Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4567
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You come with me together!” Cheng Yu makes long third child person follow finally after behind, one line of four people had in the middle of Immortals and Demons Pagoda several souls to cultivate/repair to enter in the channel. Although makes these souls cultivate/repair to try the effect now, having a look at his Immortals and Demons Pagoda to make them avoid the seal to their limits. However model/pattern elder they do not have the means to restrain these souls to cultivate/repair, if after he leaves, these souls cultivate/repair they launch the attack to model/pattern elder again, that is very dangerous. After the throne sinks, what remains is an entrance, Cheng Yu arrives at the entrance, inside has a long stone steps channel. Young Master carefully!” Three people follow on the heels to the Young Master reminder that guides in front were saying. Cheng Yu nods has not turned head, bringing a spirit lamp toward continue walk along the stone steps. The channel is somewhat narrow, at most can two people also pass through. In stone wall is hanging the spirit lamp, even if actually Cheng Yu do not need the spirit lamp still to see clearly this channel. Above stone wall of channel is also carving many chart marks, the style is consistent with the main hall. In this does not know that also has any fearful mechanism/organization.” Feng Elder looks that this long channel said. Everyone carefully, do not touch stone wall, to avoid error to touch the mechanism/organization trap, otherwise we might be stranded in this.” After Cheng Yu sizes up, is reminding to several people behind. Understood.” Although Cheng Yu they first come to try, but they are quite careful. After all this is a completely strange place, no one dares to say trap mechanism/organization that in this whether has no. Eye unceasing in sizing up the situation in channel, has the place of calibration line particularly, is careful. Is good is quite smooth because of all, after Cheng Yu they pass through the channel, appears before them unexpectedly is another main hall. Cheng Yu sharply has not been entering the main hall, but cautious standing looked toward inside in the entrance. Although the main hall is very big, is very spacious, however here layout style obviously was different from former that main hall. Other first did not say, at least this main hall no longer has the railing to appear, this also basically can judge that this main hall that mysterious space has not appeared. However in this main hall has many giant statues, Cheng Yu, although has not entered the main hall, but by his story, these statues is not definitely simple. First do not go in!” Saw that behind Feng Elder wants to enter the main hall, Cheng Yu actually blocked him with the hand directly. Why?” Feng Elder has doubts to say.

If we entered this main hall, may make this channel close. Therefore we can only first look here probably went back, one will enter the main hall again.” Cheng Yu said. Although does not have the evidence to prove this point now, but Cheng Yu thought is more careful does not make a mistake easily. After all before such matter him, has experienced, generally in the mechanism/organization that this place sets up is the linkages. Enters from a region to another region will block the old route. Cheng Yu cultivates or compares to these souls to regard as important, therefore does not want to miss. Moreover convinced them to follow itself with great difficulty, if here mechanism/organization were irreversible, that was a pity. Therefore at this moment, even if he thought that these statues are not very simple, does not plan to go in now finds out. Later they cultivated/repaired these souls receive in Immortals and Demons Pagoda to go, came back to study one is not late again well. Young Master, how did these souls cultivate/repair?” Yang Elder asked. They are all right.” Cheng Yu said. He knew about Immortals and Demons Pagoda inside situation very much that several souls cultivate/repair and does not have any issue, still in live well. Young Master, but here and that main hall is connected in the same place, can this be too short? Perhaps waits for us to enter this main hall later these souls to practice moral culture on seal to have an effect?” Feng Elder said. This should not, although here and that main hall is not very far, but does not belong to that main hall, therefore my idea should be successful.” Cheng Yu shakes the head to say. Now you should believe that I haven't deceived you?” At this time the Cheng Yu's sound also spread to Immortals and Demons Pagoda. Right that you said that your Magical Treasure truly can avoid that seal to our injuries.” Cheng Yu intends to make them see outside situation through Magical Treasure, knows that they have truly left have limited their main halls, arrived at another main hall, they are actually also living, all excited saying. Follows the Cheng Yu's angle of view to walk, to be honest, they scared seriously, thinks oneself these was time dead most likely. But now, they have entirely believed Cheng Yu's words, because of them now truly also live well, and does not have any feeling was under the threat of seal. In fact, when Cheng Yu before entering channel they have known oneself were all right, because some people have also opened this channel, they also want to enter this channel. Good mood literature network However these souls cultivate/repair clash the inlet passage on at the scene soul flies away and scatters , radical disappearance. Also was at that time, everyone knows that they actually had no way to leave that main hall. Afterward even if some people opened this channel again, still had no soul to cultivate/repair to clash again.

