Martial Peak - Volume 56 - Chapter 5553
During the speeches, looked at Yang Kai one timidly, actually discovered that Yang Kai simply has not cared about them.

What having is good to care? In the middle of Huntsman has black ink disciple, the fools can guess correctly, but who concrete does not have the means to confirm, the light of this purification covers, did not have to hide actually. After the light of purification scattered the strength of black ink, black ink disciple also got back to the natural disposition, cannot be regarded again black ink disciple. Regardless of they had made anything before, that is not their consciences, Yang Kai does not have the thoughts accountability. old Zhou and the others also relax. In thousand people, had/left about 60 black ink disciple, partly has many proportions, this proportion may be big. However this proportion is also not normal, perhaps also has the factor of Black Ink Clan specially arrangement in inside. Black Ink Clan must with Yearning Territory been stranded martial artist fishing, naturally can transfer some black ink disciple to pry the Human Race information, the proportion that therefore this partly has is high, the proportion that in the middle of true Huntsman, black ink disciple has so will not be big. Does not go to the manages these black ink disciple matters, Yang Kai turns the head to look to Li Ziyu, opens the mouth saying: „Is this place your chancellor?” Li Ziyu goes forward one step, holds the fist saying: Danyang Li Ziyu, has seen Sir Regiment's Commander!” This half a month time, Li Ziyu also knew from Dawn Squad Yang Kai takes the post of the Mysterious Nether Army Regiment's Commander matter, had some understanding of also many. Hides in these years, the outside world is earth-shaking, making him sob. However Yang Kai as Mysterious Nether Army Regiment's Commander, unexpectedly braves hardships and dangers to rescue their these by the body personally by the person of being stranded, touches people. Li Ziyu did not approve actually the Human Race high level handles affairs, is very easy to have problems, 8-Rank total garrison-level other, died in battle two, but also there is no too big matter, to arrive at a army Regiment's Commander this level, if really died in battle, has the enormous influence on an entire regiment. Do not say, present Regiment's Commander, compared with past black ink battlefield Regiment's Commander, the status was nobler. Now various place big territory battlefield don't Regiment's Commander, under which have 12 million armies, that side black ink battlefield? A mountain pass tens of thousands people. However he also knows, since Yearning Territory here news passed on, no matter been stranded martial artist had many, Human Race was impossible to sit by and do nothing. Really wants, no matter, cold outside expedition the heart of officers. Black Ink Clan this executes the scheme, even if Human Race knows that is the trap must jump. However the present, this Mysterious Nether Army Regiment's Commander does is very splendid, gets three squads, cut four innate Territory Lord, this exactly average person can achieve. ...... The present was stranded here, many are somewhat awkward. Danyang......” Yang Kai somewhat is slightly absent-minded, Ning Qizhi, understanding?”

Ning Qizhi also comes Danyang Paradise, follows Yang Kai to risk one's life, finally died in battle in black ink battlefield. Li Ziyu bows saying: According to the words that the rank calculates, is my Martial-Uncle.” Danyang has the person outstandingly......” Yang Kai to sigh with emotion one. Li Ziyu said: Sir erroneous approved.” Yang Kai beckoned with the hand, did not have the interest of idle talk, looked at that several tens of thousands martial artist saying: martial artist of this incessantly Yearning Territory territory?” martial artist of nearby big territory, dozens years ago evacuates time passed by Yearning Territory, is preparing to converge to rush to the scheduled big territory together, Black Ink Clan invaded, but, we can only hide here, until today.” Yang Kai nods slightly, several tens of thousands martial artist looks at are many, but the strength is actually the good and evil intermingled, Open Heaven Stage are not many, Rank is not high, on Li Ziyu and other 7-Rank, a this kind of strength, really runs into the Black Ink Clan army is nothing good end, hiding in this place is also helpless the action, can preserve itself at least. Also has Universe Cave Heaven thanks to Yearning Territory, long ago by lovesickness gate discovery control, otherwise really did not have the place to hide. Resembled sees the Yang Kai's thoughts, Li Ziyu said: Sir, if has a mind to clash, I and other squads am willing to be the vanguard!” Several other 7-Rank also nod the head, the look is firm and resolute. Yang Kai shoots a look at their one eyes: What vanguard is, to was killed? Outside four Territory Lord.” Let alone these 7-Rank, are Yang Kai, words that really must crop up rashly, definitely a blood that wants not to hit. Before can kill these Territory Lord, is in fine weather and favorable geographical position, Abandoning Soul Thorn displayed great erupts to use, the words that fought with all might directly, where Yang Kai can by an enemy four. Both unbearable. But......” Li Ziyu wants saying that does not flush, can could it be that hide here? Yang Kai lifts the hand to stop: First waits.” Li Ziyu does not know that he must wait for anything, but was not good to say again, can only draw back. Yang Kai looked at a that partly visible gateway, the brow tight wrinkle, now was stopped up in this Cave Heaven, somewhat is really uncomfortable. Moreover, the words that really wants to get out of trouble, have not been able to delay are too long, outside Territory Lord will unable to do well will ask for aid, he does not know that who this place Territory Lord will be in the chancellor, only looked before , a total of ten Territory Lord will assume Yearning Territory, apparent this Territory Lord will be a cautious fellow. If guesses right, the opposite party should ask for aid now, once there are many Territory Lord to come, the hope of difficulty-relief was uncertainer. Words that therefore really wants to leave, but must hurry to try to find the solution. The Yang Kai eyeball transferred the revolutions , to continue healing, his injury has not recovered.

