Invincible Leveling King - Volume 48 - Chapter 4755
Slaughtered the gate to be truly known very well by many people.

Especially this small Sect. When everyone thought that slaughters the gate not to have the movement in a short time. No one has thought of Luo one with a mysterious Expert sudden surprise attack middle-grade Sect. This middle-grade Sect strength is very powerful, Expert are also many. Especially 10-Star Heavenly God has two. But is in such a case, unexpectedly was attacked. According to the normal condition, can block to slaughter the attack of gate. But is under such a situation, they do not beat to slaughter the gate unexpectedly. The disciple casualty was serious, entire Sect less than day was broken through. Even two big Expert are still injured unexpectedly. Cannot do to slaughters gate Expert. This news passes on, making everyone section time heart shake. A little cannot believe this news. strength formidable degree that the what time kills. before destroys completely that five influences, everyone has not cared. After all said that said is weak, but this Sect may be different now. That strength absolutely compared with slaughtering many of wanting formidable. But under such a situation, slaughtered the gate unexpectedly also breaking through this Sect. Extinguished most Expert. Naturally also captured most disciples, this also made everyone really unable to believe. If were not everyone looked, but also really cannot believe.

Right now everyone realized a matter, that was that Beidou estimates an idea. If no idea, at all not so big sound. No one know this Beidou has the what idea, but associated to the opposite party half foot to the coffin, nature can imagine resulted, perhaps was this Beicang is in some cultivation unique Cultivation Technique. Therefore launched the attack unscrupulously. May even launched the attack, slaughters gate disciple strength not necessarily strongly. But this they actually discovered the disciple who time slaughters the gate is really very strong, once begins a point to disregard another's feelings, can say, once began to die without doubt. This also made everyone has to attach great importance. But under such a situation, in less than half a month, them started the surprise attack. Also was middle-grade Sect. Short three months broke through the peripheral 78 influences continuously, is the middle-grade about influence. Right now everyone is unable to be calm, whatever slaughters gate such continues to expand. That was really never have such thoughts. The so crazy sound, naturally also made area some eldest child buddies feel in a bad mood. After all area this is they controls, therefore three Giant sit together. Their also col­lec­tion to the respective news, but looked no matter how felt rise a little accidental/surprised that this slaughters the gate. strength formidable of especially these Sect disciples, three can extinguish kills high one/first level Expert. If this personally does not see, is really makes one a little unable to believe the disciple , the what time slaughters the gate was so strong. Before whose do not know slaughters the gate, is very weak, before Beidou that fellow, has the Sect influence so is also tepid. But makes them feel accidental/surprised now somewhat. This time does not attach great importance to not being good, whatever continues gets down, whose know can give one by one to get rid of their these influences. If so, that as early as possible slaughtering the gate was first solved said again.

Or is to make Beidou that fellow come out to give everyone an explanation. Was said that made Beidou hand over Sect disciple cultivation Cultivation Technique. They can also look somewhat, Cultivation Technique that this slaughters the gate is very interesting. Perhaps this for the what strength so formidable reason. Missed this opportunity, feared that is to slaughter the gate when the time comes again how is not that easy. Others could not look that they look clear. I thought that we must slaughter a gate lesson to be good, not as good as makes Beidou come personally!” „Our regions, our three big Giant said kept a promise, he slaughtered the gate not to pay attention while us now, killed so many Expert, if no longer gave Beidou a lesson, feared that was even we must extinguish!” Joke huge joke, has the courage to extinguish us on Beidou that fellow, now but he expands is very quick, we visited together this Beidou!” Their three were Giant Expert, each was the 10-Star Heavenly God peak. Can erupt the 1-Star war-god the battle efficiency, although is unable to be lasting, such dozens time of breath, the words that but is used to fight are enough. It is not the what people can erupt war-god level strength. Because they can control this region like this. Although this area is not big, is about one 10 million kilometer. This Netherworld mountain range is very big, therefore each 10 million kilometer domain of will have some every large or small influences. And some quite big is responsible for controlling this region, but their three are to control this region. If lets slaughter gate continues to grow, that was equal to having fourth, that naturally was not they willing. All resources will be divided, this is also not the key point. The key point was to slaughter the gate began without their agreements directly, this made them feel that had a strength to be aloof their limits. This most makes them feel in a bad mood, must therefore under tidying up ruthlessly this slaughter the gate. Only then this can let slaughter the gate to be honest.

If otherwise, no one will regard a matter them. Three big influences come together, that sound was naturally different. The big or small influence area this came. To have a look at these time Beidou that slaughters the gate how could not deal with this matter, must give a justice to be good. This began to extinguish so many influences, cannot say that slaughtered the gate to become this generation of 10 million kilometer big Giant of? This idea really a little indulged in fantasy. However looked that this stance also really has matter that. Are many long time, has not arrived including a half year, slaughters the gate to show different one. Then, People's group enormous and powerful out arrived slaughtered. Out arrives slaughters, everyone can feel slaughters the gate was different. The present slaughtering gate has the formidable aura unexpectedly. Luo this vice- Sect Master also flew immediately. Now he is vice- Sect Master, restored, strength was stronger than before. This comes up to make these Giant looks slightly change instantaneously. Because this time Luo one achieved 10-Star Heavenly God Level unexpectedly. Although steps into shortly after Realm, but such speed made these three big Giant hearts shake. Whose do not know this Luo before time is just 7-Star Heavenly God, but then long time.