Library of Heaven's Path - Volume 9 - Chapter 897
Does not pay attention to the shock of people, after Jiang Principal Hong Linji flies, receives the zither to stand, stands in stage looks around, in the vision is bringing indifferently: Questioned the teacher teaches? Below is willing with it battle competition!” Stage next piece of speechless, had this idea before all does not dare to say half a word again. One of ten Great Elder, is 7-Star Demonic Sound Master, hits, is loses! Xue Hallmaster, do you have the student? I can a strength select......” see nobody to reply that Jiang Principal looks once more to Xue Cangyun. Xue Hallmaster behind several students, see his vision to come, all shrank the neck, does not dare to lift. Their strengths are inferior to Hong Lin, the latter made into that appearance, who also dares to say? I develop empire Famed Master Hall white, acknowledged that Master Zhang is Principal, is unobjectionable!” Xue Cangyun holds the fist in the other hand. On him is not the match, let alone student. Five Great Famed Master halls on the scene, three acknowledgments, the pond swings white Hallmaster of empire, Mo Gaoyuan Hallmaster, you?” Zhao Bingxu relaxed. Succeeds to the throne the time of grand ceremony to be hasty, Famed Master Hall of peripheral empire only came four, in addition Hongyuan Empire, is about five. Our pond swings the empire not to have objection!” White Hallmaster is only, first three Hallmaster are not the matches, naturally no need said that stands up to hold the fist in the other hand hurriedly. Our Hongyuan Famed Master Hall, has supported Master Zhang is Principal!” Mo Gaoyuan also stands. He witnesses this Master Zhang to arrive at the Hongyuan city with own eyes, rises step by step, one of the candidates first agreeing with, naturally cannot refute. Good, if everybody does not have the objection, carries on next!” Zhao Bingxu nods. Question and Answer Gathering, actually the biggest barrier is Famed Master Hall of other empires, now acknowledged that was equal to that the issue basically was solved. Zhao elder, we have issue to inquire that opens Principal!” At this moment, stage next group of students have stood neatly, has several hundreds fully. Is one of the head, is before, with many students of fog range battle, slaughters spirit beast most one. Fourth-grade student, Zhu Chenqing! His family member, by spirit beast execution of fog range, therefore, in the heart has the huge hatred, since enters Famed Master academy to get up, pursues a goal with determination the fellow who destroys completely this crowd and Human Race contends with. Avenges a grievance for the family member. What a pity Famed Master Hall stemming from various considerations, had not begun, his strength is limited, one person alone cannot save the situation, does not have any means. This thinks that this beast tide, can make academy change beforehand dispirited, thoroughly eliminates the fog range, who knows, for this new Principal succeeded to the throne actually negotiates with the opposite party...... Compromised! The full anger can be imagined. Therefore, many students can stand, listened to his words...... Takes justice! People who before declared support, basically was Xuan Xuan Association , but saw new Principal, was their guildmaster, immediately did not speak, over ten thousand people, only remaining several hundred.

Please say!” Zhao Bingxu knit the brows. I want to ask that Principal, when Famed Master Hall fights with spirit beast of fog range again!” Zhu Chenqing said. The direct examination discussed any condition, some politeness, does not challenge the Principal authority, like this said that conforms to own status. Asked the subject!” Not only it seems like we cared that the matter of fog range, these students also want to know the answer!” Looked how this new Principal replied!” ...... Hears Zhu Chenqing question, the soldier and the rest has looked one, respective nod. Is the emperor in peripheral attached empire, who makes Principal it does not matter, more importantly...... This new does Principal, have to maintain their abilities! The matter of fog range, processes not well, the ability of their inevitably doubt opposite party. One crowd of spirit beast do not have the means that also does how is this possible for their empire, stand? Fight?” Also thinks any matter, hears to ask this, Zhang Xuan and Zhao Bingxu have looked one, simultaneously has smiled, shaking the head of latter unable to restrain emotions: no need fought again! hidden damage of fog range has completely solved, later the no need worry has the beast tide again, threatens the human security!” Thorough settlement?” Zhu Chenqing and many students have looked one, knits the brows respectively. What meaning? Later again no need worry...... Is fog range these King pledges? But the beast is the beast, this type pledged that how is this possible does make the number? In these many years that needs such simple words, Famed Master academy to stand erect, has left innumerably startled certainly colorful Principal, was insufficient not to have any means. Since Zhao elder said affirmed that we want to know academy in the end accepted any condition, lets spirit beast that these many years are unable to solve, does not have the beast tide!” Clenches teeth, was not beating around the bush, Zhu Chenqing said directly. Principal, is me......” Sees the opposite party most basic issue here, Zhao Bingxu looked at Zhang Xuan one, shows a faint smile, just wants to open the mouth, suddenly saw that elder flew from the crowd hurriedly. Has not arrived, cannot help shouted that makes noise: Principal, everyone elder...... is not good!” What happened?” Sees elder, in Principal succeeds to the throne at the grand ceremony to be so flustered, the Zhao Bingxu eyebrow raises. Reply Zhao elder, outside, outside......” This old man, complexion blanch, shivering of whole person body unable to restrain emotions: By fog range many spirit beast and Saint beasts...... Surrounded!”

