Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 481
Banquet lively banquet scene, Nie Li and people have a delightful conversation. Nangong Xianyin suddenly a little absent-minded, for a long time later, this sighed generously. Although is unwilling, but she knew, if continues again with Nie Li for the enemy, absolutely is the dead end, even also gives to build entire Heavenly Note Divine Sect. It seems like from now on, Heavenly Note Divine Sect can only the dependency in Divine Feather Sect, once becomes the Divine Feather Sect dependency, perhaps was very hard to pull out. So many girl students all married Divine Feather Sect, was Heavenly Note Divine Sect independent? From now on can only more tie up is deeper. As for other Sect, now each Sect most outstanding juniors, are the Nie Li subordinates, moreover they also take the wondrous medicines that Nie Li is giving, naturally also causes difficulties for others leniently. Now correct path six big Divine Sect, have been headed by Divine Feather Sect faintly. In the hall came several hundred people, is major Sect Expert, six big Divine Sect Sect Master also came, they naturally are see Nie Li. After all received Nie Li so many kindness, does not see the honorable person, always has a little can be justified, they also want to take a look, the person who this changes six big Divine Sect patterns who is. Nie Li is younger than the imagination, young becomes Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, seriously is extraordinary. In the correct path major Sect people chatted, the Nie Li station, held up the wine glass in hand, remote was saying to major Divine Sect Sect Master: Welcome to come Heavenly Note Divine Sect, Nie Li is not honored.” This fellow will also really compete, Nangong Xianyin shows the whites of the eyes, but has not refuted anything, just in secret, Nie Li the stopper gave her one bottle of wondrous medicines, it is said the drug efficacy wants on big dozens times compared with the ordinary wondrous medicines, she also can only consider as finished. Sect Master Nie was polite.” Phaseless Divine Sect cultivates Sect Master to laugh to say.

Does not know, what now Heavenly Note Divine Sect and Divine Feather Sect are relate?” Primal Divine Sect Sect Master looks at Nie Li tranquilly, what he has not thought that Nie Li generation of Nangong Xianyin spoke unexpectedly. Nie Li laughs saying: Martial Ancestor lord, Divine Feather Sect and Heavenly Note Divine Sect as dear as if one of the family.” Lu Piao listened to the Nie Li words, smiles to blossom at heart, the Heavenly Note Divine Sect girl students, were the Divine Feather Sect people, can not as dear as if one of the family? oh? Really this?” Primal Divine Sect Sect Master looked at Nangong Xianyin, actually sees Nangong Xianyin not to deny, the depth of Divine Feather Sect origin, made one dread, Primal Divine Sect talent most outstanding Du Ze and Hua Huo two people, was the Nie Li friend. In the Primal Divine Sect Sect Master heart a little doubt, is it possible that does Nie Li want to dominate six big Divine Sect? Today must say that is this matter, Divine Feather Sect the influence is then prosperous now, wants to come Sect Master, will think that Nie Li has the heart of dominating, whether thinks?” Nie Li looks to six big Divine Sect Sect Master. Primal Divine Sect Sect Master, Phaseless Divine Sect Sect Master wait/etc., lowers the head does not speak, has not responded, had not denied. Several other Sect Master also sit respectively, the facial expression is light, they want to listen actually, how Nie Li prepared to say. Just the opposite, Divine Feather Sect does not have the heart of dominating. If Divine Feather Sect really must dominate, the so many wondrous medicines, will not give major Divine Sect decisively selflessly. So many wondrous medicines, Divine Feather Sect only need use quietly, does not have several years, will naturally then become first Sect, whether Sect Master approves the words that Nie Li spoke.” Nie Li smiles to say lightly. Hears the Nie Li words, major Sect Sect Master, the facial expression relaxed much. Nie Li said truly right, if Divine Feather Sect really must dominate, why to give them the wondrous medicines, strengthens their strengths? Primal Divine Sect entire sect high and low, respects Sect Master Nie one cup.” Primal Divine Sect Sect Master carries the wine glass, remote respects Nie Li.

Since there is Sect Master Nie wondrous medicines, Phaseless Divine Sect the strength increases now, the Sect Master Nie great kindness, my Phaseless Divine Sect will remember for the rest of one's life!” Phaseless Divine Sect cultivates Sect Master and Xiu Ming and the others, raising glass remote respect. Others stand up in abundance, after all, they truly received the Nie Li kindness. Naturally, I do not help for no reason.” Nie Li smiles, person have the selfishness, I am no exception.” Sect Master Nie, if has any need we to do, we do utmost surely!” Sect Master Nie had anything to tell us freely, we met the bubbling spring to report surely!” Nangong Xianyin, raised up the ear, it seems like Nie Li really has a chart, but is chart anything, why will deliver the major Divine Sect so many wondrous medicines, she does not think clearly. Nie Li smiles saying that hear of I told a story. This world, some innumerable powerful Spiritual God.” Hears the Spiritual God two characters, the people raised up the ear, as major Sect Sect Master, they have certainly read the Sect ancient book, knows that world is to truly have Spiritual God, moreover Expert that also many Spiritual God reincarnations take possession. Their founders, are Spiritual God are basically reincarnated, open one generation of beginnings, establishes Divine Sect, afterward since major Divine Sect were well-established , to continue. This world, most powerful Spiritual God, he wants to pursue to exists high, becomes peak Spiritual God, therefore he wants to refine entire Dragon Ruins Realm, at the appointed time all lives, will change into the strength of source, uses for him.” Nie Li looks to major Divine Sect Sect Master, wants in the ancient book that comes major Sect to be well-established, should record this Spiritual God, this Spiritual God is called Sage Emperor.” Major Divine Sect Sect Master look at each other in blank dismay.

This is the ancient legend.” Nangong Xianyin frowns. Is it possible that Sect Master Nangong felt your Old Ancestor must deceive you intentionally?” The Nie Li faint smile looks at Nangong Xianyin. Our Sect ancient book really has the record.” The Primal Divine Sect Sect Master nod said. Our Sect also has!” Our is also!” Audience Divine Sect Sect Master nod in abundance. In people heart dark startled, is it possible that this is called Sage Emperor Spiritual God, really exists? They remembered Nie Li suddenly a moment ago and dialogue between Demon Lord. What I want to say that your Sect ancient book record, is not the legend, this Spiritual God named Sage Emperor truly exists, he refining up the Dragon Ruins Realm advancement not to stop, to resist with Sage Emperor, powerhouse who several Spiritual God are reincarnated, even formed Heavenly God Ancestral Land to resist with it.” Nie Li takes a fast look around the people. Heavenly God Ancestral Land, is the place of our Old Ancestor flying upwards, only then breaks through Martial Ancestor Realm or the selected person, can go to Heavenly God Ancestral Land.” Primal Divine Sect Sect Master said. Good, for trillion years, Heavenly God Ancestral Land keeps recruiting powerful Expert, jointly resists Sage Emperor together, now the Heavenly God Ancestral Land disintegration, actually still has almost not defeated Sage Emperor. Sage Emperor will soon build up Dragon Ruins Realm, extinguishes the world time will soon come, but all of you have not known now.” Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying.