Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4566
Is listening to the Cheng Yu's words, all souls cultivated/repaired changed the complexion.

They know certainly that please go in is what meaning, but they have certain suspicion. The Cheng Yu's pill fire truly makes them very frightened, they also believe that his tower-shaped Magical Treasure will not be perhaps bad, but can he really suppress their these souls to cultivate/repair? You may probably consider to be clear, can follow my family Young Master, that is your good fortunes. Moreover, my family Young Master really led you, can't you be exempt from the pain of this seal?” Yang Elder sees these souls to cultivate/repair to hesitate erratically, then opens the mouth to persuade.Yes, we are also accompanying of our Young Master. But you noticed when Our family Young Master did restrict our freedoms? So long as you follow Our family Young Master sincerely, you naturally can gain enough freedom. Also, this place, even if can guarantee you for a while the life , but if several hundred years later, here also has human to arrive . Moreover the strengths of these people still compared with you, you thought that at that time you can also like the present facing my family Young Master, such lucky keeps your life? ” Feng Elder also said.Actually you treat by present this appearance in this place, even lived, what significance also there is? If you follow we to return to the world, similarly is living, the disparity had much does not need me saying that greatly you can also think. As for by our Young Master imprisonment, I will be thought your idea books are unnecessary. Our Young Master said that had a liking for your strength. If brings to imprison you you, what that also does lead you to go out to make? Therefore what is main is you must understand to feel grateful, our Young Master led you, you worked oneself to death for our Young Master, wasn't this very normal matter? Also, you had gone down in the world to this situation, what but also there is stranded bad here compared with you? ” model/pattern elder also stands the persuasion to say. Although they do not know what idea that Young Master has at heart, since Young Master wants to gather them, then they as existing accompanying of Young Master, naturally must help Young Master dispel melancholy. Moreover, from the strength, these fellows truly is very fierce. If did not have Young Master to act before, to be honest, must face several thousand souls to cultivate/repair simultaneously, their pressures are truly big. Especially Feng elder acted the say/way of opposite party, by the opposite party surrounding. Even if they under obtaining the reminder of Young Master, needs to counter-attack with the hot attribute attack. Although they also truly study overdone attribute cultivation technique, the strength that but these souls cultivate/repair is very strong, is not at least weaker than them. In such a case, even if they can display hot attribute cultivation technique, the suppression that but cultivates to these souls is quite limited. Like Young Master, the body does not have so many fierce incomparable Magical Treasure, not only there is a pill fire, specifically is used to suppress Magical Treasure of soul body.

However their present situations are actually representing the Cultivation World most cultivator conditions, everyone cultivates to the soul did not understand, and has not specifically been used to cope with or restrain Magical Treasure that the soul cultivates. In such a case, if Young Master can gather some souls to cultivate/repair the expert, regarding Cheng Family, truly is very advantageous. This......” under Yang Chang third child person's persuasion, these souls cultivated/repaired obviously also some meanings to move. After all when truly barely manages to maintain a feeble existence here, if can leave here, they have a dream think. But they now are only the soul bodies, object who also the fear degenerates into others use, therefore worried that is very big. In fact also truly is this, is staying in such place, actually is really lives to might as well die, no place compared with was stranded bad here. They said is also very reasonable, or...... do we try?” Has the soul to cultivate/repair to start to vacillate said. You are not do not know our present situations, once tried mistakenly, opportunity that we may not come again!” Very some souls cultivate/repair saying that worries about.I felt, if opposite party that Magical Treasure is really space Magical Treasure, perhaps we also really have the opportunity to return to the world. You think, this place is an independent space, but space Magical Treasure inside Magical Treasure actually is also an independent space, the world is also an independent space. If we can treat in his Magical Treasure are extinguished by the seal, we returned to the world definitely not to have the matter. You said that is this truth? ” Has the soul to cultivate/repair to say. „A your such saying, probably also some truth.” Many souls cultivate/repair to approve the person of same belief. Such being the case, we made him first try with this Magical Treasure not to know. We could not leave this main hall, if he can lead us to leave this main hall, we should really avoid seal.” How can this trial? If by some chance his Magical Treasure no matter uses, we do want dead in that Magical Treasure?” Some souls cultivate/repair question immediately. Although they want to leave here, but must take such big risk, some of their heart fears. Since tries, that was certainly impossible to make us try, we can select several to come out to try on the line!” That soul cultivates to say. How many selects? Whose having courage quantity does dare to try?” A soul cultivates to other souls is repairing to ask. But his such a was asked that immediately all souls cultivated/repaired to be silent, even somewhat was anxious and worry, oneself were for fear that selected to do such experiment.

