Long Live Summons - Volume 7 - Chapter 1399
Oh.” Small Mother actually smiles to nod, sprouts a fullness. I think your reversed image Little Sister!” Yue Yang thought that this Mother looks like compared with Yue Bing at the worst many, let alone is he, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai and the others that toward here peeps, thinks that like this, but not being at all scope expressed the support. This is entire Tong Tian Tower is most mystical most formidable Mother, moreover in the future Tong Tian Tower Divine Supreme, therefore, in any event, they must display the most respectful manner. Spoke!” Fourth Mother was not happy that Yue Yang this lazy weary manner said that she hasn't educated the son? Good!” fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth Yue Family Third Young Master, most feared that Fourth Mother was angry. Called Mother.” Fourth Mother gives Yue Yang Quest. Called Mother to call Mother......” Bao'er to go all out to create a disturbance in side, bringing Shuang'er their several little devils to call unceasingly, jumped and jumps, happy. They such one noisy, gives Student Yue Yang to increase the to add difficulty. Also can secretly shouted low voice, as the matter stands, opened the half-day mouth, a character could not call. Yue Yang a little were anxious. Small Mother actually very tolerant, has not worried slightly, smiling is waiting. Most intimate Snow Girl breaks through, says with a smile: This has anything to be difficult, looked that I demonstrate correctly. Mother!” She called to kiss and sweet, waited for small Mother to beam with joy, nodded again and again, hugged Snow Girl in the bosom, has kissed one satisfied: Really clever!” Mother!” Tigress also called intimately, must know that she started not to have one's own Mother in childhood, has lacked mother, now Yue Yang had Mother, she naturally must share. Small Mother also gives her a big hug, being higher than she Tigress hugs to bury in own front, the whole face is joyful: Clever, you are also a good child, next year will live a greatly fat grandson to Mother!” I, I am also the good child, I am also the good child, I also called, I also called, Mother, Mother!” Bao'er looks is jealous, pushes to go forward all of a sudden, sneaks in the small Mother bosom, goes all out to act like a spoiled brat. Oh, you are cleverest!” Small Mother was happy. Everybody came up to call Mother, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai and the others of also many matters distant place created a disturbance to call Mother. Finally, only remaining Yue Yang. if it were not for Fourth Mother, it is estimated that Yue Yang already ran away, because the atmosphere is too awkward. Eastern Sky King and Old Fox they hurry to save the scene, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai that and the others will watch the fun expels, rate the Tong Tian Tower warrior said goodbye distantly, the Upper Heaven Realm Divine Race shadow audience as well as Nine-headed Monster Race , etc. were invited to go to Tong Tian Tower, the nature was overjoyed. Another side, Gold Emperor and Monster Emperor , etc. looked at each other to smile with Sky Execution, Dragon Emperor, because of the friendship of fighting knowing, has formed the friend. Their colleague gathers tacitly happily, no longer gives the juniors to increase the pressure. Boss Demon Dragon that as for Jun Wu You and Ming Ri Hao and the others flattered, at this time is beside oneself with joy, often face upwards to send out to laugh. That is natural, my this Boss is he acknowledged personally, said again, who I amn't Boss am Boss? Back then, my Demon Dragon is able to move unhindered Heaven Realm first expert!” Demon Dragon proud boast, although all people know that he is actually Heaven Realm number one villain, but did not hinder everybody to pat his flatter comfortably. Right, you are Boss, biggest Boss, Boss Boss.” Fatty Hai and Demon Dragon most have common language. Damned Fatty, you die to me!” Resting Wind Sea Bird still rejected nearness of this male servant. Treasure should not be angry, I will give you time.” Fatty Hai hurries to escape.

How I will know this person speechless......” Resting Wind Sea Bird to myself. Serpent Empress Fei Wen Li has been supporting from commencing of action, to this moment, could not bear again, all of a sudden soft seat on lawn. Pure white such as the small hand of jade, hands over, reaches her. Above. Is one smiles the beautiful small face. Fei Wen Li looks at one dull, along with will have let loose warblade in hand, grips that only not to remember that many years ago once extended small hand, but repeatedly rejects: These many years, you had not changed.” Smiling face sweet Master also nods assent: „ Serpent Empress, you have not changed. Fei Wen Li feels suddenly gets up generally: Destiny is really very marvelous thing, who can want to obtain, the life advancement will turn into now this.” Destiny is very mysterious.” Master of sweet small face Serpent Empress gently: Moreover, this does not have anything not to be good, at least is now livelier than before.” Most likes peaceful Princess Night Dream also liking lively?” Some Serpent Empress expressed that does not believe. Person changes.” Laughed at beautiful graceful her fast to look at that side Yue Yang: Perhaps lonely princess likes peacefully, but lonelier your majesty thinks lively also not bad. When does not know starts, has specially crudely fellow, moreover likes disturbing others dormancy, all day endless messes about, sometimes really to be able help smiling, therefore I thought that lively is also the choice of not bad, you?” I with you almost.” Serpent Empress remembers dormancy ten thousand years of by that scene that some boy rushes to awaken, could not bear also smiles. Entire World of Scale, only remaining Yue Yang whole families. Does not have the bystander again. Student Yue Yang has the courage over and over, finally decided be ready to risk everything, opened mouth, wants to cry Mother, what a pity sound to mouth, actually thin such as mosquito rui: Mother......” Was calls finally, in the Yue Yang heart the big stone fell to the ground, Yi Nan and Bing'er that surrounded their cheers, fighting a big successful battle was happier . The sound that although this calls is very small, but Fourth Mother still satisfied, on the face shows the happy smiling face, has smiled waiting small Mother is being the eye socket flood red, almost does not have the falling down teardrops. She walks, big stretching out the arms, Yue Yang, as well as Fourth Mother holds together in the bosom. Yi Nan, Bing'er and Bao'er they with emotion have gone bad, the complete crowding around goes forward, spheres three people, hugs all round in the middle. Shuang'er pushes below, grasps a leg of Yue Yang with female Panda Niu Niu one person. Makes provoking laughter Ghost Face mutually. Although they do not understand other, but they know, so long as stays side Elder Brother, then any worry will not have......

Called one again.” Small Mother set the request, Yue Yang has buried with this one in own bosom frisks and scampers small Mother that moreover can act like a spoiled brat did not have the means simply, which this was Mother, radically was Little Sister! Called not to call again, but his face came kiss of the incomparably intimate Mother regarding small Mother handful, but actually has not rejected. Small Mother is happy, stretches out the arms cheers loudly: Everybody asked me Mother I to like listening!” „......” Student Yue Yang almost does not have one to fall down on the ground. However, has Mother feeling also really not bad. Although is Mother that sells to sprout. Compared with Fourth Mother, Lolita that the small Mother looks like has not grown up simply, Yue Yang a little suspected that has made a mistake, should Fourth Mother be an elder sister? The suspicion turns over to the suspicion, the reality to turn over to reality, Fourth Mother has no way saying that regarding small Mother respect that kept a serious look wants Yue Yang to call Mother to know. Had not listened a moment ago clearly, called one again!” Small Mother like coaxing the small trough friend coaxes Yue Yang, in the hand is even taking Hundred Flowers [gold/metal] Litang, Yue Yang looks at the sweating sweat, am I am not three -year-old child good. Mother!” Bao'er and Shuang'er their these slandering cats also. Clever.” Small Mother sends sugar to them one by one, eye actually looks at Yue Yang. „......” Yue Yang hurries to look that horizon does have the ash machine to appeared disinclined with this counter growth when all people are sprouting goods Mother of child compete. Fourth Mother looked has covered the mouth to be happy, Snow Girl also however, Tigress bore smile, the elbow bumped nearby Luo Hua beauty: This scene drawing, then hangs in the corridor that we come and go out daily.” I do not dare.” Luo Hua beauty also wants to draw, but she feared that was hit the fart fart by Yue Yang. Does not have the balls ghost!” Tigress expects too much. You are deliberately creating trouble anything, had the guest in distant place to come.” The Supreme sound made a sound to frighten everybody to jump suddenly. Lifts looks at the eye, discovered that has Old Daoist Priest of azure robe not to know when appeared, was coming gradually. He looks like like the average person, absolutely does not have a wee bit Ranker aura, but Fourth Mother and Night Empress, your majesty, Supreme, Fei Wen Li as well as small Mother and the others hurries to salute upon meeting respectfully. Yue Yang was shocked. Old Daoist Priest walks, the hand extends: „The sword of repaying principal place.” Does not wait for Student Yue Yang to respond that his hand, flashes before one group of seven color splendid light supply, pulls out a handle flying sword in Void(Xu Kong) from out of the blue, transforms a sword leaf in the Old Daoist Priest fingers and palms, overhangs again under the black hair waistband. Was Sword Spirit Goddess like this won? In the Yue Yang heart has the impulsion that plants to commit suicide, does not live, did not have Sword Spirit Goddess, but also lives anything! While spirit break checks, he discovered own body side stands Divine Dragon has seen not to see Sword Spirit Goddess of tail, she is leading Sword Qi Lolita, as well as the phoenix small plaster sisters, salute to Old Daoist Priest respectfully, manner like seeing own father. Yue Yang looked to stay, Sword Spirit Goddess was extremely discontented with his silly dull appearance, the anger stared his one eyes. Sword Qi Lolita also secretly takes a look, small mouth gathers, has not spoken, but looks at the shape of the mouth, Yue Yang can affirm what she said is idiot.

Then, Student Yue Yang responded finally. He throws forward. Grasps the thigh of Old Daoist Priest, yelled: Master, you came, disciple wants dead you!” This impudent and shameless performance, Tigress they cannot tolerate, excuse me, the food can eat randomly, is Master do not recognize randomly good. Who is your Master!” A Old Daoist Priest foot trampled a big tumble Yue Yang, he sees this shameless boy unable to bear get angry, does not need Student Yue Yang to crawl, panting in indignation joins hands behind the back to leave. white cloud hold-up, the steps leap to say. In an instant. The Old Daoist Priest body has climbed to Sky Pole, breaks Void(Xu Kong), goes natural. Yue Yang looked at Old Daoist Priest to fly away, disappointed, had a look at Sword Spirit Goddess and Sword Qi Lolita again they also, also had a lingering fear to pat the chest. So long as they also in good, flying sword anything did not have did not have, cannot with not need, to have the Oneesan Loli easy life in any case also to pass...... Is rejoicing, a small Mother head collapses to knock: „The idiot son, you were really are stupid!” This knocks, lets Student Yue Yang when good luck comes the wits are sharpened. He jumps, raises the arm to shout loudly: Master, waits for me!” Also turns head to yell to the females: What do you also wait for? Pursues with me together!” Ends this words expressing feelings: After the several years time, the summon ended finally this. Xia Fei thanked everybody, particularly had insisted finally the Inseparable book friend, the names of many people, are unable one by one to state clearly here, but in heart Eternal. In these years, Xia Fei had been very painful, lives various types to toss about makes the person several nearly suffocate simply, after Xia Fei once had, no longer writes a book no longer the idea of symbol. But calms down, thinks carefully that went forward in the adverse circumstance, died indomitably most should do, Ranker in heart. Thank these, when Xia Fei painful and lonely and was at a loss, book friends who often gave the comfort. For sometime, Xia Fei once thinks that the world has gotten rid of itself. Confused, has struggled. When the misery, the life returned to normal, felt that the entire world day clear body passes, found the correct direction in the life wrong path once more Xia Fei, decides to pick up the confidence again , to continue to start off, hope the future, you, will accompany. New book «Counterattack Long live», will upload on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, at the appointed time gathers with everybody again.