Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4910
Is pregnant outside the thing forest, does not have Song Yun and that cloud empty/sky Elder form.

They, went to an unmanned place. Grew up, indeed could not recognize.” „Can your mother be good recently?” cloud empty/sky Elder asked to Song Yun, this time attitude, with previously had the enormous difference. If previously were indifferent treatment of keeping aloof, then this time cloud empty/sky Elder, looked at the Song Yun vision, was more like kind senior, regards later generation that oneself appreciated. My mother is just the same as always, senior you, I thinks you actually now, as if receives thinking highly of black ghost old demon very much.” This words just left, Song Yun realized oneself spoke incorrectly, therefore rushes to cover the small mouth to change a statement: „It is not right, should be the black ghost Sir is right, hehe......” Unobstructive, after all we are one of us, does not use before me constrained.” Originally I also think, is who has that big skill, can use Martial Power in formation technique of black ghost Sir, if you, can definitely understand actually.” Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky said with a smile. But senior, since discovered, if you put me to walk like this, can implicate you?” Song Yun asked. She knows, destroys the black ghost old demon the rule, this is a big crime. If she leaves like this, may involve Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky. Unobstructive, I said that has not caught you to be good.” You have in formation technique use the Martial Power skill, even if can avoid my tracing, is not unusual.” Moreover, their dirty things were done, I turn a blind eye.” Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky said. senior, it seems like you also know, the Gongsun junior, attains internal scroll matter.” You... have not prevented unexpectedly, this does not seem like your character.” Song Yun somewhat surprised looks at Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky. This for a while other for a while, if sometimes wants to survive in a place, can only integrate their circles.”

Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky spoke this words time, although seemingly has nothing, is the forced smile of corners of the mouth, makes Song Yun realize, the life here, he is unpleasant. senior, such circle, is incompatible with you, why so to make things difficult for itself Song Yun to ask. I owe a black ghost Sir benevolence, this benevolence naturally must.” Yun'er, without other matters, you first leaves, I must hurry, otherwise is not good to confess.” Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky said. „Can senior, help?” Song Yun said. Any busy, you said that is.” Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky asked. Asked senior to help me look, with that person who I travelled together.” Song Yun said. That Asura World Spiritist?” It seems like he and you relate unusual.” You could rest assured that I will look after as far as possible his.” So long as he does not enter Asura burial ground, I will guarantee him surely safely, if enters Asura burial ground, his life can only control by he himself.” Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky said. senior, this living with the bride's family congress, can the following inspection, be related with Asura burial ground? Can they really enter Asura burial ground?” The Song Yun brow wrinkles slightly. The Asura burial ground ominous name, does not crack a joke, she does not hope very, Chu Feng enters that place. Un, the black ghost Sir has this arrangement, but how to arrange specifically, I do not know.” You , if not want to make him go, then I can urge him.”

Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky, as if saw Song Yun worried to Chu Feng's. Ok, if he goes, makes him go, I cannot run his decision.” senior, today many thanks, for does not put to trouble to you, I said goodbye.” Song Yun to Dongfang(east) cloud Kongbao holding the fist in the other hand, was then about to leave later. Yun'er, sees your mother , helping me have words troublesome, she to my benevolence, my Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky always always remembers at heart, if needed, even if goes through fire or water, so long as her a few words, my Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky does not hesitate.” Dongfang(east) cloud empty/sky said. senior felt relieved, this words I must be able to bring.” Song Yun shows a faint smile, then turns around to depart. ...... Is pregnant in the thing forest, in that stone door, Chu Feng had arrived at this formation gate most deep place. And after spending the First Rank time, Chu Feng also controlled main formation smoothly. Although controlled main formation, but in the Chu Feng's heart still has an anxiety. He always felt, all these were too smooth, smooth somewhat extraordinary. If, he occupies by Heaven's Eyes takes the initiative, but also calculates in the reason. May control the main formation such long time, unexpectedly without others discovered that this formation gate, was not quite reasonable. After all that three talents of Gongsun , may be Dragon Transformation Fourth Level World Spiritist, by their status, even if observes the method to be inferior to itself, but will not differ inevitably is too. Prosperous rumble Suddenly, this main formation starts to tremble, later the formation gate then starts to reappear together the formation. Finished?” Another two formation gates, was controlled?”

Sees the formation of this formation gate, the past experience told Chu Feng, this fought for the inspection of living with the bride's family congress quota, as if had arrived at the last act. Sure enough, after that formation gate forms thoroughly, has a special strength to cover that formation gate. Only has Chu Feng, this formation technique control, can step into the formation gate. Chu Feng not hesitant, stepped into the formation gate directly. The instance that but steps into, Chu Feng walked. When Chu Feng goes out, he discovered that... he has left was pregnant the thing forest, arrived was pregnant beside the thing forest. But in his front, is standing the dense and numerous crowds. Not only there are previous guards to be pregnant thing forest entrance Elder, many World Spiritist later generations. These World Spiritist later generations, after seeing Chu Feng, the expression is actually a long story The shock, difficult believing and other complex mood, appear in abundance on the faces of these people, here Elder, is similarly so. However Chu Feng extremely has not actually cared about these, but looks to the surroundings. Because in his left and right, but also has two formation gates, in that formation gate, two forms had walked for the time being. This......” After seeing that two, Chu Feng was also surprised some. Without a doubt, goes out from these three formation gates, then through person of inspection. But at present, including the Chu Feng three people, does not have Gongsun .