Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 483
Glory City, here had gone through several months war, innumerable Demon Beast rushed to Glory City, fortunately has Ye Mo and the others the protections, repelled the attack of Demon Beast time and time again. In the city wall covered entirely the motley trace, these are the sharp claws of Demon Beast stay behind, under the city wall is everywhere is the Demon Beast corpses, many heroic Demon Spiritualist, their skeletons also buried under the city wall. In order to protect this city, for the power of this last survival, countless people advance uninterruptedly. Ye Mo stands above the standing tall and erect city wall, he is looking out the distant place. Present Glory City, but also is left over 300,000 people, every year keeps the casualties, the Demon Beast roar, often transmits from that side of canyon. On the Ye Mo old cheek, wrote all over a deep sadness, the elderly senior delivered the junior, his only son Ye Zong died, the granddaughter also went to very remote place, Glory City does not know when will destroy, he does not know when oneself can see the granddaughter again. Ye Mo can only keep fighting, for a Glory City final ray of hope. In entire Small Exquisite World, Demon Beast surges everywhere, several Demon Beast have evolved to exceed Legend Rank. Sir Ye Mo, the weather, you first rested late.” Ye Xiu looks at the Ye Mo old back, sighed to say slightly. The present reality, regarding an old person, was a little truly brutal. At this moment, a Soul Puppet bird fell on the shoulder of Ye Mo. Sir Ancestral Founder.” Ye Mo looked at Soul Puppet, said respectfully.

Ye Mo, during this period, I travelled for pleasure entire Small Exquisite World , the inhabit regions of several human were destroyed. Demon Beast that five exceed Legend Rank, will perhaps notice Glory City quickly. I notice recently, the space force keeps the drastic fluctuation, does not know that what happened.” Ye Yan slightly worried that obviously said. I feel, recently Glory City nearby Demon Beast often had the change, a following wave of attack, compared with any time of past, was perhaps powerful.” Ye Mo gaze said distantly, supposed we died in battle, Sir Ancestral Founder, please find a place to hide, waits for Ziyun and Nie Li they come back, gives him the key this. These children, were Glory City hope finally.” This key is......” Ye Yan stares slightly, „the key of Glory City Spiritual God ancestor place?” Yes, our Glory City, the most remote inheritance, there has the Blizzard Spiritual God god mortal form it is said.” Ye Mo nods to say. At this time, the end of horizon, Endless Space-Time keeps shaking. Together scarlet red flowing light, since the horizon flashes before, a sound shake horizon. Ha, the Small Exquisite World seal, opens finally, I waited till finally.” A monster different sound, spread over the entire mainland, innumerable Demon Beast rally together to surge, exudes the sound of intermittent deafening angry roaring. During that scarlet red flowing light, scarlet python baseless appears, its huge body, dozens meters, powerful Divine Will, spread over entire Small Exquisite World fully all of a sudden. In Dragon Ruins Realm, it subordinates in Demon God Sect, specifically is responsible for guarding the Small Exquisite World seal, before the Small Exquisite World seal has been closed, therefore he is unable to come. Until recently, the Small Exquisite World seal split an opening suddenly. Felt this powerful Divine Will, entire Small Exquisite World trillion Demon Beast, all trembled. This scarlet python opens big mouth fiercely, sees only hundreds of thousands of Demon Beast to fly from the ground, the mortal body disintegration disintegrates rapidly, the flesh was drawn in the mouth of this scarlet python.

Ha, has not eaten such good one for a long time.” The scarlet python laughs, the body changed to the human form. At this time, five flowing light flew toward the scarlet python, stayed in the front of scarlet python, was five huge Demon Beast, said with one voice: Disciple pays a visit scarlet python Old Ancestor.” In the past I kept Small Exquisite World you, never expected that your cultivation level so could not withstand.” Scarlet python Old Ancestor coldly snort, a terrifying imposing manner, pressed these five Demon Beast mortal bodies simply to want the disintegration to come. Old Ancestor appeases anger.” An profound water deep bird said, a few years ago, the Hell Blue Dragon big brother broke through Heavenly Life Realm, the sky lowered together Divine Thunder, rumbled to result in the physical body smashing it directly, our cultivation level does not dare to break through again, can only go all out to suppress.” Hears the words of profound water deep bird, scarlet python Old Ancestor nods: Initially had the Supreme powerhouse, banned under the Small Exquisite World arrange/cloth, Expert above all Heavenly Life, will be rumbled to kill the dregs. This ban suddenly opens, I can come, therefore I must result before the banned closure, leaves here, therefore your several, then listen to me to arrange.” I and others decided to Old Ancestor always do as one is told!” Audience Demon Beast said with one voice. I want you, entire Small Exquisite World Human race, grasps to me, cannot remain! If leaves out one, you know the consequence!” Scarlet python Old Ancestor waited for that five Demon Beast. That five Demon Beast frighten keeps silent. Yes, Old Ancestor!” Five Demon Beast should say in abundance. Hasn't gone quickly?” Scarlet python Old Ancestor coldly snort. Yes!” They change say flowing light, grazes to go in Small Exquisite World each direction.

The profound water deep bird and black fog Land Dragon graze in a direction, everywhere the trail of search human. Never expected that the Small Exquisite World seal, broke open unexpectedly, then we troubled.” The profound water deep bird smiles bitterly was saying. How did this words say?” The black fog Land Dragon doubts asked. You must think like this, in this Small Exquisite World, all Heavenly Life Rank above Expert, must be rumbled to kill the dregs, therefore several of us, can abuse power in Small Exquisite World, because Demon God Sect needs us to divert Human race, if Human race died, you thought that Demon God Sect also does need us?” The profound water deep bird smiles bitterly was saying. This is also these years, why didn't you make a move to destroy completely the Human race reason?” The black fog Land Dragon thinks said. Good, because of existences of these Human race, we to Old Ancestor, has the value of use, once Human race were extinguished completely, we also lost the significance of existence, perhaps will be swallowed by Old Ancestor one.” The profound water deep bird smiles bitterly was saying. That present what to do?” The black fog Land Dragon knits the brows to ask. Naturally listens to Old Ancestor, first looked to say remaining part of Human race again!” The profound water deep bird said, they change to two flowing light, flies in the east direction. In the end of horizon, in that profound canyon, a towering city, appears in them at present, one of the there human final inhabit regions, Glory City.