Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 488

Is Old Ancestor!” The black fog Land Dragon puts on a long face, „, no matter our matters!” The profound water deep bird smiles bitterly was saying: Before we had not encroached upon Glory City, Old Ancestor order us to come, we do not dare, since!” Nie Li, rubbish with them, killed them to say again!” Lu Piao hmph hmph a sound said, Aura suppressed the past toward the black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird. The Lu Piao good and evil is also Dao of Dragon Realm peak Expert, even if merely is only Aura of faint trace, sufficiently frightened scared shitless the black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird. Old Ancestor? Your this do Old Ancestor come from Dragon Ruins Realm? Is what Realm?” Nie Li frowns to ask. The profound water deep bird said: „Our Old Ancestor, have broken through Heavenly Life Realm in legend!” Ha, Heavenly Life?” Lu Piao smiled, I also think that is strong Demon Beast, originally is only Heavenly Life Realm!” The black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird look at each other in blank dismay, they felt, Heavenly Life Realm is very powerful, existence that is hard to be a worthy opponent. Hey, two small Demon Beast, you know that what Realm we are?” Lu Piao said with a smile. The black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird shake the head, in their eyes, Heavenly Life is existed, as for other Realm that is hard to be a worthy opponent, they do not even know completely. On Heavenly Life is Heavenly Star, Heavenly Axis, is Dao of Dragon Realm, again above is the Martial Ancestor Rank powerhouse. We are Dao of Dragon Realm, that Heavenly Life Rank so-called Old Ancestor, looked that I grasp to you!” Lu Piao said with a smile, his suddenly/violently opened eyes, Divine Will, flew to shoot fiercely together instantaneously, at the extremely quick speed, is searching for rapidly. , His Divine Will then locked Heavenly Life Rank Demon Beast quickly, is a python. That python scarlet python Old Ancestor.

Scarlet python Old Ancestor is waiting for the black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird solved Glory City, he quite goes back to report on accomplishments , terrifying aura locked him suddenly. Scarlet python Old Ancestor heart is not good, hurries to sneak off, but immediately, two Aura twisted it stubbornly, entire drew out it, whiz, flew in the Glory City direction. This time he, felt oneself look like the fish on block, definitely is unable to resist. Scarlet python Old Ancestor was carried the Glory City sky. Lu Piao looks to the black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird, asked: Old Ancestor that you said that is this small reptile?” „Is is!” The black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird frightened the urine quickly, in their eyes, just like scarlet python Old Ancestor that invincible had, such flash was carried nearby them, did not only have the strength of resistance like the ant, this was a how dreadful matter. Nie Li thinks, the right hand pinches two Divine Will, whiz whiz two, these two Divine Will entered the body of black fog Land Dragon and in profound water deep bird. Nie Li looked at a dark eyes fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird said: I attacked Divine Will incantation seal in your bodies, from now on, you keep here to protect Glory City, if your has any heart of betrayal at heart, so long as my intention moves, this Divine Will incantation seal will rupture, not explodes your skeleton to save! Can you understand?” Understood, we keep certainly close, protect Glory City!” The black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird hurry to say, which at this time their also had any heart of resistance, can have the opportunity to live to be good. The present these big gods, the thought move, they will meet a cruel death. Calculates you to know the limitation, you are defending Glory City safely, must have your advantage!” Lu Piao hmph hmph to say. Nie Li gaze, looked to scarlet python Old Ancestor, the sinking sound shouted: Is who sends you to come!”

Although the Nie Li sound the feeling is not heavy, but passed to near the ear of scarlet python Old Ancestor, looking like the thunderclap is ordinary, must simply the scarlet python Old Ancestor scrap. Several big gods...... scarlet python Old Ancestor shiver reply were saying, I am Demon God Sect send.” What does Demon God Sect send you to make?” The Nie Li sinking sound asked. Demon God Sect sent me to come, making me extinguish Human race in entire Small Exquisite World!” Scarlet python Old Ancestor trembles was saying, at this moment its brain had been exploded ignorant by just sound fell, does not know completely oneself are saying anything, does not dare to lie. Can Demon God Sect extinguish Small Exquisite World all Human race? In Nie Li heart cold, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly wiped killing intent. Luckily he hurried back ahead of time, without hurries back promptly, perhaps at this time Glory City had been massacred city. Demon God Sect starts unexpectedly so ruthlessly certainly! Thinks of here, in the Nie Li heart killing intent is imposing. Nie Li, this Demon God Sect is ruthless unexpectedly, we extinguished it together!” Lu Piao said indignantly. Du Ze and the others also in the heart fill killing intent, looked that said to Nie Li: Nie Li, we listen your!” Demon God Sect we must to, present Demon God Sect have several Martial Ancestor Rank Expert sooner or later, even their, waits on God Level Expert, we have not been able to cope with them temporarily!” Nie Li said.

That what to do?” The people look to Nie Li. Nie Li pondered the moment, said: We the Glory City person, shift to Divine Feather Sect one after another go!” Shifts Divine Feather Sect?” Du Ze and the others gawked. I thought that this is a very good proposition.” Ye Ziyun thinks to say. I also approve of the Nie Li method.” Xiao Ning'er said, shifts Divine Feather Sect, at the same time Glory City everyone was safe, on the other hand they can attempt to absorb the wondrous medicines, cultivates Dragon Ruins Realm cultivation technique, could become us to boost enormously.” Hundreds of thousands of people all join Divine Feather Sect, if starts to absorb the wondrous medicines, some cultivation more powerful cultivation technique, then cultivation level can promote quickly, can become Nie Li they to boost enormously. Moreover Glory City people, absolutely are most reliable a group of people, they experienced Glory City almost destruction several times, experienced the life and death together, has united. Hears the words that Nie Li and the others spoke, Yang Xin and the others also anticipated, they want to know, what place Dragon Ruins Realm is. They then looked at badly-damaged Glory City, in the heart had surged infinite dismal, their always protection and survival homeland, now is sores all over the eye, school of bleak. Although the city had broken, but person also, this is worth everyone gratified place. Un, everyone goes to Divine Feather Sect.” Nie Li nods, in his look passed over gently and swiftly wisp of cold glow, „, moreover I, this/should went to meet Demon God Sect again.” Nie Li gaze, fell on scarlet python Old Ancestor of not far away, it should be enters the Demon God Sect breach!