Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 5886
As for Chu Feng , he although somewhat is also hurried, but had not felt oneself must die without doubt.

He felt, so long as Shengguang Clan, but also without finding Shengguang Yu, will not kill him inevitably. Chu Feng within the body, Divine Deer such existence. If by some chance Divine Deer shows mercy, is willing to help Chu Feng. At the Divine Deer strength, Chu Feng can flee inevitably, even if Shengguang Clan Clan Head, not necessarily can block Chu Feng. This is also Chu Feng, dares to come to here, trades the reason that Chu Lingxi and Gu Mingyuan leave with oneself. Chu Feng arrived again, camp of Shengguang Clan situated in Storm World. But this time, he no longer enjoys the distinguished guest treatment, instead was led into the gloomy dungeon directly. When opens the dungeon front door, after Chu Feng steps into the dungeon, discovered, in this dungeon, has many Shengguang Clan people to await respectfully. And one, is Shengguang Clan Clan Head, Shengguang Xuanye. „The Chu Feng little friend, you really have the courage and wisdom, unexpectedly really came.” Comes the person, bestows the place to the Chu Feng little friend.” Shengguang Xuanye this words fall, take seriously some people to give Chu Feng to move in the seat. But Chu Feng has not sat down, instead said: Has made so the paddies, actually you do not need hypocritical.” You do not act to me now, nothing because of Shengguang Yu.” Sees that Shengguang Xuanye smiles, this said: „Should Shengguang Yu also live?” Naturally living , he if died, how I do want to leave?” Chu Feng said. „The Chu Feng little friend, among us is actually some misunderstanding.” You told me, which Shengguang Yu, me will not feel embarrassed you now absolutely, the beforehand matter, wrote off.” Shengguang Xuanye said. Shengguang Yu, now in my formation technique.” Chu Feng said. What formation technique?”

Where that is formation technique at?” Shengguang Clan many people were anxious, they are indistinct to listen, the Shengguang Yu situation, does not seem good. everyone please feel relieved, although that formation technique puts to death formation technique, so long as the time has not arrived, Shengguang Yu will not have the matter.” But, the time are not much, half a month time.” For half a month within, I , if not relieve formation technique personally, that formation technique will revolve, Shengguang Yu will be tortured to death.” Chu Feng said. Scoundrel, you courts death.” Shengguang Clan many people fly into a rage, extracts the pointed weapons, but also some people put out the special torture instrument, wants to begin to Chu Feng. But Shengguang Xuanye, is actually lifts the hand. Sees this situation, the Shengguang Clan people, was rushes to stop. „Doesn't the Chu Feng little friend, you believe the old man?” Shengguang Xuanye asked. Might as well spoke frankly, I indeed did not believe you very much.” But senior felt relieved, my Chu Feng always lives up to one's words.” So long as you make me leave safely, I definitely will make returning of Shengguang Yu security say Shengguang Clan.” Chu Feng said. „The Chu Feng little friend, it seems like we had no meeting of minds.” Since you are not willing to bleed off Shengguang Yu on own initiative.” That do not blame my Shengguang Clan clansman, is impolite to you.” The Shengguang Xuanye genial facial features, suddenly become gloomy and cold. But Shengguang Clan people, not only Chu Feng behind chair withdrawal, tied up Chu Feng on the penalty frame. Various poisonous insects, as well as various types of torture instruments, all neat places. „The Chu Feng little friend, we do not want to arrive this step with you.” You put Shengguang Yu now, does not need to receive the physical suffering.”

Supreme Elder Saint light cloud moon/month, said to Chu Feng. My Chu Feng inexpensive life, can let Shengguang Clan Young Master, the Shengguang Clan Clan Head biological grandson and I am buried along with the dead, was the value.” Chu Feng has not compromised the meaning, instead prepared for withstood all. You are really to hesitate to do something until forced to do even more, since you are so impenetrably thickheaded, does not take it ill us is not impolite.” Comes the person, making him experience, fierce of my Shengguang Clan penalty!!!” Saint light cloud moon/month gets angry the sound to shout. Then has the manpower with the torture instrument, walked to Chu Feng. „......” But who once thinks, the surface opponent grasps the torture instrument to come the person, Chu Feng not only not to have a fear, instead the corners of the mouth raise wipe the smile. That wipes the smile, is quite contemptuous, has not paid attention to these torture instruments simply. Such smile, enraged the Shengguang Clan people. Various types of torture instruments, start to use on Chu Feng one after another. Chu Feng starts also to endure, is along with the unceasing promotion of penalty, Chu Feng is also difficult endures, starts to send out the rending pitiful yell. But even if very painful, but Chu Feng has not said where Shengguang Yu. Chu Feng is clear, Shengguang Clan despicable. Shengguang Yu is his card in hand, so long as Shengguang Clan does not know that Shengguang Yu where, Chu Feng may go on living, but if Shengguang Clan, knows Shengguang Yu where, Chu Feng must die without doubt. Therefore, Chu Feng in any event, will not say the Shengguang Yu whereabouts. Suffers to Chu Feng's, conducted a double-hour. That swayed the torture instrument and poisonous insect, have taken turns to use to Chu Feng. Chu Feng has been covered with blood, suffered looking awful. But Chu Feng, has not said as before, Shengguang Yu whereabouts. This lets the Shengguang Clan clansmen, starts with a worried look. Sir Clan Head, what to do?” Saint light cloud moon/month, arrives in front of Shengguang Xuanye to ask.

Originally, their plans, with confession extortion with torture, compelling Chu Feng to say the Shengguang Yu whereabouts. But they have not thought, Chu Feng so can resist unexpectedly, is intractable simply, this lets Saint light cloud moon/month, this Shengguang Clan Supreme Elder, does not know that should should do. This boy mouth is hard enough.” Such being the case, can only bestow him dead.”, Shengguang Xuanye said. Sir Clan Head, if really killed him, that feather also......” Saint light cloud moon/month is somewhat intense. You also saw, this child is one has the person of planting.” If this time leaves trouble for the future, another day must to become big contract.” I also want feather to live, but if to rescue feather, put him, leaves behind a big trouble for my Shengguang Clan, this risk I do not dare to brave.” Let alone, even if put him, he is still not necessarily able to let off feather.” Shengguang Xuanye said. But at this time, the Shengguang Clan all clansmen on the scene were silent. They also felt, Shengguang Xuanye said is very reasonable. The Chu Feng talent is not only outstanding, but also unusual has the strength of spirit, role that even it can be said that does not fear death, this person indeed very fearful. Even if their these great people, felt, Chu Feng is a somewhat fearful later generation, may not leave future trouble. Shengguang Xuanye then stands up, step by step, arrived in front of Chu Feng's. Chu Feng, you are very intelligent, you guessed right, even if you told my feather whereabouts, I will not let off you.” Because, I am impossible to let people like you, exists in Saint Light Galaxy.” If can remove you, even if sacrificed my descendants, I also thought that is worth.” Shengguang Xuanye said these words time, clenches jaws. And this words saying, boundless killing intent, then releases to locate from its within the body. His facial features are fierce, the vision is vicious, is to massacre Chu Feng personally!!!!