After all if this experiment were defeated, they may not come back again. It seems like everyone is not willing to make this attempt!” That soul cultivates helpless saying. Let alone was other souls cultivated/repaired, even he himself, still the having courage quantity, his oneself stood otherwise. Since has not dared to stand, that makes strength worst that several try!” Is that soul of head cultivates to say. Immediately all souls cultivate/repair look at the body that several souls cultivated/repaired. Obviously, everyone was stranded here such long time, to the strengths of these companions is quite clear. Even if not know that whose strength is weakest, but still knows that weakest that several are. This...... is this is unfair?” That several strength weakest souls cultivate/repair, immediately shivers the rebuttal to say. Although they are afraid very much, but they do not want dead, even if knows that own strength truly is inferior to them, but also wants to strive again for oneself. Who makes your strengths weakest? If you are not willing to go, you should know the consequence!” Is a that soul cultivates to look that these souls cultivate/repair coldly said. Now this relates the safety that all souls are repairing, must have some souls to cultivate/repair is stands to seek this interests for them. The strength that these souls cultivate/repair in any case is weakest, wish makes them submit obviously is also easiest. After all at this time their these souls cultivated/repaired to with remaining all the soul cultivation base enemy who they are stronger, they naturally also know that oneself situation, does not dare to oppose again. We go!” Really, that several souls cultivate/repair to see that other souls cultivate/repair to killing intent that they display, submitted instantaneously. Relax, I had told you a moment ago. So long as his Magical Treasure is really space Magical Treasure, you will not basically have the matter.” The soul that before that proposed this idea cultivated/repaired to say. Complexion not attractive many that however these souls cultivate/repair, even the heart greeted his ancestor 18 generations. Since you said how is all right that you not to dare on, wants us to be the scapegoat! However although the heart has the hate, but does not dare to say anything again, after all this benefits that relates all souls to cultivate/repair. If they do not go, these fellows will really massacre them. This fellow daoist, we had discussed a moment ago. So long as you really can make us avoid here seal, we can comply to follow in you.” Is a that soul cultivates to Cheng Yu was saying.

You can think through this truth, that was good. Such being the case, you enter to my Magical Treasure in!” Cheng Yu said. Saw a moment ago they were discussing has not gone to disturb them, can their such result, he be very satisfied. Although only then several thousand souls cultivate/repair, but can bring to go back, is a good strength. This is not anxious, I had said a moment ago, if you really can make us avoid here seal, we will comply to follow you, is not the present follows you!” Is the first soul cultivates to continue to say. This simplicity, I brought to leave this place to try in Magical Treasure you to know!” Cheng Yu has also thought all obviously.We truly plan to try, but is actually not we tries together. Their several were we chose a moment ago, made them try to your Magical Treasure. So long as they can follow you to leave here, we did not have the issue! ” Is the first soul cultivates to say. Ok!” Cheng Yu nods, has not thought that these fellows were so discrete first choose several scapegoats to come out unexpectedly. However in the Cheng Yu's idea, this method is absolutely feasible. Because Immortals and Demons Pagoda is not ordinary space Magical Treasure, inside has too many strategies and bans, should be able to avoid here master to the seal that they suppose. Although Cheng Yu is very self-confident, but that several souls cultivate/repair actually obviously not this self-confidence. Visits them to be cautious, shivers flustered trend Cheng Yu, obviously they are afraid. Do not resist my Magical Treasure!” Cheng Yu actually does not pay attention to so many, gave to attract directly them with Immortals and Demons Pagoda. Although Cheng Yu's Magical Treasure really cultivated/repaired attracting these souls, but these souls cultivated/repaired happily actually not anxiously. Because they after all are the soul bodies, although many Magical Treasure are not space Magical Treasure, but same can suppress the soul body. Therefore can install the soul body, cannot show that this is space Magical Treasure. „Does Young Master, want us to follow?” Yang Elder asked. txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: