Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 480
That is insufficient but actually. However is some Phaseless Divine Fruit solutions, delivered you!” Nie Li puts out several bottles, waved the arms about to throw to Demon Lord. Demon Lord received the jar, then received. You do not visit me to give your thing, is really false?” The Nie Li eyebrow selects slightly, looked that asked to Demon Lord. Does not need. You is a smart person, will not make that foolish matter.” Demon Lord said lightly. Ye Ziyun drew the Nie Li lower hem corner with the hand, asked: Nie Li, this person is he...... worth believing?” At least he gives my spring of life real. Had the spring of life, I can resurrect your father. Except for this, between I and him, then do not have the gratitude and grudges again.” Nie Li said calmly. But, Glory City, continuously under his threat!” Ye Ziyun said. If present, that has at least relieved now. Now the biggest threat, is Sage Emperor.” In the eye pupil of Nie Li passed over gently and swiftly continuously the cold glow, „, if makes him continue to refine Dragon Ruins Realm, no matter Small Exquisite World, is Dragon Ruins Realm, will change into the nihility. Everyone must die!” Therefore, sometimes enemy, can become the friend. At least before Sage Emperor dies, he and my goal is consistent.” Nie Li said. Although I do not understand, so long as is you decided that I will support you.” Ye Ziyun said assuredly. Nearby Xiao Ning'er also nods: I am also.” Others heard the dialogue of Nie Li and Demon Lord, feels a little has doubts, the spring of any life, any Phaseless Divine Fruit, any Sage Emperor, unexpectedly is not clear. Never expected that Nie Li and Demon Lord, unexpectedly are the old acquaintances.

This world, is so far sober, your my two people.” Demon Lord smiles to say lightly, „before Sage Emperor dies, your I am an ally, after he dies, your I fight it out again.” Said it and meant it!” Nie Li smiles to say lightly. Demon Lord swept around these people, said: You spend completely boss around these people with difficulty, waited till the decisive battle time, are they really useful? Is inferior to a person, breaks through the strength shackles, visits the peak, contend with his showdown.” Nie Li looked at Demon Lord, smiles to say lightly: I with your same idea, cultivation level had once been close to the Heavenly Law limit, but lost in his hand, why did you know?” Why?” Because he has six Deity rank demon beasts, and several thousand servant god, each cultivation level arrived above the Heavenly Law middle rank, so many Demonic Path Sect protect and sustain, after I defeated his so many, when with his showdown time, is then exhausted.” Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying. „Had you also once fought with him?” The Demon Lord eyebrow selects slightly. Good. I guessed that you should be on Gu position Spiritual God take possession. When you and his showdown, his side did not have many Expert, is during this long years, he has operated was too long, if we want to cope with him, the light is your my two people are definitely insufficient.” Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying. No wonder you must win over six big Divine Sect.” Demon Lord swept a all over the body each Divine Sect person, said. Good, I not only need win over them, but must help their strength rise, breaks through Martial Ancestor, steps into the Heavenly Law boundary in legend.” Nie Li said, he got hold of the fist slightly, only by doing so, can fight a decisive battle with Sage Emperor.” Wish makes the so many people step into the Heavenly Law boundary, this is perhaps unlikely.” Demon Lord said. Initially Sage Emperor can achieve, my naturally also energy.” Nie Li said assuredly.

That hopes that you can succeed. I may have no interest in them, since there is a Phaseless Divine Fruit solution that you gave, I prepare to close up several months!” Demon Lord said calmly, his body vanishes slowly, changes into the nihility, has left, Yuyin curls unceasingly, hope will say goodbye next time, your cultivation level should not be pulled open by me too far!” A thought that transmits from Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart, is Goddess Yu Yan. Nie Li, you may know this fellow, is what Spiritual God is reincarnated?” Yu Yan inquired. I don't know either.” Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying, on this fellow has extremely strange Aura, even I also somewhat dreaded.” Duan Jian looked that said to Nie Li: I in the middle of Phaseless Divine Sect, even if Martial Ancestor Realm Expert, does not dread, is only this person, his strength is as deep as a well, I am not his opponent.” This is very normal, this person I could not completely understand.” Nie Li said that temporarily with it for enemy and that is it.” , Six big Divine Sect Sect Master were in attendance quickly, cultivates Sect Master besides Heavenly Note Divine Sect Sect Master Nangong Xianyin and Phaseless Divine Sect Sect Master, Hundred Flowers Divine Sect Sect Master flower thousand moon/month and Primal Divine Sect Sect Master even/including Lie, Fire Divine Sect Sect Master flame shadow. After these Divine Sect Sect Master arrive in full, even Du Ze, Wei Nan, Zhang Ming and the others also came. Nie Li.” Nie Li!” They gathered toward Nie Li, was happy. After arriving at Dragon Ruins Realm, although they have the letter contact with Nie Li, but truly is long time no see. These days, everyone had very big change. You are good.” Nie Li looks to Du Ze and the others, smiles was saying. I am very good.” Du Ze shows a faint smile to say. We are also very good, cultivation level also had very big promotion.” Wei Nan, Zhang Ming and the others said.

„Are they?” Nearby Nangong Xianyin looked that asked to Nie Li. They are my brother.” Nie Li smiles to say lightly. The Nangong Xianyin look changed, in the heart was full of the incomparable shock, as Heavenly Note Divine Sect Sect Master, her news is very quick, as long as basically each Sect has a talent point later generation slightly, she knows. Let alone Du Ze and the others, are major Sect is extremely more outstanding, has the power and influence in each Sect very much. Never expected that Nie Li, in each Sect, placed his trusted subordinate unexpectedly! The key is, these people who Nie Li places, each talent is so powerful. What Nangong Xianyin does not know, Du Ze and the others cultivation level are powerful, and is not only only because the talent is so simple, but is extremely cultivation technique that they cultivation, at all is not ordinary cultivation technique can compare, in addition Nie Li gave back to them to deliver the so many wondrous medicines, they could not find out the kind to select difficultly. Naturally their cultivation are also extremely diligently, has not fallen. The powerful talent, in addition has a mind to operate in Sect, they became each Sect to have the person of right to speak extremely. Therefore each Sect Master comes Heavenly Note Divine Sect time, then also took them, this in the ordinary disciple, absolutely is a great honor. Today, our brothers meet again, must celebrate!” Nie Li laughs to say.