Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4080
Chu Feng was really more and more excessive, like this was unexpectedly impolite, even his cultivation realm was strong, but we eventually were his elder. Cell phone end How he can taunt us After Chu Feng walks, these previously Elder that the fart does not dare to put, opened the mouth in abundance. He said is not right After the sound that however, interrogated together resounded, these Elder closed the mouth again. Only because of this speech, is Chu Hanpeng. Protects the Chu Feng's person, my Chu Celestial Clan has, but is not we.” Sir Clan Head caused heavy losses, we choose to exercise forbearance.” It can be said that does not want to fight a hopeless battle, but it can be said that does not have the courage and uprightness, is more inevitable, is considered as the coward.” Words that Chu Feng spoke, in principle, why not right Chu Hanpeng continues to ask. The people lower the head do not speak, the complexion is really embarrassed. Yes, they also know oneself not right, Human nature so, even if knows oneself are not right, is actually not willing to be criticized. Perhaps, we are the times, reconsidered us well.” Chu Hanpeng this sound sighed, was meaningful. Their working methods, have not changed. Facing the weak one, they are strong. Facing the powerhouse, they are weak. Like this conservative faction attitude, making them defend the Great Thousand Upper Realm Overlord status. But initial Chu Hanxian, was afterward Chu Xuanyuan. Now this, Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan's descendants Their three, have same characteristics. That does not fear the powerhouse, dares to resist powerful existence.

But lets Chu Celestial Clan, precisely these three of becoming famous. Especially Chu Feng, he has let Chu Celestial Clan, went out of Ancestral Martial Star Region, entered Saint Light Galaxy, no matter now, sound to the Chu Celestial Clan, how is. But at least, he made Chu Celestial Clan arrive this step. Therefore, Chu Hanpeng starts to reconsider. They can continue to be them. But they should not restrain Chu Feng again. Chu Feng wants to inquire the news, the nature is easy. He has known, who that causes heavy losses to the Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head influence is. Constellation Xiandao. This influence, reason that can make Chu Hanpeng and others so frightened, has the reason. Constellation Xiandao, is in ten big influences, most tyrannical. Although island lord in constellation Xiandao, is only Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable. The cultivation realm, with the Dragon and Phoenix immortal pavilion, Miao Celestial Clan, and Headmaster of raging fire academy is the same. But this person, cultivation constellation Immortal Method, utmost has become, causing its strength to be astonishing. It is said that previously because of some friction, All Heavens Sect, Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain, Wind-Thunder Sword School, the Dragon and Phoenix immortal pavilion, the raging fire academy, Miao Celestial Clan, Headmaster of these six big influences, once coped with the island lord in constellation Xiandao jointly. But result, does not beat unexpectedly This person of strength, tyrannical, conceivable. But, in the Chu Feng eye, constellation Xiandao actually nothing to be afraid. Present Chu Feng, had fused the mysterious strength, although is the Spirit Formation technique strength, but if displays the full power, the strength may also achieve Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable. The same strength, Chu Feng has also never defeated, how to fear him Some Chu Feng worries, are Purple Star Hall. That purple star different, is the Purple Star Hall restricted area, but Chu Celestial Clan has forfeited, and star directs the stone to be won by constellation Xiandao, Chu Celestial Clan apparently does not have the qualifications, enters again. If he must go, Chu Feng is unascertainable, whether Purple Star Hall will agree. What may make Chu Feng accidental/surprised is, when he found the Purple Star Hall person , indicating after he wants to enter purple star different, the Purple Star Hall person agreed unexpectedly immediately, and also sent Elder, follows the Chu Feng peer.

What is quite interesting, this Elder, unexpectedly is some beauty female Elder. Her age was actually big, has thousand years old, was everyone loves to be pretty. But this Elder, obviously beauty-loving especially. Her appearance, still maintained at the appearance of young girl. Character, is ordinary with the young girl, simply does not have one thousand -year-old character, some are calm. You are that Chu Feng.” Before heard that you got sick, now is good Their hearsay you feign illness, but I look, your sickness probably not attire.” Why you take a person to enter purple star different, should not be will want to take revenge „, You such as the hearsay is really ordinary, is Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak, and has to endure to compare the Third Rank Supreme Venerable strength This Elder, is blinking the big eye, on her lovable face, writing all over was curious to Chu Feng's. But Chu Feng, then keeps silent, fast vanguard. Facing indifferent Chu Feng, this female Elder, pours is not angry, she absolutely does not have Purple Star Hall Elder, that type of keeping aloof rack, instead looks like a tagalong to be the same, with jumps and jumps in Chu Feng behind. These two, the age gap is obviously disparate. May actually seem like, exchanged the status. Chu Feng he, was more like lived the millenniums characters. But this Elder, then gets along with people probably not the deep junior. Thorough, two people quick then arrived at the purple star different restricted area. But, in the entrance place of purple star different, Chu Feng actually stopped. His raise one's head waited and saw, looked at one void above, after that camouflage void phenomenon, stepped into purple star different in entrance. Sees that Elder also hurried with. This fellow But, just passed through that front door, enters purple star different, that female Elder was then shocked. Chu Feng first her one step, steps into this purple star different obviously.

But after she follows, actually discovers Chu Feng, does not have the trace unexpectedly. „To cast off me, without gate This beautiful woman Elder, pours also intelligently, first realized, Chu Feng casts off intentionally her. She does not have to pursue rashly, instead is figure one revolution, walked from the front door, left purple star different, Actually, she wants in that phenomenon through sky, found the Chu Feng's position, then looks for Chu Feng. But after, she goes out of purple star different, the discovery, is actually responsible for guarding purple star different entrance all Elder, raises eyes to wait and see unexpectedly completely, vision staring in same direction. And, on their faces, hung all over accommodation of shock unexpectedly. Sees this situation, that beautiful woman Elder, rushed to cast the vision. Then discovered, numerous position Elder look at the person, is Chu Feng. Chu Feng is leading the way in purple star different, is only his speed very rapidness, this speed, is not a junior can have, even Third Rank Supreme Venerable, is still difficult achieves even. But direction that Chu Feng goes, is constellation Xiandao, Supreme Elder, line of directions. Constellation Xiandao, robbed the Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head star to direct the stone. Then causes them to have two stars to direct the stone, to play a better effect. Constellation Xiandao fans out in two groups, is led few people by the island lords. But another part of people, are this Supreme Elder bring. „, This fellow he, really must take revenge As the matter stands, was actually interesting.” Saw that the Chu Feng goal is clear, recalls Chu Feng again, behavior that previously gazed at that phenomenon. This beautiful woman Elder, the item of reveal happy expression, a figure revolution, then enters in purple star different unexpectedly later again. , First looks at the genuine content Martial God Asura Martial God Asura