I Shall Seal the Heavens - Volume 9 - Chapter 1614
After several days dates, Meng Hao brought Xu Qing to depart, that was belongs to his parents' happiness, Meng Hao blesses exists eternal. But before that disturbs the embroidered ball cultivator, the result is self-evident, what he offends is Meng Hao, is this piece of starry sky master, this slaughters Sect compared with him, or subverts a world also to not have the several fold seriously. His disappearance, without any trace, such as by erased, together erased, this person's memories in all person mind, is similar to he, has not appeared in this piece of starry sky. Originally by the Meng Hao status and status, he such will not do, but this small cultivator, honestly has offended the Meng Hao heart of hearts most precious region. That cultivator until destroy both body and soul, he does not know what enormous disaster one rushed. But before leaving, Meng Hao on this stars, darkly has the feeling, is bringing Xu Qing following that river of capital city, went to the downstream, has a fishing village there. Here, Meng Hao saw a fisherman, this is a middle-aged guy, he dispersed the net, has bailed out many fish from that river water at the same time, very surprise looks to the net, was similar to just the taken off bottle gourd. He is very strange, in this river bottom, how to have the bottle gourd, and this bottle gourd how, regardless to see that seems bringing fresh, particularly that the position of Hulukou, was blocked a wooden stake, making this bottle gourd be more like a vessel. Is bringing curiously, he this bottle gourd with when the hand, has thought over, will open, he saw Meng Hao and Xu Qing. This Zhou Eldest Brother, this bottle gourd, whether to sell to me Meng Hao to look at the guy, the eye is very bright is very bright, as if saw anything lets he specially happy person, smiles to open mouth. The guys have gawked, as if some surprise opposite party know unexpectedly their surname, looked at the bottle gourd in hand, cracks into a smile. „A bottle gourd, the value can not several money, the little elder brother you like, delivers you to be good.” Saying, in guy's has given Meng Hao hand bottle gourd. Meng Hao received the bottle gourd, shakes the head with a smile, the intraocular light, was brighter, nearby Xu Qing surprise, she with Meng Hao, saw too many old friends very much, each old friend, she has induced, may this guy, she not know. Must buy, when this, this bottle gourd, 12 money may be good Meng Hao to smile to open mouth, the right hand lifts, in his hand left 12 money. The guys opened the eye, he thought that this youth is somewhat silly, breathes deeply received money, as if thinks somewhat embarrassed, flexure scratching the head, looks at Meng Hao. This

Might as well, Zhou Eldest Brother, this is 32 money, you take well, this was I owed your Zhou in the past.” Meng Hao takes out 32 money once more, has placed in the hand of guy. This time, guy thorough being shocked. This medicinal pills, soaks in water to drink with it, in this piece of starry sky, Zhou branch for generations, was blessed, entire family peace and good health, this is this innumerable eras, the interest of 32 money.” When Meng Hao places in that 32 money as well as medicinal pills the guy hand, his whole person as if long sigh vented anger, his aura, is nimbler more and resourceful in this moment, faint, as if cultivation base must break through. As if continuous the karma lines of innumerable years, in this moment, is finally complete. Meng Hao laughs, is taking the bottle gourd, is bringing Xu Qing, toward the distant place sky, one step walks, steps into vault of heaven, goes out of starry sky. In starry sky, Xu Qing very puzzled is looking at Meng Hao. That person is she cannot bear Dao Seeking. „Before you grasped me in the past climbs mountains practicing, I am scholar, owes the Yunjie County Steward Zhou 32 money now many eras, both capital and interest, finally pays off.” Meng Hao laughs. Also the Xu Qing eye opened, resembles thought somewhat inconceivable, after long time, to smile, looked to the bottle gourd in Meng Hao hand. I in the past in the bottle gourd that under Mount Daqing threw, has not thought that transferred, dark also appeared in this, returned to my hand, then my again allow hope that threw it in the universe deep place is good.” In Meng Hao is brighter, is having the anticipation, when looks out the distant place, he somewhat seems to be shy, looks out the universe deep place by this expression, after Xu Qing saw, cannot bear smile to make noise, she conceivably in the future in that universe deep place, Meng Hao shy with Promissory Note, feared that must appear again. Without all fetters, has untied all fetter Meng Hao, his disposition, returns once more. We, should walk, in that universe deep place, Ghost, god and demon, these three fellows, in multi- years ago, our I have a look to make them in also write Promissory Note to me.” Meng Hao is having the great ambition, a face is sacred, is drawing smiling belly pain Xu Qing, brings Parrot and words that self-important unceasingly verbose meat jelly was clamoring, one step went out forward, after these step fell, his form disappeared when mountain and sea starry sky, appeared, in that vast universe. The radiant universe, is hiding the infinite possibility, has not stops completely mystically, that like the seed world, each contained the endless life. In the Meng Hao front, the boat ship, in turning toward the universe deep place vanguard, the cabin has Ge Liangai, among does not look clearly, but the entire boat ship seems like broken, but as if has actually been full of the infinite strength, takes the universe as the sea, is leading the way slowly. The boat ship bow sits an old man, both eyes closed, sits cross-legged to sit in meditation, the stern place, a youth of wear black clothed, the look is indifferent, sits there, seemed to be that baleful aura contains in within the body.

The old man, is extinguishes lives The youth, unites Two Fellow Daoist, whether to let my couple, rides bon voyage ship the Meng Hao laughter to spread, is drawing Xu Qing, goes out once more one step, when falls, in this boat ship. Uniting of stern, has opened eye, stares at Meng Hao, after nodding, once more closed, but the corners of the mouth, actually cannot help but show a smile. As for extinguishing lives, has opened the eye, in the item reveals the profound glow, is looking at Meng Hao, after long time smiled, light to open mouth. disciple, the ship came up the new person, the liquor water has prepared two.” Along with his words reverberation, a voice of female spreads from the cabin, was lifted from along with the top plate curtain, has revealed a gentle and charming form, a winning smile sweet faint smile elegant face. She saw Meng Hao, saw Xu Qing, in the eye has revealed the beautiful glow, the cheeks had the sunset glow, resembled somewhat embarrassed. Fang Mu Senior Brother, Sister Xu Qing, I do not have a mind to disturb, this is the boat ship of my teacher, that is the teacher makes me follow.” The females were saying, has smiled. Meng Hao has gawked, opened eye. Xu Qing is looking at present this female, the vision was gentle, covers the mouth smiles, goes forward to hold on the hand of female. This beautiful tender and beautiful female, is not Chu Yuyan, but who can also be I want Seal the Heaven, book finally Terminated, finished the last few words time, I am listening to outside firecracker, has to plant seems away from the different world the silence. Has mixed emotions at heart, the discovery could not say, in fact half a month ago, this feeling throughout existed.

The immortal goes against, I have the to divulge to an outsider that a allow founds a nation, seeking the demon not to have the to divulge to an outsider, because I thought that the story said that but I wanted Seal the Heaven, why did not know, even if already 5 million characters, but I thought that as if also had many many stories. I want to write the to divulge to an outsider, writes father Ke, because of his gentleness, because of the Ke Jiusi regret. I want to write the to divulge to an outsider, writes Chu Yuyan, because of her rigid, roughness between she and Meng Hao. I want to write the to divulge to an outsider, writes Lord Third and Lord Fifth, because of the mysticalness of Lord Fifth, because of the Lord Third heart deep place, the inexplicable disconsolateness that little has. Waits to celebrate the new year, end of this month time, I will send the to divulge to an outsider As for the new book, will open on April 29, on May 1 issued on time that was I have formed in one's mind very long story, I thought each time, oneself will think excited, wanted Seal the Heaven compared with me, more splendid, but pig's feet disposition, before all me the character of writing, entirely different, this point, I guaranteed I am brewing, waited for that felt flooded enough degree in my mind, immediately starts writing, making my train of thought explode, so only then wrote Finally, when this Seal the Heaven finished, hopes that everybody pays attention to my public prestige, root of the ear „the root of the ear official, inside I will issue successively that some I wanted the Seal the Heaven past abandoning introduction as well as these two years informal essays, the trend of new book as well as the invitation of most important new book release conference I will hold the new book release conference in April, at the appointed time planned invited 100 Fellow Daoist to come to participate, making us face-to-face, together drink, the joke, together was together heroic Finally, in First (Heaven/Day) that this year of Monkey discards the old for the new, happy new year, the public number had given 10,000 red packages last night, in the group, in the reader prestige group, has sent one after another. Regarding million Fellow Daoist, these 10,000 red package futile attempts, many people have not snatched, but also some said is very coarse, said that this activity is deceives people, I am very suffering from injustice, I have given the red package, 10,000, sent to the quota yesterday, cannot send till. Please snatch the red package Fellow Daoist, tribe as well as book review area and other places, helping me show