Martial Peak - Volume 56 - Chapter 5551
Once this gateway tunnel was shattered, not only he is hapless, hides these people in Cave Heaven the same as be hapless, must therefore stand firm Void Tunnel to be good in any event.

Cannot pester, must fight a battle to force a quick decision. Two Territory Lord, by the Yang Kai present condition, truly are not but fond of playing jokes, only if offers a sacrifice to Abandoning Soul Thorn again. Can be able to support? Yang Kai found time to nose under the oneself Divine Soul situation, less than half other day, he inscribed the gearing to use three Abandoning Soul Thorn in short time, serious of Divine Soul tearing, but there is a Mild Soul Lotus nutritious restore, did not have the too major problem actually, torn Divine Soul also had changed for the better, the key was he does not know that own can use Abandoning Soul Thorn again. If can support, that all said that cut to massacre as soon as possible Territory Lord, remaining tried to find the solution again slowly. If cannot support, he unconscious, does not know that must do to have an accident. At this moment uses Abandoning Soul Thorn again, does not calculate that uses fourth one after another, because there is a buffer period. Really, own was too weak, if Divine Soul were powerful enough, two Territory Lord were nothing, a person to Abandoning Soul Thorn, did together with ease. But when he is indecisive, two Territory Lord started to launch an attack actually, they also saw obviously Yang Kai's was distressed . Moreover, each other when fought the turbulence of this place was also obvious. this time starts to Yang Kai, even if could not kill him, can turbulent this gateway tunnel, not being able to do well to break this place, such they can get out of trouble. The Void turbulent flow is even more fierce, two Territory Lord had the decision, simultaneous angrily roared, the stimulation of movement strength, about killed toward Yang Kai. Does not manage! The Yang Kai also heart makes a determined effort, in this world does not have absolutely the feasible matter, thinks that a risk does not undertake that is impossible. Present he, how said again also walks from sea celestial phenomenon are more powerful than initially, moreover times tear Divine Soul to use the Divine Soul time, is nourished patching by Mild Soul Lotus again, to some oneself Divine Soul also help. His Divine Soul, compared with wanted initially absolutely powerful many. Also there is a cushion of small half day, even this time used fourth Abandoning Soul Thorn, the big probability will not have the matter. The heart has to decide the idea, looks at that two to rush ahead toward own, foot deep foot shallow Territory Lord, Yang Kai does not draw back instead enters, holds a gun then to move forward to meet somebody. The left eye place, golden cross vertical eye revealed, under the Life's Exterminator Demon Eye stimulation of movement, the inverted image leaves a Territory Lord form. That inverted image suddenly twists, fold. Opposite Territory Lord instantaneous as if struck by lightning, the rave makes noise, the pain cannot withstand, at the same time, the Yang Kai's left eye also explodes together the blood line, the field of vision is fuzzy. Myriad Demons Heaven the pupil technique, his after all practice is not proficient, really Myriad Demons Heaven Old Ancestor acts personally, perhaps under the stimulation of movement, can stare the dead opposite party full power. However also enough, mutually wounded, Yang Kai has not gone to pay attention to this by Territory Lord that he aims , the instance of Divine Soul tearing, Abandoning Soul Thorn is made silently, kills toward another Territory Lord.

Next flickers, that Territory Lord also angrily roars alarmed and afraid, the pain on Divine Soul, the pain by far flesh body, that seems like radically the unendurable pain. Short instant time, two Territory Lord by heavy losses. Yang Kai holds to gun down! A spear pierces to that Abandoning Soul Thorn Territory Lord, long spear/gun above, various multi-channel boundaries fluctuated the deduction, space-time is confused in this flash. That Territory Lord has not even gotten back one's composure, Azure Dragon Spear has then exploded his head stamp. Territory Lord aura is rapid! Yang Kai radically without enough time joyful, at this moment, his dizziness vertigo, only thought own possibly loses the consciousness probably momentarily, his breaking by biting tip of tongue, maintains own clear and bright reluctantly. Although there is a buffer period, may use this fourth Abandoning Soul Thorn, to his limit. In short time, he was really impossible to use fifth Abandoning Soul Thorn again. Territory Lord! Territory Lord that lives is somewhat scared, reaches an agreement two one group, Yang Kai takes them not to have the means? All is the nonsense, their two in this damned place, were cut one by Yang Kai unexpectedly with ease. Among the life and death, he cannot pay attention to Yang Kai's to be distressed, but a fist rumbles ruthlessly. Yang Kai flies upside down, was rumbled in one pile of turbulent flow, nearly submerged the form. But after this Territory Lord rumbles a fist, turbulence gateway tunnel not rather as if really must break, was torn an opening unexpectedly all of a sudden. Three powerhouses in this place life and death preying, outside four Territory Lord are also thinking means shatter Void, gateway tunnel somewhat to be naturally hard to support. Sees that hole, Territory Lord that lives is overjoyed, gripped. Not far away, the Yang Kai expression struggles strangely from the turbulent flow, although the headache wants to crack, the thoughts are hard to concentrate on, may realize that Territory Lord...... feared didn't regard the road of escaping the opening of that tearing? How otherwise can run is so quick. This may be convenient. He does not want with remaining Territory Lord life and death preying, to kill now again motionless, what to do originally somewhat was awkward must, not need to be awkward at present actually. My wife, where is the road of what escaping, gateway tunnel broken, gives up any idea to leave radically. My wife leads, is location/position of Void turbulent flow deep place. Therefore said that Void crevice danger, even if powerhouse, if did not lose carefully, was still possibly stranded forever is one of them. Saw with own eyes that Territory Lord vanishes in the opening, Yang Kai does not go to manage him, in the thorough turbulent flow, in his short time gave up any idea of the road that found, waits for own to repair and maintain, makes him again!

Received Azure Dragon Spear, the Yang Kai Space Principle stimulation of movement, goes toward the forward-swept following gateway tunnel. After a little while, crashes in Cave Heaven. husband!” Young Master!” Adoptive father!” Big Brother!” ...... At sixes and sevens shout transmits from four sides, the people who previously came in welcomed, saw a Yang Kai dry blood stain, the old wound has not added the new wound, which has not known that he encountered the powerful enemy. Yang Kai drops the figure, puts out extravasated blood, beckons with the hand, pale say/way: Unobstructive!” In crowd, headed by Li Ziyu and the others the officers expression is looking at Yang Kai shocking. Is this 8-Rank? Did Yang Kai promote 8-Rank? They know Yang Kai, after all has slaughtered in black ink battlefield, the name of Yang Kai has hearing early, Yang Kai that but they know, is only 7-Rank. But sees today, knew others to promote 8-Rank unexpectedly. for a moment, Li Ziyu and the others the looks are earnest, they previously must kill to meet head-on, feared that was stopped up by the Black Ink Clan powerhouse in inside, and yet, has Yang Kai and Feng Ying two 8-Rank words...... not necessarily does not have the opportunity. Cave Heaven shakes, in the sky covered entirely the crack, spread across, seemingly, the land crack, has the stance that the end approaches scary. As if this entire Cave Heaven, momentarily possibly shatter. Outside four Territory Lord, perhaps many Black Ink Clan making a move shatter Void, is naturally impossible to here Cave Heaven unprevailing, if the ignores acts, outside Black Ink Clan can open the gateway sooner or later, to will come, also or will go into hiding Cave Heaven in Void to break directly. By that time, under the Void turbulent flow sweeps across, hides martial artist here to have one is, must be coerced by the Void turbulent flow, can live many not to know that even if can live, perhaps must lose in the Void crevice. Is good not to have the law of dealing. At this moment, Zhao Yebai, Su Yan, Liu Yan is stimulating to movement strength stable four directions Void , to continue their three, 6-Rank Open Heaven!

Under the strength stimulation of movement, these four whole body Space Principle surge, Void shake times were smoothed, stable Cave Heaven. Zhao Yebai needless saying that results in Yang Kai to teach Principle of Space, now the attainments are not low, Su Yan has the Ice Phoenix source, Liu Yan has the Fire Phoenix source, but Phoenix Clan, is in itself the expert who plays with the space. Before this two, has not shown natural talent on Principle of Space, is the strength of bloodlines is not very mainly powerful. However Holy Spirit Ancestral Land practice many years later, the strength of bloodlines has the huge promotion, do not say, No-Return Pass was broken, Phoenix Clan brought that Indestructible Chinese parasol tree, Su Yan and Liu Yan also once were in charge of own Phoenix Nest, has closed up the period of time. Really by the attainments in Principle of Space, Su Yan and Liu Yan is not the least bit off compared with Zhao Yebai, this is the great strength of strength of bloodlines. 6-Rank that another Yang Kai does not know was actually bad, was naturally better because of this time many outputs. Has this four people of stable Void, this Cave Heaven will not break for a short time. Yang Kai shouted the one breath lightly, temporarily was safe, but he leads the person to crash in this Cave Heaven now, was the terrible business. Just like before Li Ziyu, worries about , that became the dead pigeon, this was Yang Kai has not wanted the reason of Cave Heaven avoidance from the beginning, only the Yearning Territory territory gate sealed off by the Black Ink Clan army pitifully, has no alternative, can only choose here to evade temporarily. However if outside Territory Lord has acted like this, he loves actually, so acts, to the consumption of Territory Lord also huge incomparable, if the Territory Lord strength used up, when he restored, spear/gun, all held! Thinks of here, Yang Kai passed on the sound said to Su Yan and the others: Don't stable was too fierce, controls as far as possible, if can maintain this Cave Heaven to break to pieces broken is not better.” Wants outside Territory Lord to continue to act, that must make them see the hope, if really all suppresses the vibration complementary waves, consolidated here space thoroughly, perhaps Territory Lord were also disinclined to act again. Su Yan and the others get an idea immediately the Yang Kai's intention, in the Zhao Yebai heart admires, Honored Master considers completely, this matter own cannot think absolutely. Yang Kai swept that numerous Huntsman, these fellows just now come to help out, the courage is actually good, but is stranded now here, looks again to another side, the heart is startled secretly, does here have so many martial artist? As far as eyes can reach, martial artist of this place gathering had almost several thousands. That side Human Race Head Office Division, only receives Yearning Territory to have martial artist to be stranded, but some concrete many is actually not clear. Such it seems like, was stranded here, perhaps martial artist of Yearning Territory territory, should have other big territories incessantly, otherwise does not have the truth to have so many. txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: