Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 479
Demon Lord gaze fell on the body of Nie Li, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly together the monster different ray, he sipped tea, seemed self-possessed. Nie Li felt terrifying aura from his body, he felt, if really hit, he not necessarily was the Demon Lord opponent. After seeing Demon Lord, Ye Ziyun is hard to suppress the hatred of innermost feelings, wants to rush, Nie Li hurried to put out a hand Ye Ziyun to block. Never expected that these days, your cultivation level also promoted so many.” Nie Li coldly said that Ye Zong enmity, absolutely irreconcilable. Dragon Ruins Realm, worthily is the place that the powerhouse converges, various here cultivation technique are innumerable, wants to cultivate to become extremely Expert, is not any difficult matter.” Demon Lord smiles to say lightly, and Small Exquisite World, is the entirely different two domains.” What you cultivation bites the Spiritual God merit.” The Nie Li eye narrows the eyes slightly, stares at Demon Lord to say. Good, has not thought that this looked by you.” The teacup in Demon Lord hand, restored naturally to say slightly immediately. Bites the Spiritual God merit, although can absorb the Demon Beast soul to promote cultivation level in a short time, making cultivation level be the extremely astonishing degree, but the cultivation technique bad risk, will backlash even the slightest misstep, when the time comes the whole body ruptured dead.” Nie Li sneered saying that cultivation level promoted high, was the bad risk, I wanted to have a look actually, you can biting the Spiritual God merit cultivation any degree.” Never expected that you understand so many unexpectedly, really pitifully.” Demon Lord sighed to say. Pitifully what?” In the Nie Li eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly wipes the cold light. Pitifully your I am the enemy non- friend, if you can help me, by your my two people of strength, wants to control this Dragon Ruins Realm also to have what difficulty.” Demon Lord laughs to say. Heard the Demon Lord words, the people in Main Hall all reveals the discontented look. „Who is he?” Unexpectedly said that such words, is simply extremely arrogant.”

The people appear very annoyed appearance. Nie Li smiles to say lightly: Birds of different feathers do not flock together, let alone, between you and me also has the absolutely irreconcilable enmity.” You say Ye Zong?” Demon Lord smiles, „a Small Exquisite World person, being worth so caring?” He to me, is the person of close relative.” Nie Li coldly said. That was really a pity. I do not want with you for the enemy, at least not to think now, in fact, we have a common enemy, could cooperate.” In the Demon Lord eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly a mysterious ray. Common enemy, you said actually looks.” Nie Li snorts contemptuously. Demon Lord is staring at Nie Li, looked at for quite a while, for a long time later said slowly: Sage Emperor.” Hears the Demon Lord words, Nie Li figure slightly, is staring at Demon Lord, for a long time. In the Nie Li heart is not quite a little clear, how Demon Lord knows Sage Emperor, although Sage Emperor is building up entire Dragon Ruins Realm, but the person in Dragon Ruins Realm, does not have to know. Because of their people of this level, simply does not have the ability to know. For thousands of years, as long as whose cultivation level can exceed Martial Ancestor, steps into that Realm, all died bewilderedly, no one knows how these powerhouses die, but only Nie Li knows, these people were massacred by Sage Emperor servant god hand/subordinate. Past Nie Li, after breaking through Martial Ancestor, hid for several hundred years in Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, this escapes. But afterward, has to on Sage Emperor, fight to the death with Sage Emperor. It seems like the response of very satisfied Nie Li, Demon Lord shows a faint smile, sipped tea easely.

The surrounding person heard the speech of Demon Lord and Nie Li, they have doubts, discuss spiritedly. Who is Sage Emperor?” I have not listened.” I have not listened.” They are guessing, is actually , can let Nie Li and Demon Lord these two young generation of super talents so cares. How I know, you are not his person.” Nie Li got hold of a nearby teacup. If I am his person, you have died.” Demon Lord smilingly said. Nie Li is grasping the teacup, crossed for a long time, this lets loose slowly. I can not feel embarrassed you, but you killed my father-in-law, works with you not possibly.” Nie Li looked up Demon Lord saying that just I also in strange, how your cultivation level can promote such rapidness, until now understands, you should be some antiquity period Spiritual God are reincarnated.” „To guess correctly that this is not difficult, I awaken also for a month.” Demon Lord looks up Nie Li saying that Sage Emperor strong, you also know, your I collaborate, not necessarily 1% assurances, if independent combat, will only die quickly.” That not necessarily, I did not think but actually you can help my anything.” Nie Li said very much desolately. It seems like you still are the Ye Zong death take to heart.” Demon Lord smiles, the right hand moves, in the hand were many a porcelain bottle, he placed on this porcelain bottle the desktop, say/way this thing gives you, although we may not cooperate, but at least can completely abandon past enmity.” The Nie Li doubts looked at Demon Lord, takes up that porcelain bottle, heard slightly, refreshing delicate fragrance, transmits from the bottle. „The spring of life!” Nie Li opened the eye suddenly, passed over gently and swiftly wipes the unbelievable look.

Good, universe end the spring of life, you should know how to use.” Demon Lord looks at Nie Li, this thing, has at least been able to prove my sincerity.” Has not waited for Demon Lord to say anything again, Nie Li directly spring of Shou life. Many thanks, you give me this thing, although we will not necessarily cooperate, however the beforehand enmity writes off.” Nie Li nods saying that had the spring of life, the Ye Zong soul that in addition Nie Li draws, can display secret technique, Ye Zong resurrect! Ye Zong can resurrect, the enmity between their Demon Lord, naturally not exist. You give me the spring of life, should, not only wants the vanishing past animosity is so simple.” Nie Li looks at Demon Lord, that sharp ray as if must see through general Demon Lord. Good, besides the vanishing past animosity, I also wants to ask that you want something.” Demon Lord nods to say. What thing?” Nie Li asked. Phaseless Divine Fruit solution, no matter many.” Demon Lord decides looks at Nie Li to say. How you know that I do have?” Nie Li asked. „The wondrous medicines that you divide, should make with the Phaseless Divine Fruit solution, is that so-called wondrous medicines, the density was too low, to me is useless, I must the purest solution.” Demon Lord said. How you know that I will give?” Nie Li stares at Demon Lord to say. Since you made so many wondrous medicines, in the hand Phaseless Divine Fruit, gives me surely some solutions, to you have no loss.” Demon Lord looks at Nie Li, the eye slightly narrows the eyes tiny was saying, naturally you can also not give, but don't you hope many enemy?”