Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4083
Carefully watches, they then discovered, these corpses, are the people in his constellation Xiandao. Although is horrible to look, but has not actually died, but actually also was only left over the one breath. But drags group of this these people, is young people. That appearance, that feeling, looks, is a junior. Although clear(ly) knew is a junior, but many people in constellation Xiandao, actually frightened repetitive backing up. They were afraid, because in the Chu Feng hand is entraining the first person, was Supreme Elder of his constellation Xiandao. That is one, cultivation realm in Third Rank Supreme Venerable, the second powerhouse in entire constellation Xiandao. Chu Celestial Clan Chu Feng?” You are really the big courage.” Constellation Xiandao island main opens the mouth. If, at this time in everyone in constellation Xiandao, only then he does not fear Chu Feng. You planned, is ruthless to my Chu Celestial Clan?” Chu Feng asked. You dare to begin to my constellation Xiandao, committed the capital crime, your clansman, do not want to live.” The constellation Xiandao island lords said. Originally, I want to teach their.” „But since you said like this, I changed the mind.” Remember, their deaths, because of you.” Chu Feng this words saying, the Chu Feng arm wields, from his hand, presents a ray long sword unexpectedly. The long sword sweeps away, pricks the bottom, later sweeps away to go. Crash-bang The soil flutters at the same time, flesh mixed in. After this sword, in the Chu Feng under foot, presents one to be ten thousand meters gulley. The blood, is flowing in that gulley unceasingly. Died, these previously also had the constellation Xiandao people of one breath, at this time died in the Chu Feng hand completely. Sees this one, the complexion that the not to mention constellation Xiandao people frighten is pale.

Purple Star Hall person , the complexion is pale. Because of that phenomenon, covers the void reason, causes in this purple star different all, clarity that outside looks. Everyone sees with one's own eyes, Chu Feng defeated Purple Star Hall Supreme Elder. Everyone also saw with one's own eyes, Chu Feng just wrote off Purple Star Hall numerous position expert. That Blue Gowned person said is not the rumor, he said that real. Chu Celestial Clan, really presented a talent, does not pay attention to Third Rank Supreme Venerable powerful. But that Blue Gowned has not told them, this talent, not only the talent is astonishing, is an evil star, is a devil!!! Sees with one's own eyes, Chu Feng wrote off numerous position expert. Many person frightened speeches of constellation Xiandao. But the person, the eyes of air/Qi are red, the double fist grips tightly. This person, is the island lord in constellation Xiandao. I must make you know, anything is the person who you cannot offend.” Suddenly, the constellation Xiandao island lords exude one to angrily roar. Under angrily roars, the pressure wreaks havoc. The Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable pressure, such as the dreadful monstrous waves, go to the Chu Feng oppression. „......” But Chu Feng sneers, immediately light shining in all directions. Invisible war visible. Two strengths, collide in the midair. Powerful ripples, numerous position expert of frightened constellation Xiandao, hastily avoidance. But expert can draw back, the surrounding scenery is actually not able to draw back. Therefore, the ripples wreak havoc, had said place, all living things completely destroys. The space, crashes the disruption, fell into chaos one piece. In outside, watches from that phenomenon, can see, what kind of destruction that is. „Can the strength of formation, really contend with the cultivator pressure?”

Dragon Mark level can Saint-cloak World Spiritist, have so strong battle efficiency unexpectedly?” When sees with one's own eyes, Chu Feng by the strength of formation, contends with the constellation Xiandao island main pressure, actually does not drop the wind, the older generation powerhouse, is difficult believing. But is small a generation of powerhouse, is dumbfounded. After all in everyone's cognition, Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak World Spiritist, but has to endure to compare the First Rank Supreme Venerable strength. That endures the ratio, most Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak World Spiritist, if fights with First Rank Supreme Venerable full power, majority do not beat. But Chu Feng, by the Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak World Spiritist status, resists Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable not to drop the wind unexpectedly. And the opponent, once was by one's effort, defeats six big Headmaster constellation Xiandao island lords? Purple Star Hall many people, actually look down upon ten big influences. But the constellation Xiandao island main is actually an exception. Purple Star Hall hall master, has praised the constellation Xiandao island lord in the presence of everyone. It is said that Purple Star Hall hall master also wants to let constellation Xiandao, becomes their attached influence. Even hearsay, under same realm, constellation Xiandao island main strength, unmanned energy enemy. But is such powerful existence. Chu Feng does not drop the wind unexpectedly, people are naturally startled. No matter Chu Feng, can defeat the constellation Xiandao island lord. But is only the strength that he displays at this time, has conquered many people. Rumble Suddenly, the loud sound again and again, the strength of Chu Feng's formation, becomes even more fierce, starts to suppress the constellation Xiandao island main pressure unexpectedly, approaches to the constellation Xiandao island lords. Sees this situation, the constellation Xiandao island main is also the brow tight wrinkle, from his fierce face, he is displaying the full power as can be seen at this time, stimulates to movement his pressure, resists the strength of Chu Feng's formation. But he has displayed the full power freely, but is similar to flood ferocious beast facing that actually the strength of inexhaustible formation, his difficult resistance, can only look at the strength of that boundless formation unexpectedly helplessly, blots out the sky, approaches to him slowly. Clang It is not shortly wonderful, in that constellation Xiandao island main hand, presented a sickle unexpectedly. that is Incomplete Venerable Armament. After Incomplete Venerable Armament appears, its strength immediately Taisho. The invisible pressure, forms the potential of counter-attack, goes to the Chu Feng oppression.

Snort ~ May see only Chu Feng coldly snorted one. The loud sound of bang, transmits in Chu Feng within the body unexpectedly. People can see, the strength of more boundless formation, like the volcanic eruption, starts continuously from Chu Feng within the body releases. The strength of that formation, compared with the strength of previous formation, is more sacred, is more radiant, is more powerful. In urging of new formation , the constellation Xiandao island main pressure, encountered the suppression again. Dumbfounded of this, not to mention the small generation will look. Older generation powerhouses, similarly is dumbfounded. Although, is only the collision of pressure, is not the true showdown. But always for the constellation Xiandao island lord who the strong strength is famous, encountered the suppression unexpectedly. And, after he uses Incomplete Venerable Armament, but also encountered the suppression similarly. This makes people look to the Chu Feng's vision, does not seem like regards a person simply. Because of a normal person, is impossible to have such fearful strength. This, not only outside person saw. Then in Purple Star Hall restricted area deep place, in that main hall, formation technique beforehand Purple Star Hall hall master, with Supreme Elder Pang Youyang, saw. Sir hall master.” Pang Youyang facial features, received probably frightened general, at this time looked at own Sir hall master. But in the eye of Purple Star Hall hall master, also covers entirely the color of exclamation unexpectedly. It seems like, this common Chu Celestial Clan, had a serious later generation.” Purple Star Hall hall master sighed. ps: Not good Brother meaning, to live recently something, causing the writing time to be limited, but this is my issue, since promises you to erupt, I will strive to erupt, tomorrow will be last day, I can the to undergo closed-door training numeral, strive for a many thanks point, but I cannot guarantee write too, but I will do everything possible, the pardon and care thank you, will love you.