Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4111
Do not swallow a day of beast to compare with the ancient times.” You do not think, here is called anything.” Here swallows the day of the world, here... the itself was the ancient times swallows a day of beast territory.” The grannies said. „But since that ancient times swallowed a day of beast to go out, we can certainly go out.” At least, there is means.” Chu Feng said. But regarding the Chu Feng's words, the granny actually shakes the head. Young people, since came , before on putting down all, from starts your life here newly, do not think, how because to think, is unproductive, you could not find the means of leaving.” Said this saying at the same time, the granny then carries both hands, walks outward. Paternal grandmother.” But, the voice of female conveys self the palace outside in the meantime together suddenly. Together beautiful figure, drops from the clouds, before falling the gate of this main hall . Because the palace gate itself is opening, seeing that therefore Chu Feng can be clear about, the appearance of this female. Limpid eye pupil, fine facial features. Physique curve, is nearly perfect. This female, is extremely beautiful, is simply impeccable, should not have the female who like world. Especially she, wears a white long skirt, falls from void on the instance of ground, the skirt sways, arrives just like the female celestial. No, just like, because of her, is not the female celestial. That were unearthly the makings, absolutely are not the thing of the world of mortals. This grade of appearance, far more than causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman? Although no charming, but actually also can definitely confuse all living things. Chu Feng walks self Lower Realm, the beautiful woman has seen innumerably, may see this female time, its deeply was attracted. Such beautiful woman, is indeed rare. She is that type, is separated from the common custom the beauty. Really such as fairy maiden common female. Disfigured, you comes back.” The granny, looks that beautiful female said. Disfigured?” This, was the granny said that ugly incomparable granddaughter?” Chu Feng is startled. Paternal grandmother, how you also said the person skeleton in closet, these outside people, may praise me are the female celestial.” The female said.

Female celestial? Your paternal grandmother I am young time, that called the female celestial.” Your this called ugly to be incomparable, later little went out to give me to lose face.” A granny face despises said to that female. And she does not seem like cracks a joke, but said very is earnest. This made Chu Feng know, originally was not granddaughter ugly of granny is incomparable. But is the granny to beautiful and ugly judgment, has the issue. However regarding this situation, that female, has been used to it obviously. Therefore she has not cared, but looks to Chu Feng, smiles: When awakes.” Just regained consciousness.” „The many thanks miss lends a hand to assist.” Chu Feng holds the fist in the other hand to say. Do not be impolite, I am called crouches/submits Moxin.” What did you call?” crouches/submits Moxin asked. I called Chu Feng.” Chu Feng returns said. Chu Feng, this name is good.” Chu Feng, you first wait here.” I had the words to say with my paternal grandmother.” crouches/submits Moxin this words saying, then arrives at side the granny, wants to lead the granny to leave this place. But that granny, actually broke free from crouches/submits Moxin the hand, and said: Had any words to say directly.” Paternal grandmother, about my brother.” crouches/submits Moxin spoke this saying time, but also looked at Chu Feng one. I first avoid.” Chu Feng after all is the person of bright affair, saw with own eyes that crouches/submits Moxin has the matter of secret to discuss, then oneself sets out, the preparation leaves. Does not use.” But whose to become thinks, the granny held Chu Feng, hinting Chu Feng does not need to leave. Disfigured, has any words, you said directly.” The grannies also said to crouches/submits Moxin. Paternal grandmother, I have inquired my brother's news.” My brother he, the person by nether world ice palace was surrounded, needs Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak World Spiritist, can break open the blockade, if you do not act, my brother died.” crouches/submits Moxin said.

I have told you two many times, do not leave the seal territory.” You two do not listen, your elder brother is, he was all right to run back and forth in confusion also even, what looked for the trouble of nether world ice palace to make?” „Isn't this courts death?” Now was stranded, this is also he has only self to blame, I will not rescue his.” The grannies said. Paternal grandmother, my brother is your biological grandson, he is a successor of my crouches/submits demon clan, but he does not have the heir now.”If he died, crouches/submits Moxin somewhat worried. You two so do not make every effort to succeed, an incense and candle of my crouches/submits demon clan has broken.” Again matter that do not raise your elder brother, if raises again, I close you.” But whose to become thinks, granny not only not tenderhearted, instead becomes angry, later governing empties, left this place. Paternal grandmother, you......” crouches/submits Moxin has not pursued, instead is a helplessness of face. Where was your elder brother stranded?” Chu Feng goes forward to ask. „The restricted area of nether world ice palace.” crouches/submits Moxin said. „Can Saint-cloak World Spiritist, save your Elder Brother?” Chu Feng asked. Wants Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak to be good.” crouches/submits Moxin said. That walks, I should be able to help.” Chu Feng said. You?” crouches/submits Moxin, looks at Chu Feng with the surprise vision. No joking, looked at your age, but also without me was big.” We are the juniors, how possibly to reach steps into Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak?” crouches/submits Moxin does not believe words that Chu Feng spoke. It seems like, I can only depend on me.” During crouches/submits Moxin the speeches, then governing empties, the preparation leaves this place. But her speed is quick. The Chu Feng astonished discovery, she... as a junior, actually has Supreme Venerable Realm cultivation realm.

Although is only First Rank Supreme Venerable, but in the junior, has this realm, is very fierce. Seeing that Chu Feng is also governing empties, with the past. Coming out that Chu Feng looks, this crouches/submits Moxin, cares about her elder brother's life and death very much. But Chu Feng owed her the favor, if can help, naturally cannot stand by. „Do you pursue on me unexpectedly?” But saw Chu Feng to pursue, crouches/submits Moxin very surprise. I, although cultivation realm is inferior to you, but I after all am Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak World Spiritist.” Has, endures to compare the Supreme Venerable Realm strength.” During the Chu Feng speeches, within the body then released the strength of formation. Saw that to surge Dragon Mark the strength of formation, crouches/submits Moxin the surprised mouth is opening. You unexpectedly are really Dragon Mark level Saint-cloak World Spiritist.” Quite fierce you, no wonder that ancient times swallowed a day of beast, did not hesitate to leave swallows the day of the world , must swallow you.” Good, my smelly Elder Brother, could be saved.” crouches/submits Moxin becomes wild with joy. Does not hesitate to leave swallows the day of the world, what meaning is this?” Ancient times swallowed a day of beast, leaves swallows the day of the world, what price will pay?” But the Chu Feng's emphasis, actually in crouches/submits Moxin, in the words that spoke. Naturally, but wants the die sooner die sooner.” crouches/submits Moxin said. Die sooner die sooner?” Chu Feng looking pensive. How you cared that this matter, should you, not want to leave this place?” crouches/submits Moxin asked. Naturally thinks, my family member friend, but outside.” Chu Feng said. That simple, if you want to go out, I can help you.” crouches/submits Moxin said. Can help me?” The Chu Feng's look becomes complex. How the granny said, is unable to leave this place. But the granddaughter of that granny, said that can help itself leave? Their two, who is deceiving himself?