But this time, they with the Cheng Yu's help, with the aid of his Magical Treasure, really passed through the channel unexpectedly, this showed sufficiently Cheng Yu's Magical Treasure truly can save them to leave the main hall. „Can you determine like this safely?” Cheng Yu asked.Security security, enough security. If we have the matter, stepped into that moment of channel we to have an accident in you. Before some people had also opened this channel, these souls cultivated/repaired want to enter this channel, but they vanished into thin air instantaneously. Now we have gone to this place, therefore our plans should succeed, we now are absolutely safe. ” That several souls cultivate/repair obviously very excited saying. Such being the case, we go back now.” Cheng Yu nods, hears them to explain, in the heart had the confidence. Come time is very slow, after all did not understand to this. However goes back actually quick, they returned to the original main hall quickly. Fellow Daoist, they...... how?” These souls cultivate/repair very anxiously already is waiting in the main hall, saw that Cheng Yu they came back finally, immediately worries collects to ask. Congratulates you, you must regain the freedom quickly.” Cheng Yu was saying then cultivated/repaired putting that several souls. „Are you really all right unexpectedly?” Saw these souls cultivate/repair one much is living, all souls cultivated/repaired are excited. They look with own eyes Cheng Yu they entered in the channel, even vanished in the channel, this was enough they to leave this main hall to have enough distance. Originally everyone noticed that Cheng Yu they have not come back for a long time, but also thinks that these souls cultivated/repaired to have an accident, Cheng Yu they do not need to come back again. But now, these souls cultivate/repair well fortunately, this explained before Cheng Yu, to words that they spoke truly real. We are really all right, moreover I also saw another main hall, we really can go out.” That several souls cultivate/repair also exciting saying. Good, we can return to the world finally.” These souls cultivate/repair are also excited saying. They said before can wait to live is very good on last legs here, that is because they do not have other road to elect. However currently clearly also has another better road to choose, they still wanted to flee this type not to have the daylight day forever. Now you ought to believe me!” Cheng Yu said. Believes!” These souls cultivate/repair in abundance the exciting nod, at this time looks again to the Cheng Yu's look, no longer the fear, in the middle of the look filled with the anticipation, looks at Cheng Yu like looking at the Savior. Such being the case, you should know how should do?” Cheng Yu wants is they now this attitude.

Actually, by his ability, these souls cultivated/repaired initially does not want even, he can still force them to enter in Immortals and Demons Pagoda forcefully. However he has not chosen does that but chose a more modest method, like such that Cheng Yu said often, he liked winning popular support with kindness. If can make these souls cultivate/repair surrendered sincerely that uses the method to force their submitting to be much better compared with him absolutely. Pays a visit Young Master, I and others am willing to pledge to fight to the death to follow Young Master.” These souls cultivated/repaired also to think obviously, since made this decision, that had nothing well hesitant. Let alone they waited for here so many years, this is also first wants to lead them to leave here human. Such bold idea, in addition Cheng Yu's skill and ability, truly is worth them attempting one time. Moreover, before model/pattern elder them, had told them the words may also happen very much. That is the next time, if has human cultivator to come in again, may massacre them directly, rather than rescues them. Perhaps their words are inaccurate, next the human cultivator strength of coming is perhaps ordinary, and is not enough to massacre them. However they were also difficult insurance saying that next human cultivator of coming in certainly will be weaker than them, if were really capable of massacring them? Even under next not that next time, one after next next? Perhaps one day, they will meet some strengths to massacre them sufficiently, will really massacre their human cultivator, rather than will rescue like Cheng Yu their. Therefore has saying that this to them truly is a rare opportunity, they are willing to wrestle. Very good, you fully enter to my Magical Treasure in now. I also believe that you will definitely not regret for your today's decision.” Cheng Yu said with a smile. We also anticipate arrival of this day very much.” These souls cultivated/repaired fully entered in Cheng Yu's Magical Treasure without delay on own initiative. Now we can leave here.” Repairs to receive Immortals and Demons Pagoda all souls, the Cheng Yu mood is excellent, leading model/pattern Chang third child person to enter in the channel again. In order to will read next time, you can click below " collection " minute book time( Chapter 4567 handles!) The reading record, will turn on the bookshelf then to see next time! Likes «God Level Student entering in midterm» please( QQ, blog, WeChat and other ways) recommend this book to your friend, support thank you!!()