. Helps me give your empresses to bring a letter, I am lacking a maidservant, making her wait for me.” Li Qiye smiled, waves gently, said: Go away.” At this time, the disciples of Pegasus clan were angry, this was to their empress's tarnishes, but, they did not help matters angrily, they understand that Li Qiye was very formidable. Finally, the disciples of Pegasus clan can only be filled with angry, runs away to go.

As for Zhao Qiushi they, stand there dull, for a very long time could not speak, even if they recovered, does not know that should say any good. Makes the disciples of troops clan pass message to Purple Dragon Empress unexpectedly, making Purple Dragon Empress be the maidservant to him, matter that such matter, the imagination does not dare to imagine, was really too stirring. Du Wenrui smiled, in his opinion, this is expected. Comes out, looked enough.” After the disciples of Pegasus clan escape goes, Li Qiye lightly said. After the Li Qiye words fall, sees only not far away to emit a person to come, in his hand closely grips the weapon, this Zeng to come warns Li Qiye's Baoyuan True God before then. Baoyuan True God braves suddenly, had a scare the Washing Sins Institute disciple, is hiding a person in their side, their suddenly point detected that does not have. What's wrong, but also does the consideration revenge to me?” Li Qiye has smiled, regarding Baoyuan True God, has not placed in the eye completely. Was regarded by Li Qiye such faraway, regarding Baoyuan True God, that is anger, he is first time is regarded so faraway, regarding such as ant cricket, but, is such has no alternative, is such being incapable, he also can only be angry, now he knows that Li Qiye was more formidable than him. The continued proportion he formidable many Pegasus arrow gods suffered a loss in the Li Qiye hand, run away to go. At this time Baoyuan True God closely is grasping the weapon, makes preparation that momentarily goes all out, is staring at Li Qiye stubbornly. So long as I am living, will not give up.” Saw Li Qiye not to have the meaning of take action, Baoyuan True God slightly has then felt at ease, he deeply shouted inspired, clenched teeth, the manner was firm and resolute, coldly said: „The graciousness of water drop, Gushing Springs reported! I am Old Deng will certainly revenge.” Courage praise worthy.” Li Qiye looked at Baoyuan True God one, has smiled, shakes the head, said: Go away, today, I forgive you not dead. But, next time must die. You should better recede far, otherwise, brings about own destruction.”? Baoyuan True God silent, received the weapon, walked slowly, left, he still looked at Li Qiye, said seriously: I am Old Deng will revenge! Certain meeting.” Has heart of the repaying a debt of gratitude, is actually good, what a pity.” Li Qiye smiled, said: You can never report this enmity, you only then blind alley one!” Baoyuan True God silent, finally floating goes. He will not give up.” The back that looks at Baoyuan True God goes far away, Du Wenrui said lightly. Du Wenrui experiences countless people, he can look, although Baoyuan True God clearly knows own is not the Li Qiye's match, but, he is still rigid is Deng Rensen revenges.

It seems like, he received not the small kindness.” Li Qiye has smiled, indifferent, did not mind completely kills one person. His actually heavy benevolence, what a pity.” Du Wenrui also gently shook the head. Baoyuan True God hear knows that will have one dead, must be Deng Rensen revenges, it seems like, he indeed received the Deng Rensen very big kindness. It seems like, he has today's achievement, only feared that has some relations with Deng Rensen.” Du Wenrui said: As Northern Institute Teacher, Deng Rensen is also average, but, after dying, but also some people receive to record the benevolence, this is also does right by his teaching to dispel doubt.” Such, lets the Du Wenrui very feelings, as Northern Institute Teacher, Deng Rensen is not outstanding . Moreover, the mind is also quite narrow. However, after he died, has student to insist on for him revenging, even did not hesitate to lose the life, this was also an achievement. Li Qiye has smiled, indifferent. Bang a resonate sound, at this time, the earth vibrated, probably entire Saint Beast garden has swayed. What happened?” Zhao Qiushi they were swung seven meat eight elements, comes to a stop with great difficulty, complexion blanch. Bang, Bang and Bang at this time, on Wang empty/sky presented light spot, probably in some place of Saint Beast garden, the bright bang was the same above Vault of Heaven, when bright sprinkles radiantly, probably is the night lights the fireworks to be the same. „It is not good to see such one, Du Wenrui is surprised, said surprised: Some people opened Gu Yuan!” Gu Yuan, what Gu is Yuan?” Washing Sins Institute student is confused, they have not listened to Gu Yuan, in Saint Mountain, probably only then Sacred Fruit Garden and Saint Beast garden, does not have the ancient garden. Gu Yuan, is part of Saint Beast garden.” Du Wenrui looked at Li Qiye one, said: But since, it by the seal, generally speaking, little person has been able to open it . Moreover, knows that its existence person are not many. Today some people open Gu Yuan unexpectedly, this, this was too strange.” Explanation, some people come prepared.” Li Qiye smiled. This only feared that is not the good deed.” Du Wenrui has hesitated, said: In Gu Yuan, the deep sleep are the massive far Ancient Saint beasts, why some people bent on having to open it? Once is all far Ancient Saint beasts revives, the even if strong person, may be ground the meat sauce.” Had a look not to know.” Li Qiye has smiled.

Du Wenrui must worry compared with anyone, immediately goes to the direction of ancient garden, all student also one after another follow. Dean, what is the far Ancient Saint beast? Is true Saint Beast?” Has student to be curious, asks. „It is not true Saint Beast.” Du Wenrui said: After Saint Beast formidable to very formidable situation, will enter Gu Yuan, there deep sleep, for a long time will not revive very much, Saint Beast of these deep sleep, were called the far Ancient Saint beast, their great strength, are apprehensive including True Emperor.” Originally is this.” student hears such words, this understands. When Du Wenrui catches up to the ancient garden, at this time a Saint Beast garden also piece seethes with excitement, various news have spread over entire Saint Mountain. [Gold/Metal] Pu True Emperor had discovered in the Saint Beast garden a vestige of seal, goes to have a look quickly.” Some student yelled. Is the vestige? What kind of vestige.” Other student one after another come in swarms, is excited. Does not know that heard is Saint Beast in deep sleep, is very formidable. Hey, while these Saint Beast in the deep sleep, we are still looking to pick treasure, for example, Saint beast egg anything.” Some student flush away to the direction of ancient garden. Hears such news, the Saint Beast garden and even was Sacred Fruit Garden all student was excited, all student have put at once down living in hand, was welled up to go by the vestige bee of [gold/metal] Pu True Emperor discovery to this completely. It seems like, [gold/metal] Pu this boy, comes prepared.” In Saint Mountain somewhere, several Old Man, one is Saint Supervisor Sir. Our Bright Saint Courtyard, many people drool.” Another Old Man sinking sound said: Does not know that this is [gold/metal] Pu Duzi, but is, Orchid Book Ability Saint incites.” Here, vision one severe. Watches changes quietly.” The old man sinking sound said. Feared that has mutation the old man to be also worried. Relax, Du old fellow went, should be able to subside.” Saint Supervisor Sir said. Other old men looked at each other, finally has not said anything.