Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4206
Ox-nosed Old Daoist, the great formation of arrangement, is quite fierce. Asked hundred degrees celsius to search for- First, passes through many Star Region, innumerable world, but can actually in a short time, travel. It can be said that this great formation, is a transfer rate, exceeds Ancient Teleportation Array several times Teleportation Array. The only shortcoming is, although it covered many world, but the quantity is eventually limited, is not any place can arrive. But has the so terrifying speed, is very extraordinary, even is inconceivable. But can achieve this point, is not only Ox-nosed Old Daoist, the exquisiteness of formation technique arrangement, what is main, depends on a powerful strength to originate. That origin, is the body of dark monster god. The god deer had once said that the dark monster god is grasping the strength of space. Perhaps precisely, will give this formation technique for this reason, exceeds Teleportation Array several times the strength. Naturally, even the transmission, cannot transmit willfully. Must first arrive at main formation, is advocating within the array to open, the formation gates to other places, can enter other places. Place that at present Chu Feng is , is main formation. But proliferates other regional formation gates, some are only a formation gate of hidden, but this is hides in ruins. These ruins, is the writing skill that Zhuge Yuankong leaves behind. But this formation technique is too fierce, is too inconceivable, therefore wants to control is is not very easy. Although Chu Feng controls the formation technique strength, but completely has not actually grasped, therefore Chu Feng was unable to achieve the use here strength of having one's wish. On for example transmission. Wants from proliferating the formation gate of the world, chooses that want, needs to seek slowly. Chu Feng wants to seek, enters Reincarnation Upper Realm that to say the formation gate. May, in another formation gate, that say the formation gate, is connecting ruins. But in that ruins, Chu Feng discovered the Long Xiaoxiao and others form. Not is only Long Xiaoxiao, Long Shengbu, Long Nanxun, and Elder Ruiyun. As for that two talent World Spiritist, Chen Guang and Yue Yang, actually not. Because Chu Feng, controlled main formation, but that ruins strength, depends on main formation, has the absolute relation. Therefore that ruins, is quite freely remote from Chu Feng, may also be able to feel all in that ruins. In that entire ruins, cannot feel Chen Guang and Yue Yang aura. Their two possibly, simply has not possibly entered that ruins. But this is not the Chu Feng's key point, the key point is this time Long Xiaoxiao and others, had entered that ruins most deep place. Although Chu Feng has long known, Long Xiaoxiao she asked herself to help on the same day, to decode the Spirit Formation method. But what has not thought that formation technique that they must decode, unexpectedly is ruins that Ox-nosed leaves behind.

Naturally, they do not know Ox-nosed, they only know Zhuge Yuankong. At present, they have entered the ruins deep place, and seems like nonhazardous. But Chu Feng felt, their situation is not wonderful, that is because of another form. That is a female, this female middle-aged appearance, the appearance is solemn, is extraordinary, is that air/Qi field extremely strong female. At this time, this female within the body, is grasping the extremely powerful strength. That is the strength in that ruins. Said simply that female has grasped that ruins. If so, pours also being insufficient to make Chu Feng be worried. After all, when decodes ruins, if can grasp the main formation strength, that World Spiritist will grasp mostly. But Chu Feng can feel that female, is utilizing that ruins strength, stimulates to movement great formation to attack great formation. That attacks the great formation might to be extremely strong. But in that ruins, without the enemy, why she must arrange so formation technique obviously The possibility that Chu Feng can imagine, only has one type. That is this female, likely must they be disadvantageous to Long Xiaoxiao. In the Ting miss, you in such my, I urges to go faster comes.” Chu Feng said that regarding Ting this words, then opened one, can lead to that ruins formation gate, then stepped into. Although Chu Feng controlled the great formation strength, but has not actually controlled completely. He wants to help Long Xiaoxiao now they, must enter in that ruins, can stimulate to movement the strength in ruins. Although, the dark monster Divine Power quantity is powerful, even if the distance is remote, can arrive in a short time, but also requires some time eventually. Therefore Chu Feng must the present go to that ruins, if otherwise the time, possibly could not rescue Long Xiaoxiao late they. Noble female who that controlled in ruins the main formation strength, is famous Celestial Master Dong Cha. This Celestial Master Dong Cha, is not only grasping the law of prediction, simultaneously she is one, comprehended Dragon Transformation Fourth Level Saint-cloak World Spiritist. Dragon Transformation Fourth Level, that is endures to compare the Eight Rank Supreme Venerable strength. But Celestial Master Dong Cha, not only the technique of World Spirit is tyrannical, the martial cultivation aspect she was also extremely. She is Ninth Rank Supreme Venerable, a Supreme Venerable peak powerhouse. So far, she is also under Enlightenment Saint Venerable, fiercest disciple. As for Long Xiaoxiao they, invited Celestial Master Dong Cha, this and other fierce World Spiritist. For same thing/person, that is to their Long Family clansman, extremely useful treasure, regarding the junior, has the enormous help especially. However this treasure master, is actually not Long Family, but is Zhuge Yuankong.

They sought for this treasure to be very long, sought with great difficulty. Pitifully, they go through all the complications, break open the heavy difficulty, arrives at this place, actually discovery here completely empty. The most center of this main hall, has a formation stage, that formation stage is fine, on that also remains, that treasure aura, is only that treasure, has actually disappeared. Showing, has the possibility to be taken very much. This lets Long Xiaoxiao and others, is very low. But, they totally have not actually given up. Because Celestial Master Dong Cha told them, that treasure had not possibly been taken, but by Zhuge Yuan spatial, with special formation technique, was hidden. Now, she is arranging formation technique, decodes that to hide great formation. If formation technique breaks open, could find that Long Family treasure. Long Xiaoxiao they, can only count on Celestial Master Dong Cha now, therefore they stand in same place, even does not dare to send out the sound, was very afraid to affect Celestial Master Dong Cha that was in the set up formation. Buzz But suddenly, the dark colored formation gate, appeared together in this main hall. That dark colored formation gate, is quite strange, it not only baseless and presently, and also gives out extremely dangerous aura. What is most fearful, after that said the formation gate appears, a strong suction, emerges from that formation gate, covered everyone on the scene instantaneously. Wanting to them, inhale. This is anything Sees this formation gate, Long Xiaoxiao and others, frightened complexion big change. They enter ruins that this Zhuge Yuankong leaves behind, walks, encountered many difficulty, but no difficulty, will take to their time constrictions. This time's feeling, was inhaled probably, must die without doubt. Buzz Suddenly, a golden bell appears, covers that formation gate. On that golden bell, is carving 38 gold dragon. At this time golden bell sends out dragon roar, but that 38 gold dragon, graze from the bell above, sends out dragon roar, while dances in the air regarding the golden bell fast. Freely, that golden bell, still swayed fiercely. But eventually, blocked that black formation gate. But this golden bell, is a treasure that Long Shengbu stimulates to movement. Granpa Bu, that is what thing/person Long Xiaoxiao anxious asking. Although Long Shengbu, utilizes the treasure, blocked that formation gate, but she was extremely still worried.

After all that black formation gate, the gives out aura, is she never feels has been. Long Nanxun and Elder Ruiyun, was worried similarly. Does not know, but this thing is dangerous.” Long Shengbu, is the brow tight wrinkle, therefore he looked that is in Celestial Master Dong Cha of set up formation to that. Celestial Master Dong Cha, how long but also wants to break open that to hide formation technique This place was too strange, we must make the best use of the time.” He worried, he is afraid to continue, will have a more dreadful matter to happen, therefore wants to leave this place as soon as possible. Has become.” During the Celestial Master Dong Cha speeches, then opened a pupil. Afterward, her double palm opens, to void bang. …… In an instant, shrieks and howls wildly, extremely boundless formation technique, revolves to condense in its top of the head. Looks at that formation technique, Long Xiaoxiao and others, the vision is one tight. That formation technique and common formation technique are not quite same, this formation technique strength, is quite strong. But strangely strange, in that formation technique also has dark Mist to surge, but that dark Mist, with that by the terrifying formation gate that the golden bell blocks, exactly the same. However, because sharply is leaving this place, therefore Long Xiaoxiao and others, has not gone to be too many. Celestial Master Dong Cha, found that three dragon Panhun to lock quickly.” Long Shengbu urged. Good.” Celestial Master Dong Cha smiles strangely, later palm to Long Shengbu one finger/refers. …… Powerful formation technique that shrieks and howls wildly, then goes to the Long Shengbu oppression , First looks at the genuine content Martial God Asura Martial God Asura