Surrounding?” This saying Zhao Bingxu and Zhang Xuan have not thought anything, many elder and student under complexions stage all one changed. Solemn Famed Master academy, was surrounded by spirit beast...... What concept? Was equal to that was stopped up in the shackles, even to run away is also difficult! All people stand up neatly, just wants to have a look, hears one fiercely thunders to resound, rapid wind cries, surge in the sky. hū hū hū! Looks upwardly that immediately saw three big Saint beasts flew! Fog range dracena Earth Dragon and Bai Ershou, scaling beast three King. Nearby has not arrived, the Saint Domain First Layer peak aura covers, the surrounding space of oppression as if coagulates. They behind, is neat ten more from the Sacred Spirit beast, is three ten more half Sacred Spirit beasts! If only these dozens, but also is unable to make the Famed Master academy hundred thousand teachers and students be afraid, they behind, are following unexpectedly also close on one crowd of neat flight spirit beast armies! Fully 3000, worst has achieved Transcendent Mortal Seventh Layer, high is Ninth Layer, neat ordered, a leader is valiant, so long as if issues an order, immediately dives, causes the damage that is hard to resume to the person. All Famed Master, combat readiness!” Beast Taming academy elder complexion one white, cannot help has roared. huā lā lā! His behind many Famed Master, experienced one time to fight, already coordinated orderly, hears this saying, all takes out the weapon neatly, is fixing the eyes on airborne many spirit beast, is bringing vigilantly. Was bad, my class, his heart cannot different! I said that these spirit beast cannot tolerate abets evil...... Must negotiate, was then good!” The soldiers the complexion also became turns white. Counting on spirit beast can observe the agreement, simply is the joke! These many spirit beast, simultaneously flies, ahead of time does not have any early warning, comes prepared very much obviously, even if Famed Master academy can block this disaster, Origin Qi damages severely inevitably......” An empire emperor, facial features are pale. Yes, succeeds to the throne at the grand ceremony by many spirit beast attacks, the loss is serious, this Principal can go down in history absolutely......” Another empire emperor said with a snort. 3000 flight spirit beast, dozens from Saint and Half Saint lineup, although is formidable, but also being insufficient makes them be afraid. The Famed Master academy inside story there, the Hongyuan City Imperial family also here, the solution should not be difficult, is only...... This matter passes on, certainly must become the joke, leaves a stink for ten thousand years. Hǒu! Hǒu! Hǒu! Bang! Bang! Secretly shakes the head in the people, many teachers and students planned a war, one neighed intermittently, resounded through the skies once more, tread rocked fiercely. What is that?”

A shout resounds, the people look back neatly, once more one dull. Sees outside Famed Master academy, mist and dust surrounds, when a community big azure nose likely flushed first. These azure nose elephants, have the Transcendent Mortal Fifth Layer above strength, in addition has several thousand heads fully, by a Saint Domain azure nose shape is led, to have the scared aura. Because these spirit beast build are huge, every time walks one step, the ground trembles, approaches just like the earthquake, to person deep in one's heart strong shock. Blue nose shape? Was not then good to hit......” Sees unexpectedly also some these many skin rough flesh thick colossi, the complexion of people becomes uglier. One crowd of flight spirit beast were hard to cope, let alone were also more such one crowd, was good at dashing, build huge spirit beast. everyone, suspends defense lineup......” The body trembles, Zhu Chenqing exclaimed hurriedly. hūa lā! Many students, hear the order, suspends the defense lineup neatly, preventing the opposite party to dash directly, its crush. Wū! Wū! Transforms the formation, hears grating roaring, in the vision that the people tremble, one flock of iron teeth wolves well up crazily. Also several thousands, under a leadership of Saint Domain iron teeth wolf, well up fully crazily but. This spirit beast natural disposition is sly, moreover is good at the group attacking, is one of fellows humanity most has a headache about, one presents several thousands, it can be said that a catastrophe! Ended......” Not only the soldier and the rest changed color with amazement, the Yu Shenqing also scalp jumps madly. The old court eunuch said that before succeeding to the throne grand ceremony, nosing is clear, what a pity has not come to report to the present, even if he, does not know that Elder Mi went to fog range in the end to discuss anything, let this group of fellows, the so crucial time, flushed neatly. Hǒu! Hǒu! Hǒu! The shock of people, had not ended, sees one flock of scarlet flame lions under the leadership of Saint beast, walked, similarly has several thousands fully. Is following close on the iron back bear, Tiger Beast and prosperous ape...... Fog range nine king, set up in an array, brought several thousand fierce subordinate respectively, adds completely, has several thousands fully! in other words, many King in entire fog range, with many spirit beast, almost sent out complete, this...... Must the rhythm that entire Famed Master academy destroys completely! All person complexions all become deathly white, could not speak again.