Also passes half a month, slowly Su Yan and the others restore was similar, before several people , the injury is not serious, but stimulates to movement the Space Principle resistance impact consumption to be somewhat big, half a month time enough restores. That 6-Rank Open Heaven arrives in front of Yang Kai, bows a ritual: Ten thousand Leshan sees the corridor lord.” Also shifts to nearby Miao Feiping: Has seen Senior Brother Miao.” Yang Kai opens eyes to have a look at him: Void Buddhist temple?” Will call him main, only then came disciple of Void Buddhist temple. Regarding this, before Yang Kai, somewhat guessed, 6-Rank Open Heaven, practice Space Principle, although the attainments are not too high, was good, greatly possibly comes the Void Buddhist temple very much, inherited some of his main roads. Walks from the Void Buddhist temple, many people such as ten thousand Leshan so, has achievements on Principle of Space either, either is Principle of Time, what are most is Spear Principle, because this compared to the time space, is simpler. Before so, since Yang Kai comprehended ten thousand after sea celestial phenomenon, disciple of Void Buddhist temple family background started to all flowers bloom together, more main roads were perceived through meditation by Buddhist temple disciples practice. It can be said that the martial artist future main road direction of Void Buddhist temple family background, has very big relations with Yang Kai, naturally, not completely, but also was overwhelming majority. 6-Rank Open Heaven, the strength was good, aptitude is also quite good, moreover Yang Kai does not recognize him, this explained that he is the last batch is emitted Small Universe by Yang Kai, is Yang Kai returns from black ink battlefield, in that batch in Void Land putting. Because the population were too many, several thousands, they promoted Open Heaven outside Void Land fully at that time, was Bi Xi and Mo Mei and the others startled heavy, each and everyone straight promote 6-Rank 7-Rank, the scene was magnificent. In black ink battlefield, in the Buddhist temple also walks some disciple, the quantity are not every time many, Yang Kai did not say that remembers the name of complete people, at least looks at looks familiar. Promoted Open Heaven in Void Land, time may shortly, therefore , ten thousand Leshan be straight promote 6-Rank, in the future hopeful 8-Rank. This grade of aptitude, is truly good. How to enlist in the military?” Yang Kai asked. ten thousand Leshan said respectfully: I and others promote in Void Land, later follows Bi Xi Old Sir to withdraw Star Boundary, most brothers and sisters joined the major regiments, I and others presented the life of Big Manager, became Huntsman, was responsible for prying various place big territory Black Ink Clan information trends.” Hua Qingsi handiwork! Yang Kai understands clearly. The Huntsman actually not just single is Huntsman, is scouting of Human Race, transmits the information that from outside, mostly is Huntsman risks neck to deliver. This must have, otherwise solely only in that more than ten big territory battlefield and Black Ink Clan battle, the situation knows nothing is not good. Hua Qingsi also really gives up.

This and other straight promote 6-Rank good seedlings, but in the future promotes 8-Rank hopefully, unexpectedly put, really encountered what danger outside, but no one can rescue. If ten thousand Leshan this kind of, the quantity should be many. Yang Kai estimated that Hua Qingsi does that incessantly, that side Human Race Head Office Division also has the arrangement, If nothing else, this time Yearning Territory had the martial artist been stranded news, was Huntsman passes on. Was laborious you.” Yang Kai nods slightly. „The lord bestows me and other new students, disciple the bounden duty.” ten thousand Leshan lowers the head, the look is respectful. Comes disciple of Buddhist temple, to Yang Kai this say/way lord, has almost a frantic worship, because of their all, almost came from Yang Kai. Hua Qingsi has this kind of to arrange him not to know, but he that side has heard from Su Yan and the others actually, that side High Heaven Palace, there are two hundred Open Heaven Stage to be hidden by Hua Qingsi. These two hundred Open Heaven Stage, all were initially in Void Land straight promote 7-Rank! Without letting them enters the war, these 200 people of duties, are practice, keeps practice, does not fear the resources to be insufficient, feared that your perception is not good. Hua Qingsi thoughts Yang Kai knows, straight promote 7-Rank, hopeful achievement 9-Rank seedling, no matter what no one hates to throw into battlefield, if by Territory Lord killing, that was a pity. These 200 seedlings, did not count on that in the future can promote 9-Rank completely, even if only then 10%, or partly become, that was also more than ten 20 9-Rank. Hua Qingsi does not hate to invest in battlefield them, the Human Race high level does not give up, now in Human Race Open Heaven Stage that various place big territory battlefield go on an expedition, almost did not have straight promote 7-Rank. Star Boundary so many years have been born many straight promote 7-Rank seedling, were hidden by the major Cave Heaven Paradise snows, because they are the hopes, will be in the future. Is individual has the own selfishness, although now Human Race unity is strength, but 9-Rank of others family/home, always does not have good of own. Zhao Yebai and the others were also straight promote 7-Rank, according to the idea of Hua Qingsi, gave me to treat honestly in Star Boundary, outside fight to life or death, which day promoted 9-Rank leave alone, went out to shake the power and prestige is not late again. Where knew that these little fellows dare to slip out unexpectedly secretly. txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: