Martial Peak - Volume 56 - Chapter 5552
Without the thoughts thinks, now he is critically injured, regardless of flesh body or Divine Soul all suffer the heavy losses, left eye, because also just now stimulated to movement Life's Exterminator Demon Eye to have the damage, at this moment looked at thing not clear.

Not only he is critically injured, this time assists his three squad members, one is one, all has the wound in the body, but the weight varies. Is good because has not presented what buckle. Three squads, in some people Yang Kai besides Dawn do not know, other is the person of being intimate with, if really has what accident, that loses. Spiritual Mind moves, passes message Feng Ying one, Feng Ying gets an idea, nods slightly. Yang Kai in healing, others mostly in healing, only has Yang Xiao and other practice Space Principle does not have the time. Meanwhile, beside the Cave Heaven gateway, is headed by Monaya and other Territory Lord, under many Black Ink Clan powerhouses shatter Void, the wild energy is sweeping across furiously, front Void twists unceasingly, cracks present. Indistinct within, seems a gateway presents, the end of that gateway, is connecting world of a concealment in Void, this made Black Ink Clan be overjoyed, makes a move even more to go all out. So long as can break this gateway, they can kill in that Cave Heaven, when the time comes will not have to hide in Human Race that in this Cave Heaven hidden. Others , the key is that Mysterious Nether Army Regiment's Commander Yang Kai, if can kill him here, then must have the enormous impact on the Human Race morale. Really when is under the great reputation does not have the person with reputation but no real merit, Monaya previously received Mysterious Nether Territory and No-Return Pass that side pass on message, then does not dare to belittle Yang Kai, for this reason also asked five Territory Lord to help specially. Invited five, in addition five, that was enough ten Territory Lord. But now? Only had four! Ten change four, small half-day time! First by Yang Kai killing four, was stranded two by him, that two do not know that now is dies lives, if this can also not extinguish Yang Kai, the loss of that this time Black Ink Clan may be big. Do not say, arranges almost soon is also annihilated here 100,000 Black Ink Clan army. In any event, the this time potential must that Yang Kai cutting. On the 1st, on the 2nd, three days...... Under Territory Lord continuous making a move, the gateway in that Void may as if break momentarily, but throughout not truly shatter. This makes Territory Lord angry and has no alternative. But connects several days the full power to act, is Monaya this kind of innate Territory Lord, consumes greatly, each and everyone aura fell a big truncation. This gateway...... what situation? Monaya first has doubts, resembled remembered anything, the complexion changed!

Yang Kai that fellow is skilled in Space Principle, Cave Heaven gateway type of thing, involved Space Force, he decided however in opposite stable gateway, otherwise did not have truth gateway is not broken. This said own and the others did do not studiously? Continues, gives up? Continued words, having Yang Kai is stable in the opposite defense, not necessarily really can break that gateway, gave up...... being in this situation, how Monaya to be resigned to give up? In an instant, Monaya then had the decision. Continues to attack! Their here consumptions are huge, that side Yang Kai definitely does not feel better, but their four Territory Lord are injured except for You Gong, other three are almost complete body, Yang Kai, but severe wound in body. Carries the severe wound, but must consolidate the channel, when can insist? Sooner or later he will unable to withstand, by that time, gateway one broken, Yang Kai can act bashful at will. Now looks how long that Yang Kai can insist! In the Monaya heart cold snort, lifts the hand, patted neighbor a group of Black Ink Clan, died Black Ink Clan within the body that to gush out the strength of massive black ink from these, was held by him, concentrates in one group of black ink ball plunger entrances to swallow, supplemented own consumption. Other three Territory Lord see that also acts. for a moment, but also 10,000-20,000 Black Ink Clan armies of surviving died one less than half, remaining trembles all, Sir Territory Lord...... were insane, must with this method supplement unexpectedly one consume, they are incapable of revolting radically, the thoughts of even fleeing do not dare to have. The day passes day-by-day, in Cave Heaven, the Yang Kai's injury is restoring at the extremely considerable speed. But now, Human Race in entire Cave Heaven, was divided into three waves, it can be said that distinguishes right from wrong. A wave naturally is headed by Yang Kai, rescues, one wave is that over a thousand Huntsman, a wave is headed by Li Ziyu been stranded martial artist. Person who Yang Kai brings, the Li Ziyu person is also good, calculates that gathers at one. However that over a thousand Huntsman are actually not, is maintaining certain distance. No one feels like this improper, because existence of black ink disciple needs to be vigilant that this is also basically the reason that Huntsman does not gather the group, no one knows where black ink disciple will hide, does not maintain the this kind of vigilant heart, Huntsman outside, sooner or later is dead characters. Li Ziyu and the others and these Huntsman, even was far away from Yang Kai and the others on own initiative slightly some, in order to avoid creates what unnecessary misunderstanding. After the half a month, Yang Kai opens eyes slowly, an injury restores was similar, although has not recovered, but has no big obstructing, the wound on only Divine Soul, but also needs time to recuperate slowly.

He catches the eye to look, then arrived at Su Yan and the others to be pale, the figure creakied. Contending of half a month time, made them reach the limit obviously quickly, but once they to the limit, this Cave Heaven no one consolidated, soon must drive out the gateway by outside Territory Lord. The Yang Kai brow raises, some accidental/surprised, outside Territory Lord may really enough insist that this half a month, but also in shatter Void? However this is also he desired, in heart dark crisp, stimulates to movement Space Principle, simultaneously passes message Su Yan and the others. Next flickers, Su Yan, Yang Xiao, Liu Yan, that 6-Rank Open Heaven all falls in the place, takes out under the Spirit Pill clothing/taking that restores in abundance, said continually the strength of words did not have. Contending of half a month time, truly somewhat could not support. Cave Heaven still in vibration continuous, but Yang Kai has taken over, whole body Space Principle is unconstrained, is the same as the external strength, maintaining Cave Heaven broken. Compares Su Yan and the others being ready in full battle array, the Yang Kai's performance was more relaxed, the sensibility on Principle of Space, he naturally leads others. This almost can calculate that made his life main road, title of Void Great Emperor, was from this. Yang Kai turns head to look at Feng Ying, Feng Ying shakes the head slowly. Before the half a month, can he makes Feng Ying pay attention to these Huntsman, look have anyone to have exceptionally, to existence of black ink disciple, he also vigilant, after all black ink disciple, if not for exposes on own initiative, the bystander cannot see what difference. These Huntsman hunt and kill Black Ink Clan outside, whose guarantees does not permit in the sewers to capsize, by Black Ink Clan capturing, then black ink turned into black ink disciple, puts to inquire Human Race here information again, or tempts other Huntsman to swallow the bait. This matter Black Ink Clan definitely does a lot. However Feng Ying observed this half a month time, and no discovery, in Huntsman does not have black ink disciple either, either is dreaded the Feng Ying 8-Rank strength, does not dare to have anything to act rashly. Before Yang Kai did not have the time to handle this matter, now stops doing actually. He was also disinclined to say anything, stimulated to movement solar Moon Mark directly, the light of dazzling yellow blue two color appeared, the gathering blended, changes to pure white light, flickered instantaneous, in Cave Heaven, Yang Kai in it place, as if had a big sun to ascend. that big sun explodes, the white light radiation four directions, cover everyone are one of them. Some person of changes countenance, some people want to shoot up to the sky, but under the strength of Space Principle covers, everyone was imprisoned in place unable to move. In white light, dissipates suddenly like the black ink strength, was purified by white light instantaneously, as long as there is a black color martial artist that gushes out from within the body, shouts all in a low voice, complexion is difficult, but changes quickly peacefully. Among the moment, white light dissipates does not see. In the Huntsman camp, many people look the guilty look, surprise vision look in all directions.

Yang Kai, although had guessed correctly that in the middle of Huntsman will have black ink disciple, the didn't expect quantity are really many, over a thousand people of Huntsman, enough more than 60 black ink disciple, many 7-Rank. Some were some squad 1-2 members are melted by black ink, some were the entire squad are black ink disciple. Let Yang Kai feel what slightly accidental/surprised is, that side Li Ziyu several tens of thousands martial artist, unexpectedly are no one by black ink. Thinks that is not strange, they hide from the beginning in this Cave Heaven, feared that had dozens years not to have the outside world to relate, did not contact Black Ink Clan, naturally cannot by black ink. this time will expose, is the luck is bad, Li Ziyu and the others were stranded so many years, wants to leave here, rushes to Star Boundary, finally sends people to inquire the situation, was discovered the trail by Black Ink Clan, subsequently was stopped up. „The light of purification?” Some people recognized that pure white light. Will become Huntsman, basically does not come Cave Heaven Paradise, but Sect from Cave Heaven Paradise, they have not participated in the beforehand three wars, does not work for in the army, has not naturally seen the light of purification. Some actually people have heard, before the Human Race major regiments had own Expelling Black Ink Battleship, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship title page has the purification light/only this thing, can purify scatters the strength of black ink, is black ink disciple loses, can bring order out of chaos, gets back to the natural disposition. Pitifully only Human Race fought three times, major regiments the light of purification run out, before Yang Kai has not come back, Human Race mainly depends upon Expelling Black Ink Pill to resist the corrosion of strength of black ink. The Expelling Black Ink Pill effect is good, but relatively speaking, the light of purification is without doubt better. Before missed to see, this time experienced actually. old Zhou, your what situations?” Has getting to know each other well Huntsman to ask. Then was called makes old Zhou martial artist, one team of four people, all are black ink disciple, does not need to think, this team of four people once fell into the Black Ink Clan hand, was transformed for black ink disciple. old Zhou feels dejected: Not to mention, one year ago does not meet Territory Lord carefully, the result has not run away.” You may be really hapless enough.” A person of face speech sobbed. old Zhou this team of population are not many, the strength is not too strong, two 6-Rank two 5-Rank, bumps into the leeway that Territory Lord where has anything to revolt against, has not died, is that Territory Lord thought that black ink melted was better. txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: