Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4809
What's the matter?” „Hasn't she died?” Unexpectedly made her run away?” At this time, Long Xiaoxiao and Long Nanxun, are puzzled. Cell phone end They think, Celestial Master Dong Cha had died, but after hearing the Celestial Master Dong Cha words, clearly, Celestial Master Dong Cha has not died. Should on oneself, the prepare shift formation technique.” Saw with own eyes that the important matter is not wonderful, then stimulated to movement that formation technique, fled here.” She should think, today copes with you, might be defeated, therefore left behind this subsequent hand.” But, can flee from this ruins, her shift formation technique , is not very simple.” Chu Feng said. Naturally is not simple, strength that if common shift formation technique, grasps by Chu Feng. Will not make her work absolutely. When that Celestial Master Dong Cha previously ran away, Chu Feng has no alternative. This fully explained that Celestial Master Dong Cha formation technique, fierce. Can be inescapable the monk unable to be inescapable the temple.” I always, must let her for my actions on the 1st, but pays the price.” I will make her know, she stood mistakenly side.” Saying that Long Xiaoxiao clenches jaws. But Long Xiaoxiao also knows, now in the Long Family clan, her mother has lost power. But she now, still also small and weak. Before not absolute evidence, even if she told her father this matter, her father will not manage, cannot do well will also sentence a charge of her falsely accusing. After all today, can show, Celestial Master Dong Cha wants to kill their people, is their people on one's own side. Even if these people testified, is not believed by her father. Therefore she also needs to endure, only after waiting for her being in power in the future, her father can for her take responsibility. Right, young benefactor, you what's the matter.” You are so how fierce, grasped such fierce formation technique unexpectedly.”

Also, how you will appear in this, you have long known, we must come here, therefore protected me ahead of time??” But my anything has not told you obviously.” Long Xiaoxiao jumps arrives at the Chu Feng near, asked a big string question. But actually, she asked that was also the question that others want to ask. Princess Xiaoxiao, actually I can appear in this, is completely accidental.” „After on the same day respectively, I then at the invitation of another friend, went to ruins, that is Zhuge Yuankong senior ruins.” In that ruins, I grasped the main formation formation technique strength, and returns the discovery, has another ruins, with that ruins is the interconnection.” Because, the treasure in that ruins disappears, I then suspected, may be very shifted in this ruins, therefore then opens to transmit formation, arrived here.” Has not thought, here ran into you.” Perhaps, this is the destiny.” Is destined, we also meet see again/goodbye.” Chu Feng spoke this saying time, is filled with emotion. But Chu Feng he, has not actually spoken the truth, the great formation that because Ox-nosed Old Daoist leaves behind, extremely, the body of that dark monster god, is the priceless treasure. Chu Feng does not want to expose too many, does not want to expose to give Long Family this colossus particularly. Although Long Xiaoxiao, calculates that has rescued the Chu Feng's life, but Chu Feng has not trusted them. Let alone, Long Xiaoxiao this girl, looks simple-hearted, the plans are quite actually deep, regarding this girl, Chu Feng has the heart of guard. Two ruins are connected, then another ruins, where , is what appearance?” I want to take a look.” During the Long Xiaoxiao speeches, then moved toward that to say the formation gate, but is walking, she hesitated suddenly. Freely, under the Chu Feng's control, that said that the suction of formation gate has vanished, is the aura of that danger, has not actually weakened. Therefore, Long Xiaoxiao still about its felt to dread. Princess Xiaoxiao, you may do not go.” You have not grasped the formation technique strength, if goes, has not arrived at that ruins, by this formation strength, will be ripped the smashing.” Chu Feng is actually frightening Long Xiaoxiao, he cannot certainly let Long Xiaoxiao, enters in main formation.

But, Long Xiaoxiao was also really daunted by Chu Feng, therefore not only not again thorough, instead rushed to draw back. Zhuge Yuan spatial, but also is really fierce, living was so big, but also sees such dangerous aura for the first time, should this not be the common Spirit Formation method?” Long Xiaoxiao asked to Chu Feng. Indeed is not the common Spirit Formation method, but is what kind of strength, I am not clear, Zhuge Yuankong senior method is too profound, although I grasped the formation technique strength, but also grasps part.” Chu Feng said. After all, Zhuge Yuankong, once was my Saint Light Galaxy most World Spiritist.” He can have such method, the old man is actually not surprised, because his itself is strongest.” Oh, mentioned was also a pity, if not for initially were harmed by the friend, he was impossible to lose to Enlightenment Saint Venerable, if not for defeated on the same day, he will not nurse hatred to commit suicide.” Suddenly, Long Shengbu said after a sigh. He had no interest a saying, was these words, actually pricked in the Chu Feng heart. Do the friends harm??!!! This simple several characters, make Chu Feng realize, the matter of past years, was not simple. Senior Long, Zhuge Yuankong senior, does not beat Enlightenment Saint Venerable, but suicide?” How you said, was harmed by the friend, does this matter have the secret facts?” Chu Feng cannot bear closely examine. Is only Rumor, unascertainable.” Indeed has this view.” Long Shengbu said. Senior Long, the technique of junior also cultivation World Spirit, respects about Zhuge Yuan spatial senior extremely.” Although he had died for many years, but junior regarding his matter, was still very curious.” Does not know Senior Long, can inform junior, in the past outcome what's the matter?” Chu Feng pursues again asks. „The Chu Feng little friend is so curious, the old man and you said that might also as well.” Is only the hearsay and guess, you may probably take seriously not.”

„Can you know Sima the slaughter?” Long Shengbu asked. junior does not know.” Chu Feng shakes the head. Zhuge Yuan spatial, good friend, is World Spirit Grandmaster, named Sima slaughter.” „When their two, are the juniors, then the good friend of acquaintance, obtained the ancient times to inherit together, therefore cultivated excellent Spirit Formation technique.” „, Their Spirit Formation technique were equally matched, is honored as is Saint Light Galaxy strongest World Spiritist.” Is only Zhuge Yuankong, actually ahead of time one step the strength of grasping Dragon Transformation Fifth Level, hence becomes Saint Light Galaxy, recognized most World Spiritist.” But regarding this matter, Sima the slaughter had not minded, after all they relate were excellent.” But Sima slaughter the technique of World Spirit, actually after that bogs down, throughout placed Dragon Transformation Fourth Level, Enlightenment Saint Venerable also exceeded him.” Originally, Enlightenment Saint Venerable and Zhuge Yuankong fights, does not close Sima the matter of slaughter.” But they relate after all excellently.” Therefore, when Zhuge Yuankong loses to Enlightenment Saint Venerable, and therefore after dying, everyone felt that as some Zhuge Yuan spatial Sima the slaughter, will also revenge for Zhuge Yuan spatially.” But, Sima the slaughter has not only revenged, instead all treasures that Zhuge Yuankong leaves behind, whirls away completely.” And after that day, Sima the slaughter then vanishes does not see, has not appeared again.” Later, but also some people said that in Zhuge Yuan empties before the Enlightenment Saint Venerable war starts, Sima the slaughter personally for Zhuge Yuan spatially boils made one bowl, special quality World Spirit immortal soup.” „A war, was Zhuge Yuankong occupied completely the winning side again in addition on the same day, pressed Enlightenment Saint Venerable did not have the strength to hit back.” „, Zhuge Yuankong strength starts to be weaken gradually, this turned defeat into victory by Enlightenment Saint Venerable.” Therefore then some people said, is Sima the slaughter envies Zhuge Yuankong, intoxicates in that quality World Spirit immortal soup especially, therefore Zhuge Yuankong, strength with no reason at all will weaken, loses to Enlightenment Saint Venerable.” Naturally, this is only everyone's speculation, does not have any evidence.” Long Shengbu said.