Invincible Leveling King - Volume 48 - Chapter 4753
Master on this was the Belief god tower that I manufactured specially, so long as placed in this thing our domains, can smooth col­lec­tion to enough Belief!”

The kings of ten thousand demon recently have not been idling. But keeping refinement special treasure. That was the Belief god tower. This thing is a god tower, toward there one put can col­lec­tion to the strength of Belief. This was very mysterious exist. Even strength of Lin Fei to this Belief still very curious. Also has saying that king of fellows ten thousand demon very have the talent, must not be chased down otherwise in the presence of everyone, became the target of universal detestation. Even this is still good in a complete mess. That refines some Belief god towers, when they expanded one by one to let out the turf!” This matter Lin Fei gave the kings of ten thousand demon. In any case the kings of ten thousand demon now the goal was also more and more full. With such powerful exist, the day definitely feels better more and more. The disciple who slaughters the gate also finally started to take action. Altogether has six Devil Dao influences area this, strength is not very strong. strength of each Devil Dao influence basically similar, but this drivehead was Luo one. A Luo that was well performance. After all his strength is very powerful. In addition learn/master slaughtered ten 3rd Layer Cultivation Technique, was naturally different. In one month of Hei Feng/Black Wind high evening, Romania all disciples who slaughter the gate start to besiege an influence. Was they who killed is really caught off guard. „A Luo your big courage, actually leads the disciple to attack our Sect!” Blocks to me quickly, must block! Damn slaughtering gate fellow, was strength so how strong?”

Sect Master could not block, Sect Master could not block, they were too strong!” Less than several two hours, influence such was destroyed completely. Clean that entire Sect up and down dies, no living witness, all treasure were taken by force. The next day time news travels, in this slightly led the laughing big sound. Shocked. Although know slaughtered the gate to change the name, but who do not know this slaughtered the gate so to be unexpectedly powerful. All of a sudden an influence extinguishing. Made the surrounding five influences be a little caught off guard instantaneously. Has not expected. In they have not made in the situation of preparation. The second evening! Also the influence was besieged. Suddenly the remaining three influence looks changed. Short two days of were extinguished two influences. To say even their these three influences must be destroyed completely. Right now the remaining three influences a little cannot sit still, one after another gathers. This situation is not quite right, how slaughters that Beidou also do not know of gate to think that changed the Sect name unexpectedly, this making a move extinguished two Sect!” Whose know that fellow was the brain has the issue, said that slaughtered gate strength so to be unexpectedly strong, my think was weaker than us!” „A Luo that fellow strength promotion quite quick, that two Sect living witness do not have unexpectedly, really damn!” Three Sect Master discussed, decided to make the union give to slaughter a gate profound lesson temporarily to say together again. Therefore three Sect Sect Master brought under the hands / subordinates to rush directly slaughtered the gate. Wants them to give a confession.

Has a look at them to have what method, was could it be the plan gives to destroy completely their three Sect at one fell swoop? This coming, brought 500 Expert. 500 are other Heavenly God Level Expert, said that said is weak, but regarding many influences, absolutely was a terrifying matter. They also arrived immediately beside Sect that slaughters the gate. Arrives here, they felt a little different. However their 500 Expert add on them again as well as some Expert had not really feared that this slaughtered the gate. Beidou you come out to me!” Does not come out to explain that clear words, we forced one's way into directly!” You slaughtered the gate are really the cow, making a move extinguished two influences, was the plan our these three influences also one and destroyed completely, gave us an explanation!” Sect Master is the unusual fire is big, wanted know they to inherit for several hundred years area this had. Has not thought that this time was slaughtered the gate to destroy completely unexpectedly two. If there is gratitude and grudges, that also even. But they from the start with slaughtering have the what gratitude and grudges on do not know that two influences. In any case such was destroyed completely, therefore made them feel vigilant. Extinguished them, how could it not be can be said that even they must extinguish. Therefore they came on own initiative, must ascertain said again. came to slaughtering a gate big pressure, well strikes, this was also gains a small advantage to say again. After all that two Sect the wealth of influence is big number. On such was slaughtered gate one to give to eat, a little unwilling. came to suppresses Beidou with the aid of the strengths of three influences at one fell swoop, making him this wealth handing over, again how about it must eat a meat to be good. Lin Fei also Sect Master of know three influences gathered immediately was coming together, moreover brought massive Expert. This omitted actually much troubled, a Luo earliest possible time also came.

Sect Master, or I led people to go out them to give to extinguish entirely, came to their net hitting completely, these fellows are really live are impatient, I have not gone to look for them, unexpectedly came If before, Luo at the same time to these three Sect Master absolutely were the headache. Cannot be victorious, but now is different, he has the confidence to hit one dozen with them. Perhaps can also destroy completely 1-2, the confidence of after this was strength promoted, to bring. Lin Fei smiled one lightly. So many people you can extinguish, but that 500 Expert is actually very suitable our Sect disciple informed and experienced, came to keeps here them!” Regarding exist that these deliver on own initiative, that will not be polite, came to gave to extinguish them, gave the conformity this. Wants my Beidou to come out, you may not have this qualifications, but I can give you actually a gift, for example this!” An emergence of bright no indication. Was Great Cutting Technique. Great Cutting Technique in coming out that on Lin Fei displays, that might has become unusual terrifying. Cut from three Sect Master directly. . Three Sect Master fall from the space directly. Is following close on Expert that slaughters the gate directly all flushed. Kills!” Kills off not to remain them entirely!” Dares not to have the amnesty to killing that Sect Master disrespects!” After quite a while, all 500 Expert all extinguished without exception.