Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 494
In the following some time, Nie Li and Duan Jian and the others, started to search for in Small Exquisite World.

Small Exquisite World is a very mysterious domain, was established the ban by Supreme, if not Nie Li adopted the special method, by their present cultivation level, is unable to return to Small Exquisite World. In Small Exquisite World, is hiding many treasures surely. Although could not find Desert Palace, but could retrieve Space-Time Demon Spirit Book. Always, Nie Li cannot find Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, this is also in a he, anxious origin. Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, without doubt is extremely powerful. The previous generation he can resist with Sage Emperor, Space-Time Demon Spirit Book played a big role. Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, can help the growth of Nie Li enormously. Until now, Nie Li had not found Desert Palace is, not to mention Space-Time Demon Spirit Book. Nie Li keeps searching for in Small Exquisite World with the thought that wants to retrieve Space-Time Demon Spirit Book, but has achieved nothing until now. Nie Li suddenly thinks, the person, regarding the understanding of Small Exquisite World, is not inferior in him! That is Goddess Yu Yan. The Nie Li intention moved slightly, relates Goddess Yu Yan in Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart, Goddess Yu Yan at this moment also float in void of Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart, is practicing. She looks like one to wrap the butterfly in silkworm cocoon to be common, all over the body covers in seven color rays, closes one's eyes. Also does not know how long she maintained such condition already, Nie Li can feel, the Goddess Yu Yan all over the body law strength is getting stronger and stronger. It can be said that at the restoration speed of Goddess Yu Yan supernatural power, even if perhaps runs into the Martial Ancestor Rank opponent, still strength of the war. After all is existence of God Level, even if has damaged, but restored a small part, is not ordinary Expert can compare. Seemed like induces Nie Li, Goddess Yu Yan opened the eye slowly.

Elder Sister Yu Yan, I have the matter to request.” Nie Li said. You said.” Goddess Yu Yan said calmly. I want to ask you to help me search for Small Exquisite World, looks for here to have anything, to our helpful treasures!” Nie Li said. I use Divine Will to search.” Goddess Yu Yan nods, she whiz, came out from Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart, stands in leaf Chen the palm. Goddess Yu Yan both hands tie seal rapidly, powerful Divine Will toward spread out all over in all directions. I the news that my Divine Will obtains, transmits to you.” Goddess Yu Yan said. In the Nie Li mind, presented the innumerable news immediately, he is shocked to sigh with emotion: Never expected that in Small Exquisite World, has so many God Level treasures unexpectedly!” That is natural.” Goddess Yu Yan said that „before Small Exquisite World by seal, here once was the place of god war.” „The place of god war?” Nie Li stares slightly. Is Spiritual God has the place of war.” Goddess Yu Yan said. The Nie Li congealing eyebrow thinks deeply, the nod said: So that's how it is. So many years, why does no one come to gain these treasures?” You do not understand, divine item has mystical powers, meets to choose the master, if not for supernatural power law conjunction, even if you found, they still not necessarily belong to you.” Goddess Yu Yan said. I was a little clear.” Nie Li nods, he looks to Lu Piao, Du Ze and the others, said, I told you treasure place, each of you tried one's luck!” Lu Piao said excitedly: „Can we really find divine item?”

Yes, Small Exquisite World, absolutely is divine item most places. You want to obtain the approval of divine item, must square the stance to be good!” Nie Li said. Squares the stance, don't I understand?” Du Ze has doubts said. I felt, most can obtain the divine item approval, should be the unprecedented purely heart, and understanding of Heavenly Law, is trying and divine item has the resonance.” Nie Li said. Unprecedented purely heart?” Goddess Yu Yan lowers the head to think deeply. I told you place!” Nie Li shows a faint smile saying that thought news, gave to everyone, went! Ten days later, we meet again.” I first walked!” Lu Piao said excitedly, he a little must seek for divine item impatiently, whiz, changes to flowing light. Du Ze and the others also successively leave, seeks divine item. Your view, making me also feel quite surprisedly.” Goddess Yu Yan said, perhaps, they really can obtain the approval of divine item.” Others walked, is only left over Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er. Nie Li looked at one their two, shows a faint smile saying: „The Glory City person can shift quickly, we also try one's luck.” Un.” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er nod. Whiz whiz whiz, four forms soar to go. A moment later, they appeared sky over sea, under was an island, here does not look at slightly the unique element, however the surroundings of island, covered in huge knot. Nie Li, then felt that strength of the boundless rebound, raids generally intermittently just like the tide. That divine item, below island?” Ye Ziyun asked curiously.

Does not know in this island to hide anything.” Xiao Ning'er is a little also curious. That divine item that Elder Sister Yu Yan, you induce, below island, is only this knot is a little powerful, should be God Level.” Nie Li said, perhaps by our current strengths, definitely is unable to break through.” Goddess Yu Yan closes the eyes felt, said: Truly is God Level knot.” No wonder Martial Ancestor Rank powerhouse, cannot take away the thing!” Nie Li smiled bitterly to say. I feel, under divine item is extremely powerful.” Goddess Yu Yan felt, the feeling said. Does not know that is anything.” Nie Li thinks, said, he flies ties the edge slowly, put out a hand to feel, this knot, does not know that formed with what law.” I try, can look break open to tie!” Goddess Yu Yan said, she keeps tying seal, sees only flickers the time, gloomy , a terrifying flame energy quantity heads on, a giant flame meteor drops from the clouds, toward tying to pound. The loud sound of bang, the flame meteor is tying the surroundings blast open, sparks/Mars dances in the air everywhere, soars just like Fire Dragon. Very powerful big flame meteor.” Nie Li sighs with emotion, never expected that Goddess Yu Yan closes up after Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart cultivated was so long, strength unexpectedly already powerful to so degree. ( This chapter ends)