Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4909
How did this fellow come?”

He has this skill, found here quickly?” Song Yun vision gloomy looks at the distant place. Afterward she hidden the figure, hid the one side. In a while, had form together to come here. This person, is one of the Gongsun three talents, Gongsun tears rain. The Gongsun tears rain arrives at the position that stone door is at directly. Because stone door vanishes at present again, therefore after the Gongsun tears come here , is basic difficult discovers the stone door position. But he is unhurriedly, took out scroll from the bosom. On this scroll, not only marks the position that this stone door was, above also has to summon celestial chart formation technique of stone door. And, but also has a map, as well as another quite complex formation technique. Was here.” The Gongsun tears rain, on the record according to scroll arranges formation technique, very relaxed summoned stone door. „......” Sees stone door to appear, on the face of Gongsun tears rain too many pleasant surprises, instead have not been light smiles, just like finding here, to him is the matter in reason is the same. Afterward, the Gongsun tears rain then starting to walk step, plans to step into stone door. Bang Wa Wa But suddenly, a powerful strength drops from the clouds, being off their feet of Gongsun tears rain oppression, lay down on the ground directly could not move. „Is this feeling, Martial Power?” „Can senior, why make a move to me?”

I am the Gongsun tears rain of Gongsun .” The Gongsun tears rain, fully realized that here junior is unable to use Martial Power. And this time Martial Power, is Martial Venerable Realm, therefore his first response, was the subordinate of black ghost old demon acts to him. Gongsun tears rain, the old man asked you, did scroll in your hand come from where?” Together old, and is full of the dignified sound to resound, but actually this is the sound of Song Yun camouflage. She thought Gongsun tears rain, can find here is not unreasonable quickly. But at present, scroll in Gongsun tears rain hand, then proved her speculation is right. On this scroll, if in this position it is worth mentioning of stone door. Unexpectedly map, but that map Song Yun is somewhat familiar, that precisely enters the map after stone door. Gongsun tears rain even again fierce, is impossible only through covering sky formation technique, assesses the situation in inside stone door. On that scroll, besides the map of inside stone door, but also has great formation. Song Yun after all is also World Spiritist, she can look that great formation is used to control formation technique great formation. In other words, by formation technique that on scroll records, the Gongsun tears rain can control main formation in formation gate with ease, the quota of relaxed acquired living with the bride's family congress. Had such scroll in the hand, the Gongsun tears rain from the beginning, seizes completely the opportunity. But map like this, should not appear in the hand of his player. Only if...... senior, this map that is I draws.” The Gongsun tears rain said. fart, before old man, but also dares to install empty to practice fraud, looked that the old man does not want your dog's life.” Song Yun this words saying, the aura of that pressure immediately becomes stronger.

Only listens to the Gongsun tears rain, spreads the sound, the skeleton of his whole body, by the Song Yun pressure, was broken by pressing forcefully. …… senior stops, I said, I said.” He who a Gongsun tears rain pitiful yell, wants to conceal, is seeing with own eyes opposite party so very ruthless, has to say the matter origin truthfully. Originally Gongsun , had bought beforehand, is responsible for controlling this place formation technique Elder. This scroll, precisely that Elder gives them, not only in his hand has, in another two talent hands of his Gongsun also has. Has this scroll in the hand, three talents of their Gongsun , it can be said that decided but not yet announced here three quotas. Really is shameless.” Said quickly, is which Elder gives your map?” Song Yun asked again. senior, this I really do not know, the map is my clan senior gives me, but my clan senior, which Elder hand obtains from, I really do not know.” The Gongsun tears rain shakes the head again and again. Did not say that do not want to feel better.” Song Yun smiles cold, later the pressure falls, that Gongsun tears rain then called out pitifully again and again. This time Gongsun tears rain, then can only beg for mercy except for the pitiful yell, looks at that appearance, he really does not know who that Elder is. Regardless how the Gongsun tears rain begs for mercy, meaning that Song Yun has not called a halt. This feeling?” But suddenly, the Song Yun look moves, looks to the distant place. In inside stone door, has not released Martial Power obviously, unexpectedly was discovered?” The Song Yun brow tight wrinkle, looked at a that later already by the Gongsun tears rain that she makes into the severe wound, resembled made the decision.

Forgives your dog's life.” Song Yun this words saying, then puts out together the jade from the bosom. After the jade appears, immediately the ray twinkle, the formation gate then appears together. After Song Yun steps into the formation gate, the formation gate also accompanies her form, vanishes does not see. But when the Song Yun form appears again, is pregnant beside the thing forest. Really is, why to be interested in that Asura burial ground.” Helped me find the dark demon you to be all right, because of the participate living with the bride's family congress, do not die in Gongsun these dog thing hands.” Song Yun looks that was pregnant the direction of thing forest to whisper, later then turned around to be about to leave. Little friend, only walked words, is not quite good?” But who once thinks, the old person form, appeared in Song Yun together behind. But this old person, precisely previously outside Asura burial ground, informed the Chu Feng participate living with the bride's family congress, possibly has the opportunity close to Asura burial ground that old person. This old person strength, immeasurably deep. But sees this old person, Song Yun actually shows a faint smile. cloud empty/sky senior, didn't you really recognize me?” Does not recognize me not to relate, can this you also recognize?” During the Song Yun speeches, from cosmos sack, took out a token. After seeing that token, that old person complexion, has changed immediately.