Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4030
Bang Fist palm relative. Zhao Hong backs up ten steps. But that man, then after backing up enough several hundred, stands firm the figure reluctantly. And, at this time people can see, on his finger, presented bright red being in charge unexpectedly. As we all know, just this showdown, was Zhao Hong is in the upper hand. Courts death.” Was repelled by Zhao Hong, that life man anger is more abundant. Clang, a long sword, appears in his hands. that is quality extremely good Incomplete Venerable Armament. This sword revealed, has blue Mist this sword body release unexpectedly, is connected with the body of that man. Just like that sword, the itself is a part of his body. Sword Qi enters the body, the strength of that man, also increases. Inexpensive custom, you are not the opponent of that miss.” But when the man is going to act again, has together the old sound, transmits from that chariot. That sound very tranquil, without containing a pressure, after that sound resounds, the everyone on the scene, is the innermost feelings trembles. No exception including Chu Feng and Zhao Hong. Without meeting, without feeling pressure, but is only opposite party opens the mouth, then makes everyone know that is powerful existence. That is one, dominates above everyone, can write off to be present everyone's existence. Even if Zhao Hong, in his front, cannot withstand small and weakly. Shock, anxious, frightened, such mood, appears in within the body of everyone. Although had long realized, the opposite party is powerful, but has not actually thought that unexpectedly as powerful as this situation. This newcomer, unexpectedly is existence that they are unable to contend with. Does not need to be extremely anxious, we today this and harmless.” Thanked you, considered the makeup red so many years.” But, she does not belong to your here eventually.”

Therefore, making us carry off her.” This , is not only red for the makeup, for your own good.” That old person sound again, resounds from chariot. He and that man are completely different. His tone is genial, looks like discussing. When but he opens the mouth, people's frightened, actually reached the extreme. This old person takes to the constriction of people, compared with many that man stronger. You must carry off the makeup to be red, needs to my ample reason, to make us know that who at least you are.” If, you are the makeup red family members, you must take away her, we naturally cannot stop.” But the makeup red is my disciple, I need to be responsible for her, you must take away her, but I need to clarify the long and short of the story.” At least, I should know, in the past her parents, why abandoned her.” Han Xiu these words, have the courage to ask. Although has realized the opposite party, is person who they cannot provoke. May because to caring of Yin Zhuanghong, she want to make clear the truth. We walk in this Saint Light Galaxy, everywhere one visit, is ten thousand people submits, what kind of identifies one's role when first coming on stage?” Your we do not recognize, can only explain you to be ignorant, does not match to know that who we are.” That by the man who Zhao Hong repelled, during the speeches then toward Yin Zhuanghong is previously walked, he wants to carry off Yin Zhuanghong forcefully. Snort.” Sees this situation, Zhao Hong is coldly snorted one, in her eye emerged the anger. The Zhao Hong character explodes, wants to be fearless, she may, no matter the opposite party is. If not talk clearly the words, today she will not allow anybody to carry off Yin Zhuanghong absolutely. Buzz Suddenly, the world changes. Powerful aura, covered this side world. After that aura appears, everyone is difficult moves, felt oneself soon died generally.

But that aura, precisely transmits from that chariot. Because the realm disparity is too big, no one can feel to cultivation realm of opposite party. In the face of opponent's powerful pressure, people only felt oneself very tiny, simultaneously deep fear. Although the opposite party was only bound they, even killing intent did not have the release. But many people, still frightened looking distressed, the cold sweat again and again, had timidly, frightened cried. This cannot blame them. After all old person in that chariot was too strong. He has among the thoughts, then can them, the great power of completely killing. Is true, can grasp to be present existence that all lives die. She did not belong to your here, must stop not.” That old person sound resounds again, as before tranquil with three, but when his pressure release, but that moment, people have understood, this..., although the tone is genial, in fact, actually he and that three men are the same. He, is very overbearing generation. Meanwhile, before that man had arrived at the body of Yin Zhuanghong. Looks at Yin Zhuanghong Zhao Hong, he exuded laughter of satire. Even he is not the Zhao Hong opponent, is this time Zhao Hong, actually in old person pressure bound by chariot, can only look at that man helplessly, carries off Yin Zhuanghong, is helpless. Therefore, in the male eyes, Zhao Hong lowers him as before first-grade. However, that man, has not injured Zhao Hong, and has not carried off Yin Zhuanghong meaning forcefully. Follows me.” The men said to Yin Zhuanghong. I, no matter you are, I will not follow you.” I then grow up in this place since childhood, here is my family/home.” The Yin Zhuanghong anger sound said. Compares in Han Xiu and others, her radically inquiry, the opposite party has not been what status, knows own parents. Yin Zhuanghong she, regarding oneself life experience, is not interested obviously, she only wants to be loyal to Red Cloaked Holy Land. Don't be a fool, you did not belong to here.” „Does this place, where match to be called is your family/home?”

That man said. Please leave, who no matter I you are, I will not follow you.” The Yin Zhuanghong attitude is clear. „Don't you really walk?” You , if not walk, I killed here everyone.” The tone of that man has changed, and was full of the threat. You!!!” Hears this words, very unyielding Yin Zhuanghong, was previously shocked suddenly. Because she knows, the opposite party is not cracks a joke, they indeed have writes off the everyone on the scene the ability that. Walks, considers for them is good.” You always do not want to see with one's own eyes, do they die in your front?” During male speeches, then arm that holds Yin Zhuanghong. Afterward is then drawing Yin Zhuanghong, goes to the internal bracing of chariot. But Yin Zhuanghong has not struggled, she did not obey, but after is afraid her to struggle, Han Xiu and others is involved. Looks that Yin Zhuanghong carried off forcefully, the Red Cloaked Holy Land person is very freely unwilling, but actually and no one opens the mouth to stop. They are not do not want to stop, but things have gotten to this point, they are very clear, they are unable to stop the opposite party today. Insists on stopping, is only the useless merit. If really angered the opposite party, their Red Cloaked Holy Land today, may not exist. Lets loose her.” But when the people accept fate, actually the sound, resounds in the horizon. Decides the item to look, everyone is the look moves, that three men are no exception, even compares in the people, the accidental/surprised color in that three male eyes, is unexpectedly richer. Because, that sends out to shout angrily, is Chu Feng.