Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 492
Whiz whiz whiz, forms, fell. Sees only to Abyss Prison realm that magic formation, had only been exploded remains the flying ash.

In that magic formation center, had turned into huge pit, dozens meters appearances, indicate strongly the might of explosion. In the pit bottom, a form keeps panting for breath, this person Duan Jian, his wing was torn, the whole body covered entirely the scar, he crawled slowly, finally staggers falls down. Duan Jian, you how!” Du Ze and Lu Piao plundered toward Duan Jian anxiously, prepares to help up Duan Jian. Be careful!” Nie Li drank one lowly, he felt, in the air had extremely terrifying aura. Du Ze and Lu Piao were just close to the Duan Jian side, only listened to rumbling two, Du Ze and Lu Piao is struck to fly, fell layer on layer/heavily falls in the ground, spat the blood crazily. Du Ze, Lu Piao, are you all right?” Nie Li shouts, he concentrates on, prepares to accept a challenge at any time, dangerous Aura, is found in the surroundings, making him have a suffocating sense of fear. I am all right!” Du Ze said very much difficultly, as Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, only strikes, was injured this, this has never had the matter. Lu Piao also lies on the ground pants, he is unable to move. An attire very sloppy old man, appeared in their front suddenly, this old man, was former Nie Li in Abyss Prison realm inside that old man. His look pollution, muttered is talking over: the infinite origin has no beginning, no beginning means no end.” A powerful incomparable pressure, arrived instantaneously on the body of Nie Li, that terrifying aura, Nie Li locking, making Nie Li definitely unable to move.

Good terrifying strength! Nie Li is staring at that old man fearful and apprehensive, in his palm, has worried. Abyss Prison realm, is I creates.” That old man looks at Nie Li, you cannot violate the Abyss Prison realm rule.” Grandfather, what we have to misunderstand, does not know us, violated Abyss Prison realm that rule?” Nie Li said awkwardly. All people who walk from Abyss Prison realm, cannot come back again, this is the Abyss Prison realm rule.” The old men said calmly. This......” Nie Li looked at Duan Jian, we do not know that this rule, so-called does not know does not blame......” Therefore I have not killed him, but slightly executes the disciplinary punishment!” The old men said calmly, his gaze is staring at Nie Li, this is unimportant, I do not come because of him, I come because of you.” I?” In Nie Li heart one startled, he understood anything suddenly. „To come, you had known, why I come.” The old men are staring at Nie Li, the infinite origin has no beginning, no beginning means no end. Your I am Emperor Kong Ming inheritance, among inheritance slaughter mutually, can obtain the strength of opposite party.” Is this?” Nie Li looks at the old man, in the heart filled vigilantly, the strength of this old man, far exceeds his imagination absolutely. Nie Li cannot see through the strength of this old man completely, facing this old man, Nie Li felt oneself do not have the odds of success.

In the old man eyes pupil flashes through a wisp of none, swept Nie Li: Pitifully, you now are too only weak.” The old men long sighed, „, even if killed you, I could not promote too many cultivation level.” Nie Li looks at the old man, said: Senior, that Cultivation Technique method, perhaps is only a trap, wants to cause us to massacre mutually.” oh? Yes?” The old men looked at Nie Li lightly, was only a pity, I have experimented.” I have killed two Emperor Kong Ming inheritance , came from Heavenly God Ancestral Land, another, is my younger brother.” Look that in gaze of old man, passing over gently and swiftly was gloomily difficult to be bright. „Does your excellency obtain their strengths?” Nie Li looked at a that old man, asked. Good.” The old men said, not only obtained their strengths, but also under the stimulation of bloodlines, my strength promoted several times to continue.” Nie Li behind Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er look at each other, they have not listened to Nie Li to mention, Nie Li is what Emperor Kong Ming inheritance, Emperor Kong Ming also has such a rule unexpectedly. Emperor Kong Ming inheritance, should only have your my two people.” The old men look at Nie Li saying that was a pity, now killed you, to me, does not have the too big help.” Nie Li looks at the old man, sees on his face, flashes through dismal color that wipes cannot be perceived, this old man is so sloppy, becomes Tian Hun to get by muddily solemn, was to killing his younger brother that matter, has taken to heart. In the Nie Li heart moves, said: Why senior will kill your younger brother, is cultivation level so really important?” We keep being pushed to proceed by the destiny, since cultivated Emperor Kong Ming cultivation technique, I and my younger brother keep chasing down other inheritance, finally killed Heavenly God Ancestral Land. We truly killed that inheritance, my younger brother is also seriously injured, finally he helped me.” In the eye pupil of old man, filled sadly. Is worth?” Nie Li looks at the old man, long sighed, for cultivation level, actually lost the person of close relative.”

Is worth, I do not know. I seem like the wandering soul wild ghost to be the same, swayed for more than 300 years in this world.” The old men said calmly, „between you and me, finally the war, you are last inheritance.” Nie Li shakes the head saying: „Doesn't senior, you find it very strange? Why Emperor Kong Ming, will leave behind such stele. We slaughter in the cage, perhaps, some people visit us outside the basket.” In the old man eyes pupil passed over gently and swiftly together none, he stared at Nie Li to look at for quite a while. „To come the senior at heart, has the doubts, is right?” The Nie Li corners of the mouth show a faint smile saying that this should also be the senior not to the reason that I make a move. Because after only leaves behind senior, perhaps basket outside person came.” Boy, you are very intelligent.” The old men said calmly, I thought the innumerable years, slowly comprehension. Emperor Kong Ming should not die, Emperor Kong Ming oneself, should also cultivation that cultivation technique.” Since the senior understands why not we do collaborate?” The Nie Li probe said. Collaborates?” The old men laughed, depends on your present strength? Perhaps the boys, you must cultivation again for hundred years, can arrive at my present Realm.” This is uncertain.” Nie Li smiles was saying, „the Emperor Kong Ming talent was outstanding, cultivates the innumerable long years, cultivation level does not know perhaps what degree, the light by the strength with it showdown, did not have the slight odds of success.”