Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 482
This......” major Divine Sect Sect Master look at each other in blank dismay, they by the words shock of Nie Li. Originally Sage Emperor in legend really exists, refining up entire Dragon Ruins Realm, is the opposite party powerful existence? On for example this wondrous medicines, you felt, except for Heavenly God Ancestral Land, where can find this type of thing?” Nie Li looked that shows a faint smile to say to the people. Then, are you Heavenly God Ancestral Land person?” Audience Sect Master look surprisedly to Nie Li. Sect Master is not silly, can so many wondrous medicines, selflessly offer to everyone, if not for the Dragon Ruins Realm life and death, who will make such foolish matter?” Nie Li looked that said to the people. The people looked at each other in blank dismay, hesitated for a long time. It seems like Nie Li was really the Heavenly God Ancestral Land person without doubt, since were the Heavenly God Ancestral Land person, they think, at this time they only had the unity, took orders in Nie Li, had the outlet. Lu Piao, Du Ze and the others blinked, was full of the doubts, when did Nie Li become the Heavenly God Ancestral Land person? Probably Nie Li had not acknowledged, the major Sect people thought. Our Primal Divine Sect is willing only Sect Master Nie to follow the lead!” Primal Divine Sect Sect Master thought a moment later, was saying to Nie Li slightly submissively, „, if Sect Master Nie has to cope with the Sage Emperor method, we are willing full power to coordinate.” Our Phaseless Divine Sect is willing only Sect Master Nie to follow the lead!” ...... Major Divine Sect Sect Master said, they can also look on the bright side of thing, Nie Li took so many wondrous medicines to come out, if wanted to obtain anything from them, in their Sect could not take anything, was more precious than these wondrous medicines. Can explain that only, that to resist Sage Emperor! Said that was fair.

Before Nie Li and Demon Lord confronted, talked about related Sage Emperor something. I, Heavenly Note Divine Sect, same......” Nangong Xianyin thinks, said reluctantly. Works as one, certainly can defeat Sage Emperor, spends together the great misfortune!” Nie Li shows a faint smile saying that gaze has swept the people, achieving that he estimates. Sect Master Nie, how should that then we do?” Audience Divine Sect Sect Master asked. Several things that then must handle, several Sect Master listened. I want Sect Master broad disciple, Six Great Sects currently at least to have 1 million disciples, but this also by far insufficient, I want major Sect, attracts tens of millions disciples.” Nie Li said. Every year in each universe the talent is outstanding, had been absorbed Sect, remaining is some worthless people, even if absorbs, still does not have any use. How should we teach them?” Phaseless Divine Sect Sect Master asked. I to your some cultivation technique, you will take away transcribing, only needed to pass to these disciples these cultivation technique to be OK. Moreover, all disciples, must cultivation a method, called a state of mind secret art.” Nie Li said. State of mind secret art, what cultivation technique is this?” Audience Sect Master inquired. Cultivated a state of mind secret art, can visit Heavenly God Ancestral Land, enters another domain. A cultivation state of mind secret art will have an advantage, that raises the speed of cultivation enormously.” Nie Li smiles was saying. Such being the case, that all depending on the Sect Master Nie arrangement!” Audience Sect Master said. Then I will leave some time, these days, but also asked Sect Master to arrange the matter that I explained as soon as possible.” Nie Li was saying to the people slightly submissively. Also asked Sect Master Nie to feel relieved!” The people return salute to say. Some cultivation technique that over the following several days, Nie Li will record, gave major Sect Sect Master, major Sect hurry to send people to transcribe. Various all sorts of strange and unusual mysterious powerful cultivation technique, making major Sect Sect Master exclaim in surprise.

Overwhelming majority cultivation technique, unexpectedly is much more powerful than the secret technique that they study, therefore, major Sect Sect Master regarding matter of Nie Li from Heavenly God Ancestral Land, believing in firmly. Only is these cultivation technique, was then priceless! Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er, Lu Piao and the others, under the leadership of Nie Li, packed a thing, then prepared to go to Small Exquisite World. Nie Li, actually this state of mind secret art is what thing, since can raise the cultivation speed enormously, why you don't make us cultivation?” The people have doubts ask. Your not suitable cultivation state of mind secret art, this state of mind secret art, is to resist the Sage Emperor helpless action. This state of mind secret art is I creates, all the people of cultivation state of mind secret art, truly can raise the cultivation speed, however in the process of cultivation, will branch out part of state of mind strengths......” Nie Li silent the moment to say. Branches out part of state of mind strengths?” Du Ze stares slightly, what makes?” This state of mind strength, can be practiced the person absorption of state of mind bunch heart secret art.” Nie Li said, then I will teach the state of mind bunch heart secret art to your several people.” Hears matter that this shocks everybody, the people stared in a big way the eye. If I speak the truth with them, only feared that they will suspect, does not dare to cultivate.” Nie Li smiles bitterly was saying, to resist Sage Emperor, I need everyone's strength, strongly on the body of small number of people, this to tread being enthralled boundary at the maximum speed.” Quite fearful, very powerful big cultivation technique......” people said shocking, long time has not recovered. Nie Li, if some tens of millions cultivation state of mind secret arts, finally how can?” Du Ze thinks, asked. If some really tens of millions people cultivation a state of mind secret art, we cultivation Martial Ancestor Realm, possibly only takes one day.” Nie Li thinks to say. „A day?” The people sucked in an cold air/Qi.

What side effect that this does cultivation technique have?” Yes, this cultivation technique was also too powerful.” Temporarily does not have the side effect, but the effect of state of mind bunch heart secret art, only then 30 years, 30 years later, these condense in our state of mind cultivation level, will diverge slowly.” Nie Li said. Originally is this.” Lu Piao thinks under said that this was also very powerful.” Nie Li, you are the preparation in 30 years, fights a decisive battle with Sage Emperor?” Du Ze looked that asked to Nie Li. Good, our time are most are only 30 years, this is our only opportunities.” Nie Li nods to say. Duan Jian is willing to follow the master and Sage Emperor fights, regardless of life and death.” Duan Jian said. Nie Li looks to Lu Piao, Du Ze and the others, with Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun looking at each other, he saw earnest in people eyes pupil. The previous generation, he looks that these people died, this, he will not make such matter happen absolutely again, for them, must win! In the Nie Li heart swore an oath secretly. :.: