Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4081
The purple star different deep place, numerous position expert of constellation Xiandao, is gathering in place. Cell phone end Here, they discovered a rich world energy. Supreme Elder, is utilizing the star to direct the stone, absorbs this world energy. It seems like, Third Rank Venerable Taboo, belonged to us.” not to mention, the island main Sir, star that snatches from Chu Celestial Clan there directs the stone.” Is only in the Supreme Elder big person hand this star directs the stone, had absorbed extremely boundless world energy.” That Third Rank Venerable-class Taboo Skill, naturally is my constellation Xiandao.” My constellation Xiandao, everywhere one visit, all withdraws, who dares to struggle with us?” When Sir Supreme Elder, absorbs the world energy with single-hearted devotion, others in constellation Xiandao are talking. In the words, performs to appear intent and superior, not mince is satirizing others. „The words that must speak, most make my impression profound, is that Chu Celestial Clan.” Although in front of my constellation Xiandao, any influence wants the custom to cultivate the behavior.” May look like Chu Celestial Clan to instigate that is first seeing.” Yes, the island main Sir, taught their Clan Head on the same day, that group of clansmen do not dare to put, frightened kneels on the ground completely, how many people I look, unexpectedly frightened wet pants, that was cultivation several thousand years of person, I looked at the age, lived on the dog? Hahaha......” „Does such influence, how become side Star Region Overlord?” Initial Wuming Clan, may compared with them.” The people in constellation Xiandao, after mentioning Chu Celestial Clan, smiled again and again. But suddenly, they receive the smiling face, the vision that will admonish, looked to the same direction. Originally, the form, approached. After they see clearly the person of this nearness, on in short supply face, actually again bloomed the smiling face of satire. Because of that newcomer, is a Chu Celestial Clan junior. Who also thinks is, cannot think that is the Chu Celestial Clan waste.” „It is not right, hears the Chu Celestial Clan person, is fled this place that we frightened, didn't have?” It is estimated that was the family dispersed, therefore does not know, their families had been frightened by us, fled to the wilderness?”

Hahaha......” Pitiful small waste, looks at his ignorant stupid appearance, possibly does not know that who we are?” After seeing Chu Feng, again satirized smiled to make noise. And they regard the Chu Feng's vision, fills to despise and tease. In their opinion, Chu Feng is the true ants, they begin to refer to casually, can write off Chu Feng. Funny?” Chu Feng also smiled, but in the Chu Feng's smiling face has not satirized, but pities. Sees Chu Feng such smiling face, the people in constellation Xiandao, all stares. Do ants, why pity them? This lets them, has the anger. On your type of waste, dares to visit us like this, really courts death.” And, angry walks toward Chu Feng. Sees this situation, the people in constellation Xiandao, is sneers again and again. They felt, Chu Feng died. They know, at this time toward that Chu Feng walks, is what temperament. He does not act either, after he acts, then no one can live from his hand. But that just approached, sees only Chu Feng to lift a hand palm, bang, that then flies upside down to go. All happen is too quick, when people reflect, that body, is departs about ten thousand meters, inlaid in the giant stone. His not only covered with blood, did not have the aura. He, has died. This boy!!!” Sees this situation, the people in constellation Xiandao, the first response is not the fear, but is the anger. They are constellation Xiandao, but Chu Feng Chu Celestial Clan junior.

Does this type of waste, how dare kill the person in his constellation Xiandao? This, is not only the capital crime!!! Is the big crime of extermination of the clan!!! Therefore, a pressure, such as the strong winds monstrous waves, go to Chu Feng killing. Although is only the pressure, but killing intent able to move unhindered, they do not have to keep the meaning of hand slightly, rushes is writing off Chu Feng to go. In fact, on the same day robbed in the Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head hand, that star directed the stone time, if not for there is Purple Star Hall Elder on the scene, they have then slaughtered. At present this situation, they naturally cannot keep the living witness. May facing the pressure that comes, Chu Feng is only coldly snorted one. Bang Suddenly, Chu Feng's within the body, has the dazzling ray to emerge. That is... the strength of formation. The strength of formation, looks sacredly, actually verve incomparable. The pressure of constellation Xiandao people, in the face of the strength of that formation, collapses at the first blow simply. All come is too quick, these people have not reflected, the pressure had been crushed, the strength of formation like the mighty force, arrived at them. Wa Wa At once, pitiful yell again and again. However suddenly time, constellation Xiandao numerous expert on the scene. Threw off completely in the place. Such sound, that this utilization star directs the stone, absorbs the world energy with single-hearted devotion Supreme Elder, has to observe. But this observation, he is also the brow tight wrinkle. expert of constellation Xiandao, not only lies down on the ground completely, almost all people are the drippings with blood. Although no one dies, but almost all people, only had the one breath, moved to result in it not to have continually. No matter what realm, no matter what cultivation realm, they suffered the same wound unexpectedly.

This, obviously is intentionally for it, but also has the enormous difficulty. „The strength of formation.” Looks that still the ray that fluttered in the world, this Supreme Elder knows, was what kind of strength, his clansman, caused heavy losses to this appearance. „Are you that Chu Feng?” That Supreme Elder, looks that the Chu Feng congealing sound asked. Although is first meeting, but can be so relaxed, beats his constellation Xiandao people, he guessed, only has that junior Chu Feng. But has known this even if, is talent Chu Feng in that legend, but the Supreme Elder of constellation Xiandao, looks to Chu Feng, was still the vision that despised. He, has this self-confidence. Because of him, is constellation Xiandao, besides island lords, strongest existence. Does not dare to speak, doesn't dare to acknowledge own status?” „......” Boy, dares to begin to us, no matter you whether acknowledged your status, but you commit the capital crime, not only you must die, your Chu Celestial Clan, gave up any idea of peacefully.” In eye of that Supreme Elder, emerges killing intent. However, Chu Feng has not actually paid attention, but his vision, fell in that Supreme Elder hand star directed the stone. …… Suddenly, the Chu Feng's palm, is away from void, is making stone Zhua go to the star. Suddenly, the strong winds writings, the suction wells up but actually, the star in that Supreme Elder hand directs the stone, difficult grips unexpectedly, lets go. When it reflects, that star directs the stone, had fallen into the Chu Feng hand. You!!!” At this moment, that Supreme Elder complexion, immediately becomes pale. Previously also despised Chu Feng's he, at this time in the eye, has covered entirely the fear.